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Get Updates Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

The Classic Pirates have resurrected the Mailing List and we want YOUR feedback and suggestions for the type of exclusive Email content you’d like to receive.

Currently we have established Emails for News Updates and the Latest MOC featured on the Classic-Pirates.com blog. These are Emails are extremely useful if you’re busy and don’t have time to check social media or visit the LEGO Pirates Forum.

Email Updates for MOCs and News

We designed nice, vibrant Emails templates just for YOU!

Now can you open up your inbox to discover the latest LEGO Pirates updates right in front of you!

We Want YOUR Feedback!

Updates are just beginning!  Eventually we want to offer you exclusive Email content to make subscribing even more valuable to you.

We’ve already brainstormed a few ideas like:

But maybe there’s something else you’d like to receive – if so, tell us!

What would make YOU excited to OPEN your inbox? What exclusive goodies would make your mailing list subscription more valuable?

Don’t hesitate to let us know your ideas in the LEGO Pirates Forum or on Facebook.

How do I Subscribe

You’ll find a Subscribe Form above the footer on most Classic-Pirates.com webpages.

Classic Pirates Subscribe Form

Find this form and enter your details

We’ve also created a convenient link which takes you straight to the form:

Email?  Isn’t that a Bit Old Fashioned?

Undisputedly, Social Media has emerged as the predominate form of online communication for fan communities.

Nonetheless, Email has its place.  Not everyone wants to use or check Social Media daily, so content delivered straight to your inbox is a measure of convenience – it saves time.

And in the future, we want to give you the joy of receiving something special…  something to look forward to… something to warm the cockles of yer heart… something not available outside of the Mailing List.

So that’s why we’re taking YOUR feedback so you YOU can decide what that something special is.

Wait!  What Are the Contests, Prizes & Giveaways?

Remember the good old days (I.e. during the 2000’s and early 2010’s) when the LEGO Pirates Forum and Classic-Pirates.com hosted contests in which you could win LEGO sets as prizes?

Seven Seas Contest Prize Pool

This was the actual prize pool for the Seven Seas Contest of 2012

Nay?  Oh, well too bad then!  You missed out on a lot of fun!

Aye? Then you’ll be excited to know we have plans to bring these initiatives back sometime in the future…

Either way, it’s a great reason to subscribe to the mailing list so you can be well informed when the time comes.

What Are YOUR Mailing List Ideas?

Do have better ideas for Mailing List bonuses?  What kind of Email content would make you really excited to open Emails from the Classic Pirates?

Make your dreams come true and tell us your wishes in the LEGO Pirates Forum.



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