Bricklink Designer Program

BrickLink Designer Program 2023 Series 3 Finalists
Bricklink Designer Program

Bricklink Designer Program 2023 Series 3 Finalists

The BrickLink Designer Team has conducted their review and the five Bricklink Designer Program Series 3 finalists have been officially announced!

Thumbnails of BrickLink Designer Program 2023 Series 3 Finalists

Which submissions did you vote for? Correct answer: the pirate-themed submissions!

  1. Harbormaster’s Office” by Rich_Herbert
  2. The Art of Chocolate” by brickester
  3. Forest Stronghold” by Krackenator
  4. Camping Adventure” by thepresident14
  5. Lost City” by letsgolegobrick

What!  No pirate-themed submissions says you!  The Harbormaster’s Office might be a wee bit modern for piratical tastes.

Ominous Isle from BrickLink Designer Program: Series 2

Ominous Isle” from 2023 Series 2 is the only pirate-themed submission to pass review in this program

Ah well, not to worry!  “Ominous Isle” from 2023 Series 2 will proceed to the crowdfunding phase during June 2024, and “The Crimson Outpost” by Brick Jester, “Black Fortune” by BrickMOCBay and “Imperial Brig” by Arselus were available in the BrickLink MOC Popup Store Pilot between 6 September to 15 November, 2023.

What Do Yer Think?

Has the BrickLink Designer Team made the right choices? Or is there a pirate themed submission from 2023 Series 3 that should have made the cut?

Tell us yer wretched salty thoughts of the finalists in the LEGO Pirates Forum!


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