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Get a PRIZE WINNING Advantage!

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

To determine the winner of our upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Contest you will be assigned 5 points.  You will then allocate points to the entries you deem worth of winning.

Contest entrants may also allocate 1 point to their own entry!

Visual Overview

Pirates of the Caribbean Contet - Voting

So participating in all three will give you a total of 8 points!

And if participating in all three, you may also allocate two of these bonus points to your own entry! So in total you will be able to allocate 3 points to your own entry.

But to claim your bonus point(s) you will need to verify your participation in the respective initiative, so prepare for that!

Got a Question?

Ask away in the Pirates of the Caribbean Contest thread.

BIG Contest with Prizes!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Our next BIG contest is almost here!  Check out the Prize Pool:

Pirates of the Caribbean Contest Prizes

There will be two divisions each with its own Creative Critic awards.

The Forum Division

Build a LEGO® MOC depicting a scene or vessel from any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Entries will be submitted in the LEGO Pirates MOC Sub-forum so you will need a valid Eurobricks account to enter.

The Mailing List Division

To write a short story (300 words or less) about classic LEGO® Pirates encountering the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

You need to be a Mailing List subscriber to enter.

Creative Critic

Each division will also have Creative Critic awards so be sure to leave your best feedback.

The Prizes

Disney Interactive studios have provided us with an XBOX 360 copy of LEGO® Pirates of the Carribean: the Video Game and the LEGO® Group has provided a cache of sets!

1 x LEGO® Pirates of the Carribean: the Video Game
4 x 4183 The Mill
4 x 4192 Aqua de Vida
4 x 4191 Captain’s Cabin

When Does It Start?

This weekend!  Be sure to have a Eurobricks account and/or Mailing List subscription to enter!

P.S. There will be voting bonuses for those who've joined the Mailing List, Liked the Facebook Page or voted for the Picture Comment Challenge winner.

Got a Question?

Ask away in the Pirates of the Caribbean Contest thread.

Vote for Picture Challenge and WIN PRIZES!

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

It's time to vote for the winner of our Picture Comment Challenge and you could win a 8396 Soldier’s Arsenal just for voting!

Picture Challenge entrants may also allocate 1 point to their own comments!

You could win one of these just for voting!

But read the Voting Rules First!  Once you know the rules head over to the Picture Challenge Voting thread and vote away!

You've got till 11:59PM/23:59 UTC±0 on June 10th 2011.

Vote NOW and WIN PRIZES!!!

A Challenge with LEGO Prizes!

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

You have a mission!

Write a witty or intriguing comment on this image.

The three comments with the most votes will win a prize!

The prizes be...

Picutre Challenge LEGO Prizes

You could win one of these!

For more information or to ask questions, visit:

Please don't ask questions by commenting on the Facebook picture or submitting the Contact Form.  You shall find they mysteriously disappear.

CLICK HERE to leave your comment now!

PS.  This is just a warm up for larger contests just around the corner.  There will be one for the LEGO Pirates Forum and another exclusively for our Mailing List subscribers.

NEW Contest – WIN PRIZES!!!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Contest

Get ready everybody - the next Pirate LEGO contest from is on its way!

There's some exciting prizes to be won!

For more details follow the Blog News Feed, Facebook Page or subscribe to the Mailing List!

Postponement of the Seven Seas Contest

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Due to the sad passing of our friend Admiral Zorro we have decided not to proceed with the Seven Seas Contest at this time.

This is a very painful decision given the hundreds of hours that went into the Talking Skull Promotion, but Zorro was instrumental to the operations of the main contest and we must make revisions to proceed without him.

The prizes for the Talking Skull Promotion will be shipped to the winners as planned.

Discuss this further in the LEGO Pirates Forum.

Teaser Image #1 – Official

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Earlier in the week leaked versions of the first Teaser Image were circulating through various image hosting and social networking websites. Today we bring you the official version which contains a lot more clues.

If you have no idea what what's going on check out:

Heads up for those who want an advantage!

Within the next few hours Mailing List recipients will receive an Email with useful information about the Skull and Teaser Image #2.
So if you haven't signed up you know what to do:

DARE you match wits with the Talking Skull?

Friday, January 14th, 2011

If you're up for winning prizes check out:

Many years ago Captain Cannonblast Sailed the Seven Seas in search of treasure.

He hid his booty in a long forgotten cave protected by an enchanted guardian. Only those who knew the magic words could enter and marvel at the valuables within.

Before he died, the captain drew a map and split it into three pieces, each piece containing a cryptic clue. One of these maps is here but the rest remain scattered throughout the cyber seas.

The first brave adventurer to find all the maps and decipher the magic words will receive a 6242 Soldiers Fort and behold the treasures within.

There are also 17 more LEGO prizes to be won along the way - EIGHT have been won already so don't delay.

The tides are also changing and the treasure cave may be completely flooded after February 1st.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and the RSS Feed or Mailing List for more clues!

Heads up for those who want an advantage

Over the weekend Mailing List recipients will receive an Email with useful information about the Skull and maybe even another Teaser Image.
So if you haven't signed up you know what to do:

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