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Photo of "Bamboo Hut" by Legopard

“Bamboo Hut” by Legopard

Legopard created this wonderful MOC to show off his new moldable water technique, but the whole scene is worth a closer look. Many amazing details in such a small space will make you wonder why you never thought to use parts in these ways.

You could be Relaxing on a rolling lagoon while discussing Bamboo Hut in the LEGO Pirates MOC forum. Actually, lagoons don’t tend to roll, do they?

Legopard (Jonas) Writes:

Based on 1×1 Tiles with Clip + 1×2 trans Tiles.

But the water alone was a bit boring so i added some plants, a bamboo hut and details. 😉

More pictures you can find like always on Flickr and MOCpages.

I hope you enjoy it!


Photo of title technique

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