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H.M.S. Imperial Shark by mattb483

Monday, February 15th, 2010
H.M.S. Imperial Shark by mattb483

H.M.S. Imperial Shark by mattb483 on

With a fierce name and a broadside to match, the H.M.S. Imperial Shark is the latest creation from Eurobricks and member mattb483. In his ship he has used custom sails, some nice rounding techniques and some great stern detailing. She is a huge ship, and she has some equally huge photos so you can see all the details!

Sail to the pirate forum to see H.M.S. Imperial Shark by mattb483.

Pirates Flagship by Viking

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Pirate Flagship

Pirate Flagship

New Eurobricks member Viking brings us an impressive Pirate Flagship worthy of leading any fleet.  The ship offers 36 canons as well as a beautifully tiled deck, a massive storage area, and living quarters for your whole pirate crew.  Check out the impressive size of this ship compared to another Pirate classic in the forum.

View the Pirate Flasgship in the forum.

HMS Sabre by Swab

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

An excellent ship has set sail!

Eurobricks member Swab has given his ship a magnificient overhaul! Including new colours, nice shapes and an outstanding rigging! Take a look at the historic accurate details as well! Her 18 guns make her a dangerous opponent, and her sailing abilities are excellent!

Be sure to check out the HMS Sabre by Swab in the forum!

The Maeve Aulsebrook by SlyOwl

Monday, February 1st, 2010

A brand new 12 gun frigate!

Eurobricks MOC expert SlyOwl has changed course! We know him from his awesome land based MOCs, but this time he tried to make a ship instead! In such a short time he managed to construct a marvellous 12 gun ship, with nice curves, shapes and an outstanding rigging which is just a piece of art.

Hurry and discuss The Maeve Aulsebrook by SlyOwl in the forum!

Le Grandeur by Captain Zuloo

Friday, January 29th, 2010

A brand new frigate appears at the horizon!

Shipyard Master Captain Zuloo has been working on this wonderful frigate, and now it is finished! With fantastic colours, great curved shape and outstanding sails this ship is a pleasure to the eye. It took some time to build it all, but the work has paid off very well. Be sure to read the small story as well for a good laugh!

Go ahead and discuss Le Grandeur by Captain Zuloo in the forum!

HMS Praetorian by Dread Pirate Wesley

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

A fast frigate is entering the waters!

Dread Pirate Wesley wanted a model ship with life/a crew on it. So he created something with Lego. It turned out to be a fantastic ship MOC! It's a big 5th rate ship with 32 guns! It's also very detailed, with an interior and a big crew. He did a very great job on his first Lego ship. HMS Praetorian is both beautiful and very strong.

Discuss HMS Praetorian by Dread Pirate Wesley in the forum!

WIP Privateer by Strategos

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Ready to set sail soon!

Inspired by the novels of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin, Strategos was inspired to build a ship in MLCAD! And it is a nice job already! The privateer has magnificient shapes and details, and her stern is beautiful! She is nearing her completion, and perhaps she will be built in real LEGO bricks after all...

Make sure to check out WIP Privateer by Strategos in the forum!

Grandeur a WIP ship by Captain Zuloo

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
V3 of the Grandeur is a complete rebuild!

V3 of the Grandeur is a complete rebuild!

The first time Captain Zuloo first showed us his MOC the 'Grandeur', a majestic 28-gun frigate, was early last year. From then it has progressed greatly and has gone through many revisions and total restructures. Now nearly all that is left to complete are the masts and the remaining small details that can 'make or break' a MOC. I for one will be following this beautiful ship closely now it's in the final stages of its build. In the latest update Zuloo has really shown us through his progression how much time and effort it takes to pull off one of these great MOC ships.

Click here to follow the build of the Grandeur a WIP ship by Captain Zuloo in the forums


New update of the French ship Vesta by Admiral Croissant

Monday, January 11th, 2010
A new French Frigate in progress!

A new French Frigate in progress!

Eurobricks member Admiral Croissant has been working on a magnificient vessel! A new ship will sail the seven seas once the masts and sails are completed! A ship with great aspects and filled with details. With great colours, a nice figurehead and a nicely decorated stern this ship is a pleasure to the eye!

Sail to the forum and discuss the Vesta's New Update by Admiral Croissant!

The Flying Shadow by Swash Buckler

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010
The Flying Shadow by Swash Buckler on

The Flying Shadow by Swash Buckler on

Forum member Swash Buckler presents the online community with a brilliant MOC of a Pirate Galleon! The Flying Shadow is a pirate craft not of speed and agility, but brute force. Striking fear into the hearts of every minifig to ever sail the seven seas, she is also a fine ship to view on our forum!

Check out The Flying Shadow by Swash Buckler in the Pirate forum!

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