The Infamous Steve

First to 25 Builder Challenge Winner
The Infamous Steve

WINNER of the “First to 25” Large Builder Challenge is…

Mere days after Horation claimed victory in the First to 25 Critic Challenge, an Entrant participating in the Large Building Category claimed a 25€ LEGO Prize for completing the  First to 25 Builder Challenge!

The Objective was simple: attract 25 Replies to one of your Building Entry Topics and WIN a 25€ LEGO Prize.

So who might we be congratulating?


SpacePolice89 dialed back the clock to Steve’s childhood and submitted an Entry depicting a ship owned by Steve’s parents, Stephen and Stephanie. It was onboard this ship Steve gained his first experiences as a sailor and trader, while delivering supplies to forts with his parents.

"Steve's First Voyage" by SpacePolice89

Steve’s First Voyage” by SpacePolice89

Why SpacePolice89 WON?

SpacePolice89 was quite diligent when Replying to the other Participants who posted in his Entry Topic.

First to 25 Challenges - Large Building Entries Progress Report: July 3

Samarth’sRime of the Ancient Mariner” was a strong contender but SpacePolice89 triumphed!

Maintaining an ongoing dialogue is crucial to succeeding in these Challenges, merely responding for the sake of responding is not sufficient! To maximise your success, you must acknowledge the other Participants and prompt them for further information, OR provide with them something, like an image or tidbit of information that you’ve not previously shared.

This conversational exchange naturally accumulates 25 Replies, ensuring that you’ll claim the Prize in no time at all!

The Prize

SpacePolice89, who is based in Finland, was awarded a 25€ LEGO Prize.

First to 25 Small Building Challenge Prize

Ages 4 – 99:  it’s a sad day when you turn 100 and can’t play with LEGO anymore…

SpacePolice89 chose a 10713 Creative Suitcase for a well-rounded assortment of parts… which we hope he’ll use to submit another Entry in the near future.

If you won a Prize, which LEGO Sets would you choose?

Future First to 25 Builder Challenges

Question 1:

Would you be interested in participating in a Builder Challenge?

Are yer interested in a First to 25 BUILDER Challenge?

Don't know what that is?
Learn about First to 25 Builder Challenges.

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You just need to Reply to the other Participants Posting in your Building Entry Tropics, until you’ve accumulated 25 Replies. Heed these words of advice to gain the upper hand over yer rivals!

Question 2:

And what be most enticing Reward for you?

Prizes of greater Value OR more opportunities to WIN?

Which do find is the most enticing Prize?

Learn about the Prizes on offer.

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Tell us!  If there be plenty of interest we may host more Challenges with Prizes of greater value in the near future!

What Do Yer Think?

Do these Builder Challenges offer a fun new way to WIN Prizes alongside the traditional Voting system?

What kind of Prizes would you like to win? Do you have suggestions for future Challenges?

Steve offering more Prizes for the Challenges

Steve is eager to dish out more Prizes – are you eager to WIN them?

Also, remember we’re still Voting for the Winners at the end of the Contest.

The Large Building Category has a Grand Prize worth 215€ for the First Place Winner, plus Second and Third Place Prizes.

Right! Now plot a course to the LEGO Pirates Forum and let share yer thoughts on the Challenges and Prizes!


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