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“Ominous Isle” – Another OFFICIAL LEGO Pirates set is on the Horizon!

Back in June crowd support began for the BrickLink Designer Program’s second 2023 Series with nine pirate-themed submissions eligible for voting.

Throughout July and August the Bricklink Designer Team counted the votes and reviewed the submissions for their suitability to be produced as something you, the LEGO Pirate fan can buy.

Well, the votes have been counted and the review is over!  On August 23 it was announced “Ominous Isle” by Jazlecraz has been selected to commence crowdfunding in June 2024.

The Official Announcement

BrickLink Designer-Program Series 2 Announcement for Crowdfunding

The designs have been announced… and now they need to be refined

The official Bricklink Designer Program website states:

5 Designs Announced

We’ll reveal the five Series 2 designs. Then we’ll collaborate with fan designers to prepare them for production.

Stay tuned because from September 2023 to May 2024 the builder will be working with The LEGO Group’s internal design teams to ensure the creation is suitable for production.  Then during June 2024 YOU will have the opportunity to order one!  And you may even get one providing 2,999 other LEGO Pirate fans feel the set is worthy of purchase.

Details About Ominous Isle

Based on the skull harbour concept with some generous enhancements, the design consists of 2,773 parts and 43 colours.

Jazlecraz writes:

Now that the imperials finally have a modern fortress, it’s time for the pirates to retaliate! Introducing ‘Ominous Isle’ – the dreaded base of operations for the fearsome Captain Mutton Chops and his motley crew.

This model is a submission in Series 2 of the Bricklink Designer Program. If you like the idea, please follow the link and give it a vote!

Ominous Isle's modular connection points

Like Barracuda Bay and the new Eldorado Fortress, Ominous Isle also has a modular design

Reconfiguring Ominous Isle's modules

You can mix and match the modules

Ominous Isle's modules rearranged

Then figure out which module you put where

The Backstory

No information has been provided regarding the building process but the Ominous Isle submission webpage offers a fictional backstory:

Ominous Isle is the dreaded base of operations for the fearsome Captain Mutton Chops and his motley crew. The signature skull is the final warning to foolish travellers that they have ventured too far into dangerous waters and are about to have their first and final encounter with the legendary pirate captain.

The isle is surrounded in mystery. There are rumours of secret treasure, fierce sea monsters and ancient ruins from a lost civilization. However, the pirate crew is quite at home here, with strong defences, a luxurious captain’s quarters, a well-stocked kitchen and an overflowing treasure store.

The isle’s real surprise though, is that it never appears the same way twice. The surrounding islets seem to constantly rearrange themselves, linked by numerous bridges and crossings. This makes it impossible to accurately describe Mutton Chops’ hideout because every witness has seen a different version.

The sheer verticality of the isle is also incredibly intimidating, giving the landmark true presence. It is a significant trek to get from the landing jetty to the top of the ancient lookout tower, gradually climbing the many surrounding islets. But for those on the crew, there is a grand shortcut. The barred gate in the mouth of the skull is mechanised to open on demand and grant direct access to the core of the base.

Truly, Ominous Isle is a stronghold befitting of the great Captain Mutton Chops!

Captain Mutton Chops, ay?  Do you think that name will be used in the version of the design goes into production?  Ray the Castaway anyone?

Pet seagull of Ominous Isle

We’ve been hoping for a seagull in a LEGO Pirate set for years now

Rear of Ominous Isle

Crammed with details and accessories – how many of those do you think will be culled in the production version?

Captain Mutton Chops and his crew

Captain Mutton Chops and his crew… who eat chicken, not mutton

Demonstration of Ominous Isle's play features

All good LEGO sets have play features – on this isle you can raise the portcullis

Secrets of Ominous Isle

And great LEGO sets have secrets…
10320 Eldorado Fortress has a letter, Ominous Isle has a sea dragon, or something…

About the Builder…

Jazlecraz might be the first AFOL in history to submit a creation to the Bricklink Designer Program and have  it produced as an official set.  Might be!  We’re not there yet so he still needs your support…  especially during June 2024 when 3,000 cashed up crowfunders are required.

In the meantime, you should keep up with his creations on Instagram and Flickr, or grab some popcorn and kick back on his YouTube channel for video overviews of his creations.  Like to support on LEGO Ideas?  He’s dabbled in that as well. And if dinosaurs (of the intact fossil variety) appeal to your better nature, building instructions for some of your prehistoric favourites are available on ReBrickable.

What Do Yer Think?

Is Ominous Isle a suitable choice to release as a set, or be there another Series 2 submission you would have preferred?

"Ominous Isle" by Jazlecraz

Can you see this as part of your LEGO Pirates collection? 
Well not exactly this, but a “Model Governanced” version?

And when it’s available for crowdfunding, will you pledge your hard earned gold to acquire one?

To the LEGO Pirates Forum or Facebook Post with yer!  Tell the Classic Pirates all yer ominous thoughts!


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