The best LEGO sailing ships?

The best LEGO sailing ships

Vote now for your favorite vessel!

It’s time to vote and decided which are the best “minifig illusion scale” sailing ships ever build with LEGO. As explained in the nomination thread, “minifig illusion scale” means a ship that’s usually build on existing LEGO hull pieces (or with a brick build hull of similar size). These ships create the ‘illusion’ of being minifig scale, but are usually a bit smaller.

More than 30 ships are nominated and you can divide a total of 7 point over them. We do put a limitation of maximum 4 points per ship. For each ship that you give points you must clearly indicate the number + name of the ship and the number of points you want to give to it. This will make our lives easy when counting all the votes.

Go HERE and cast your vote now!

21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay LEGO set

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