Lots of new LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean stuff

pirates caribbean barbossa jack sparrow elizabeth swann gibbs davy jones theme game black pearl flying dutchman dauntless eic east india company kraken isla muerta setsOur PotC themes discusssion thread may seem a little bit confusing with 111 pages, so here are some interesting new finds:

  • Two trailers of the new LEGO video game: here and here.
  • There is going to be a mysterious wooden Jack Sparrow minifigure.
  • There are a few reviews already on a Russian forum (in Russian, but the pictures tell the tale):

Reviews: Isla de Muerta, The Cannibal Escape and Whitecap Bay, made by VerSen & Zeek.

  • And finally, a few new posters of the movie have been posted here.

And if you’ve seen all this stuff, it’s time to…

…discuss it in the LEGO Pirates Forum!

40566 Ray the Castaway LEGO set

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