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Poll: Your favourite Lego Pirates Islander set

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

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Yet again the fate of a poll has come to you. Today vote for your favourite Islander set from the 6 original well loved sets. Is your favourite Crocodile Cage, or perhaps Enchanted Island? Whatever your choice is go to the forum to submit it and let the world know.

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MOC: Malborghet, Vignette based on painting by Woody64

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

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Woody64 has created for us this vignette based off the respective painting. Not only is this accurate top to bottom to the original painting piece of work but also historically, so all you history fans will be pleased. This was also a great opportunity for Woody to show off some of his excellent moulded minifig accessories such has the hats some of the troops are wearing. Woody has also gone to the effort of producing custom torso decals for his men providing a source of inspiration for all the customizers out there. It seems like this vignette has something for everyone!

Click to view Malborghet by Woody64 in the forump


Shipwreck Island by Matn

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Many months ago an Imperial Governor was captured aboard a Pirate vessel. Soon after the Pirates got caught up in a terrible storm and were shipwrecked upon a desert island along with the captive governor. After running out of provisions from the Captains cabin the wrecked crew are waiting for rescue on a diet of bananas and fish.

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I caught a fish!

The new MOC from Matn, Shipwreck Island, mixes many different techniques and ideas in to a well designed MOC. It has the right amount of Island, Sea and other scenic elements like the wrecked ship’s cabin. Also adding the authentic looking tent created by using the ship’s sail was a nice and well pulled off idea.

Go and check out Shipwreck Island by Matn in the forum!

Poll: POTC or Classic-Pirates?

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

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Today’s poll is about two themes, both of them Pirate related. The first is currently non existent as a theme however many LEGO fans would look forward to the theme if it was announced. Of course we’re talking about Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC). The next theme is the Classic-Pirates we all know and love. Go ahead to the ballots and give your say on the topic, would you like POTC, Classic-Pirates or even both at the same time?

Click here to give your say on if you prefer POTC  or Classic-Pirates in the forum.

Poll: The best ship sail colour scheme?

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

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In the ballots today Capatin Zuloo wishes to find out your favourite pirate ship sail colour combination. Choose from a wide variety of colour combinations such as ‘Red & White’, ‘Blue & White’ and possibly even ‘Blue & White with crown pattern’. While you are over in the forum voting why not submit what combinations you want to see in the future?

Click here to vote for your favourite LEGO® pirate ship sail colour combination in the forum.

Pirates Rock a MOC by Rupi

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Standing at least a hundred feet tall in the midst of the great ocean is Pirates Rock. A sort of mix between a  sacrificial and execution platform for pirates, scum and the like. This time a scurvy band of Pirates have captured a poor Redcoat. After stealing his treasure they have become bored and are throwing him into the snapping jaws of the hungry shark below.



Rupi, a well renowned vignette builder has produced this latest MOC. It features a tall stack, the perfect location for a Pirate hideout. One of the most interesting features of the MOC is that at the top the brick structure turns on it’s side allowing for the jutting edge where you can see the Redcoat being pushed off. The Shark’s splash adds extra energy into the scene. Sacrificial platform or just somewhere to feed the sharks? Say what you think in the forum.

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More Piratical Drawings!

Monday, September 21st, 2009
A Grim Day

A Grim Day member Apache strikes again with another outstanding piece of art work, this time a grim looking redcoat soldier.

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Poll: Carribean Clipper or Imperial Flagship

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Click to vote on which set you think is best, Carribean Clipper or the Imperial Flagship

The vote is on! You must vote for which ship you think is best. Do you vote for the almighty Carribean Clipper or the Fearsome Imperial Flagship? Both sets have their good and bad points but which is best? The choice is yours, so head on over to the forum to submit your vote!

Click here to vote on which ship you think is best, the Carribean Clipper or the Imperial Flagship in the Pirate forum!

Crimson Dawn by Logan4480

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Sailing over the horizon comes the Crimson Dawn! Ready to plunder and to strike fear in even the stoutest soldiers with it’s array of cannons and dreaded charcoal black sails. Fitted with three decks and a crew of 28, the Crimson Dawn was not the biggest vessel ever created but it was one of the most feared across all the 7 seas able of crushing a Imperial man o’ war hands down.

it was not the largest vessel but one of the most feared on the seven seas

'the Crimson dawn was not the biggest vessel ever created but it was one of the most feared across all the 7 seas able of crushing a Imperial man o' war hands down.'

The Crimson Dawn was created by Logan4880. It features three manble decks, 15 cannons, 18 crew members and 3 masts. You can really see this ship is a force to be reckoned with. On the top deck a swiveling cannon is present aswell as the mighty masts supporting blcak sails. Below deck are the cramped working conditions for the gunners who make it possible to take out forts and other vesseles.

Click here to disucuss Crimson Dawn, a MOC by Logan4480 in the forum.

Mikhail’s Watch Modular Fortress by Fatespuppet

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Fatespuppet has brought us a new Modular fortress! Armed to to the teeth, Mikhail’s Watch extends from the side of a rocky cliff to defend the coast.

Your Perfect modular base for your troops

The Perfect modular base for your troops

The base is the perfect coastal defense to defend from Pirates and other foes who oppose your Imperials. Around the back of the base is a hidden jetty and many more details and because it is modular you can easily rearrange and expand the fortress to your liking!

Discuss Mikhail’s Watch by Fatespuppet in the Pirates forum.

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