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“St. Patricks Outpost” by Atte

Friday, May 15th, 2020 Featured Image for “St. Patricks Outpost” by Atte

Flickr member Atte has created an extremely detailed rocky island outpost. The St. Patricks Outpost is a strong royal outpost boasting it’s own contingent of canons as well as a prison.  The dock assists in the intake of piratey prisoners and the tall watchtower allows the guards to keep watch from all sides.

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Clipwreck Island by Piraten

Saturday, April 25th, 2020 Clipwreck Island by Piraten

Piraten has created a wonderful shipwreck island inhabited by a few surviving pirates. Great details and some nicely authentic styling to the roof of the rocky home.

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“Arrival at Elysabethtown” by Garmadon

Thursday, April 16th, 2020 Photo of "Arrival at Elysabethtown" by Garmadon

Captain Wiffo is back from a long journey and trying to dock at the beautifully built Elysabethtown docks and Dark Green Inn.  Will he make it before his ..ship.. ceases to exist? Find out in the forum!

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Captain Whiffo’s Duel…
Sailor Leon’s Letter…
End of the White Doubloon

Captain Whiffo paused.  It was a long pause (a very long pause – just over two years long, actually… ).

…You- you don’t even know what I’m talking about it’s been so long.  Alright!

Well, for those of you who don’t remember, the good Captain was just seated in the Dark Green Inn of Port Wilks, telling “a long, thrilling tale of adventure, duels, piratical villains, and rivaling trade companies from the beginning to end!” and he had just lost his Class 2 ship to a Mardierian war fleet and was left in the middle of the ocean on a little tiny raft with his small crew.  But it just so happens that he was in that section of the middle of the ocean that is not so very far from the bustling Eslandolan port town of Elysabethtown… (it’s not my fault both of those end in town – I didn’t name the place.)

“And so, after a vast (he said it like, “avast”) number of grueling days aboard o’ that ol’ piece of driftwood,” Captain Whiffo was saying, “we finally spotted Elysabethtown in the distance just as our rations of cookies were giving out…”

All was bustle and excitement at the docks of Elysabethtown when the famous ETWC captain came riding in that day, his sword glittering in the morning light as he waved it above his head in the crow’s nest of the little raft.


The docks official and sailors stopped to cheer lustily, and the passersby paused to stare and wave in greeting at the singular sight.


Captain Whiffo shook his hookhand in triumph (forgetting, for the moment, that the Mardierians were the ones who had taken his ship away, and not the other way around), and the crew leapt up in delight.


“Finally!” exclaimed the Lieutenant, with a cheer, “Captain, we’re home free!!”

Suddenly the raft underneath them began to tremble and quake, and the beams, battered and old, started to give way and float apart.


Captain Whiffo turned to him and shook his fist.


“Look at that, Lieutenant!  Now you’ve jinxed us!”

But nothing could ever faze Captain Whiffo – and it probably helped that he was on top…


And so he rode victoriously, just the same…


…Right up to the dock…


…And landed amidst the stunned observance of all present.


…In a most singular and original unrolling of events totally not stolen from some other famous pirate captain (dear, Captain Whiffo nearly had my head for that “other”…).

Anyways, to get back to the story.


“Good day sir!  Captain Whiffo, just sailed in from the middle of the ocean, if you need that for your records.”

“Yes sir, thank you very much,” exclaimed the official, making a quick note of it.  “And that’ll be 7 DBs in tax for docking, if you please sir,” he looked up from his pad of papers.

Captain Whiffo stared at him until his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.  “Taxes!  Tax, in an Eslandolan colony!  What are the Brick Seas coming to – have I been at sea so long?  I never thought I’d live to see the day…!”


“Right, 7 DBs sir,” remarked the officer, with a grin, taking a half-step back.  It was Captain Whiffo’s turn to smile.  He leaned toward him and extended his hook…


…And the official, losing his balance, tumbled off the docks.


And off…


Into the water…


Captain Whiffo leaned over with a wide smile.


“That’ll be 7 DBs for docking sir, if you please!” he exclaimed, “and so there we are equal, my good friend!”

-=-   -=-   -=-

“Cap’in-” interrupted the first mate again – “Cap’in, there aren’t any port taxes in Elysabethtown.”


“What?” exclaimed the Captain.  “Ah well, must have been some other rascally Maestro port that that happened at then,” he grinned.  “But to get back to the point…”

-=-   -=-   -=-

“Actually, that pretty much was the point.  And then when all o’ the crew had made it up (the official hadn’t yet – “He wasn’t there!” interrupted the first mate…), had made it up,” the Captain repeated, “I headed off to buy the inn and warehouse where we’d landed for the ETWC to commemorate the event.  But after that…”


“That was when things really started happening…”  But sadly, I’m afraid that’ll have to wait until next time

A few more pics (hoping y’all haven’t got tired of them yet) sans minifigs:


The dock:


The street:


And the citizens of Elysabethtown:



Well, it’s been way too long since I’ve last posted something here, and it’s been like forever since I last built for this storyline! Hopefully I’ll be getting better on both those points in the next couple of months though!  This build has been a long time in the works, and I had a lot of fun with it – got to use a bunch of my old grey on the warehouse too! – hope y’all enjoyed it and the story as well!  The buildings were based off these two inspiration pics, though both ended up getting modified to a decent degree (and I personally think my in looks better than the other one, but anyways)  More to come from Captain Whiffo soon, Lord willing!

Thanks for viewing, Comments & Criticisms welcome as always!

Bricks in Motion: The Documentary

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Bricks in Motion: The Documentary
The folks over at Bricks in Motion have a Kickstarter project to bring to life a full length feature documentary about the process of making movies by animating LEGO elements. The goal is close, but they need your help to make this remarkable film a reality! Head over to the forum to see more details and a promo video.

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Pirates Hideout by Legonardo

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
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Pass me another bottle

The amazing angles on this little shack will get you wondering “How”. Throughout the build, Legonardo has used parts in wonderful unintended ways. There are quite a few very nice close up detail photos in the post. All the strange angles in the build really make for a lively scene even though it has no live minifigures roaming.

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Pirates Teamwork Contest – Voting Time!

Thursday, March 20th, 2014
Vote on your favorite Pirates Teamwork Contest builds in the forum

Time to cast ye line..er..ye vote!

It’s been a long three months of work for the ten teams creating two sets each, but they’ve finally made it to the end with wonderful results to show for all the hard work. Ships, ports, islands, and more are waiting for you to decide who will come out on top.

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PTC -The Shark Reef by Yatkuu and 6Kyubi6

Saturday, March 15th, 2014
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Teamwork Across on the Seas

Working together over email, Yatkuu and 6Kyubi6 have created two sets that fit together perfectly in style and function. The wrecked ship has been masterfully changed into a place for the remaining crew to live on Shark Reef’s rocky outcroppings. The creations have a lot of great details from the pirates re-purposing parts of the ship, very much worth checking out the close up photos.

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Pirates Teamwork Contest

Monday, December 30th, 2013
Discuss the Pirates Teamwork Contest on the forum

It takes two to plunder!

A new year brings a new kind of contest. Flex your building muscles along with your teamworking muscles to show us how cooperative building can lead to astounding results. The prize is huge, for each team member, so no sharing required!

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“Bamboo Hut” by Legopard

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 Photo of "Bamboo Hut" by Legopard

Legopard created this wonderful MOC to show off his new moldable water technique, but the whole scene is worth a closer look. Many amazing details in such a small space will make you wonder why you never thought to use parts in these ways.

You could be Relaxing on a rolling lagoon while discussing Bamboo Hut in the LEGO Pirates MOC forum. Actually, lagoons don’t tend to roll, do they?

Legopard (Jonas) Writes:

Based on 1×1 Tiles with Clip + 1×2 trans Tiles.

But the water alone was a bit boring so i added some plants, a bamboo hut and details. 😉

More pictures you can find like always on Flickr and MOCpages.

I hope you enjoy it!


Photo of title technique

Port by turambar

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013
Discuss Port by turambar in the forum

Supplies Abound!

Turambar has created this large 108×96 stud display featuring a brilliant ship, island area, and busting port town. There are some great shots of the town in action on the forum post.   All the little details really give the town life and the design of the buildings is top notch.

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Well, that’s something brilliant! by Lego Kocka

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
Discuss Well, that's something brilliant! in the forum

Those waters seem a bit choppy today!

It’s possible none of us has seen this before, and it’s about time we do. Though it is a bit old, it’s still a wonderful build. Lego Kocka has posted this moc on Facebook a while ago, but it deserves some attention here for some great timeless techniques and an overall neat and clean build.

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Turtle Power! by Mariann Asanuma

Monday, November 18th, 2013
Discuss Turtle Power! in the forum

This way guys!

Mariann created a neat little vignette of some sea turtles hatching out of eggs on the beach. Nice part usage here for making some brickbuilt turtles that could work well in a larger layout.

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