Downloading Images: LEGO Ideas

Downloading Images from LEGO Ideas

The following guide demonstrates how to download the highest quality images available from submission webpages on the LEGO Ideas website.

The images you see when the webpage initially loads are not the images with largest dimensions available.

Step 1: Load the Submission Webpage

Using Imperial Brigantine “Dolphin” by LM71Blackbird as example.

Right click on the image you wish to download and select Open image in a new tab from the Drop Down menu.

Download Image - LEGO Ideas Website - Step 1

Step 2: Modify the URL

In the new tab which opens observe the resize parameter in the URL in your web browser’s Address Bar.

Download Image - LEGO Ideas Website - Step 2

Replace the numbers with dimensions larger than those you require and press Enter.

Download Image - LEGO Ideas Website - Step 3

In this example the image dimensions have been increased by 2000 pixels

Step 3: Download the Larger Image

Once the larger image has fully loaded, right click anywhere on the image.

Click Save image as in the Sub Menu which appears and save the image to a convenient location on your device.

Download Image - LEGO Ideas Website - Step 4

Step 4: Repeat for Remaining Images

Close the newly opened tab and return to the LEGO Ideas submission webpage.

Using the thumbnails beneath the main image, navigate to the desired image by clicking on it.

Download Image - LEGO Ideas Website - Step 4

After the selected image has loaded, repeat Steps 1-4 until you have acquired all the images you need to download.

You may need to manually drag the thumbnail strip left to reveal more images.

Important Note

If you enter image dimensions which are higher than the largest available image size you will receive an error.

Download Image - LEGO Ideas Website - Error

In this case, enter smaller dimensions. It may require trial and error to determine the optimum dimensions.

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