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Lighthouse by maydayartist

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Lighthouse by maydayartist

Out the stormy sea.

Better late then never! This outstanding lighthouse settled on a cliff over the shore was originally build for the 2010 Community Build, but never published until now. It's a great mood that comes to mind when you watch the fine vessel alongside the cliff, swaying in the waves. But there is more to discover like the working lighthouse fire and the scenic beauty.

So come along and visit Lighthouse by maydayartist in the Forum.

Terra Volcanis by I Scream Clone

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Click here to see Terra Volcanis by I Screan Clone in the Forum!

Run for your lives!

In his latest Moc, I Scream Clone shows us the power of nature. The beautiful island, inhabited by many islanders is doomed to die! Why? Because of the huge volcanic eruption ...  The cottages alongside the many other details, like birds, palm trees and animals, are beautifully designed. In addition, it is rather rare to see so many islanders in one bunch.

So, you see, it's absolutely worthwhile to stop by the Forum and visit Terra Volcanis by I Scream Clone.

The best LEGO sailing ships?

Monday, January 3rd, 2011
The best LEGO sailing ships

Vote now for your favorite vessel!

It's time to vote and decided which are the best "minifig illusion scale" sailing ships ever build with LEGO. As explained in the nomination thread, "minifig illusion scale" means a ship that's usually build on existing LEGO hull pieces (or with a brick build hull of similar size). These ships create the 'illusion' of being minifig scale, but are usually a bit smaller.

More than 30 ships are nominated and you can divide a total of 7 point over them. We do put a limitation of maximum 4 points per ship. For each ship that you give points you must clearly indicate the number + name of the ship and the number of points you want to give to it. This will make our lives easy when counting all the votes.

Go HERE and cast your vote now!

Kingston,1729 by pif500

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Kingston, 1729

A hustle and bustle prevails in that port.

Pif500 really is a talented builder. Also his latest MOC is perfect and full of details. All the different buildings with interior and all the different characters that inhabit the harbor are excellent. So, visit the forum and see this great Moc yourself, it's worth it!

Click here to visit Kingston, 1729 by pif500 in the Forum.

WIP Coastal Defense by TazManiac

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
Bluecoats Tower Coastal Defense

A good place to defend yourself.

This impressive and yet simple observation tower built by TazManiac is really an eye catcher. Even if it is just a WIP, the landscape is also very nicely done, especially the surf effect. But of course there are more lovely details to discover.

Now set your sail and visit WIP Coastal Defense by TazManiac in the forum.

Blue coat prison by TazManiac

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Bluecoat Prison Tower

Oh, I think that will hurt.... poor guy!

This is a really cruel and brutal place TazManiac presents us. The guys doesn't only get tortured by whip, no, they also have a gallows in that nicely built Blue coat prison. So watch out, or you'll may be the next one in the hanging cage.

Click here to see some other details of Blue coat prison by TazManiac!

Armada Outpost by NewRight

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

What a nice outpost. That is a place where you would like to be on guard.

It's always a great joy for the eyes when NewRight presents a new building.
And also this time he did not disappointed us. This outpost of the Armada is built with lovely attention to detail, such as the burning courtyard and shooting cannons. The building itself has an interesting wall-pattern and the overall picture is rounded off by a convincing landscape.

Click here and discuss Armada Outpost by NewRight in the Forum!

Custom ship by mlucas86

Monday, October 18th, 2010

What a beautiful ship, sailing on the seven seas.

This beautiful vessel is the first attempt in shipbuilding by mlucas86 and immediately a great success.  Apart from the successful presentation, based on the ocean, it has to offer many more well built details. Such as, the sails, the rigging and the stern. But, did you see the mermaid? Further details and a making-of can be seen in the Forum.

Discuss Custom ship by mlucas86 in the forum!

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