‘Behind the Helm’ Episode #3 – Erdbeereis

Get over to the pirate forum and check out Erdy's LEGO® story!

Yargh! Classic-Pirates.com has started an exclusive interview series! Your host, Captain Zuloo, will be ploughing through the online pirate community to find the most interesting personalities and exposing their stories.

In this episode, we meet an interesting fellow, and indeed, he is a Eurobricks Fellow. Erdbeereis is a Classic-Pirates.com Shipyard Master as well as a Eurobricks Reviewer’s Academy Teacher, and is one of the most dedicated LEGO® fans there is. Erdbeereis shares with us how he helps out around Classic-Pirates.com, as well as an in depth discussion on the Academy and what he does in his spare time.

So come on and check out Erdbeereis’s ‘Behind the Helm’ interview in the pirate forum!