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MOC : The Story of L’Archiveur by Ingmar

L’Archiveur a mighty ‘Man o’ War’. Once when navigating down the treacherous Eldorado River she was attacked and taken over by the French, could it pirates? Sporting a full 40 guns spread across the ships 3 decks. Ingmar’s attention to deatil has excelled for him on this ship. It features a consistent recognisable colour scheme to enjoy as well as plenty of rigging that swamp the masts and sails for realistic effect.  At it’s bow a majestic figure head spouts from a trail of golden guilding at her stern a ornately decorated aft section can be found.

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40 canons of crushing

No matter how awesome this ship maybe the inspiration came from somewhere. In this instance it was out very own Member Captain Green Hair also know as CGH recently created a wonderful tutorial showcasing the process of building a master class ship. It was a derivation of this tutorial that inspired Ingmar to create this marvellous vessel.

Discuss MOC : The Story of L’Archiveur by Ingmar in the forums

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