‘Behind the Helm’ Episode #2 – SlyOwl

Get over to the pirate forum and check out SlyOwls LEGO® building history!

Yargh! has started an exclusive interview series! Your host, Captain Zuloo, will be ploughing through the online pirate community to find the most interesting personalities and exposing their stories.

Are ye ready to meet another significant LEGO® pirate personality? This time, running out the guns for Episode #2, Pirate Regulator and Eurobricks MOC Expert joins us for a chat! Sharing his secrets of MOC inspiration and who he looks up to in the LEGO community, SlyOwl has quite an interesting story to tell.

So quickly come over to the pirate forum and find out what SlyOwl has to say in ‘Behind the Helm’ Episode #2!

6432434 Pirate Adventure Ride

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