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Run Jack, Run! by TheBrickAvenger

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

LEGO Pirate Run Jack Run MOC TheBrickAvenger

To quote 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', "RUN AWAY!!"

With the apparent demise of LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean™, we must turn to the MOC community for new creations.  Look no further than Eurobrick's own TheBrickAvenger for a MOC so cool and clean, it could be an official follow-up to 4182 The Cannibal Escape!  I love the minifigure arms used as food scraps and the cool grass hut.

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Viajero Firme by Busboy489

Monday, February 13th, 2012
Click me, you know you want to!

There's just something about a galleon you've just got to love.

Eurobricks and pirate newcomer Busboy489 makes a great first impression with his galleon, Viajero Firme.  Inspired by some of the pirate builder greats on the forum before him, Busboy489 builds his own "minifig illusion scale" ship packed with great details. Did you notice the custom sails and rigging, the great coloration and shape, and the detailed stern and decking?  If you missed any detail, get to the forum now for a link to the full photo set.  I said now.  Go.  Get there already.  Seriously.

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White Myst by Siercon and Coral

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

LEGO Pirate White Myst MOC Siercon and Coral

Hey Steph, do you remember where we parked our pirate ship?

The couple that plays together, stays together!  Husband and wife team Siercon and Coral display a micro scale ship loaded with tiny details.  The couple says they did their best to pack as much detail in as little space as possible.  Mission accomplished.  The creators urge you to check out the detailed shots to see all this little beauty has to offer including, "individual planks, stairs, micro cannons, stern, and rigging!"

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Islanders Palmsail Canoe by Sebeus Iniwum

Monday, February 6th, 2012

LEGO Pirate Islanders Palmsail Canoe MOC Sebeus Iniwum

Number one, set the palms to warp four, engage!

Normally when we spot a brick-built hull it is on a great man-of-war or enormous frigate.  Eurobricks member Sebeus Iniwum shows us the benefits of making a brick-built hull on a much smaller vessels with this Islanders MOC.  The palm sail canoe is the highlight, but Sebeus also did a great job with the water, island and cool statue.

Set sail and discuss Islanders Palmsail Canoe in the forum now.

Fate of Bullet by Diidy

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

LEGO Pirate Fate of Bullet MOC Diidy

So THAT's were I left it!! It's always in the last place you look!

Yesterday we saw Diidy's conquistadors launch a cannonball, but where did that "bullet" land?  Once again, the details are so spot on, you might miss them if you aren't looking carefully.  Did you notice the flaming palm tree, the transition from sand to stone, the awesome dwelling with the cannon ball lodged inside, and the great minifigures?  Get a few more great shots of this MOC by visiting the forum now!

Reload the cannon, then discuss Fate of Bullet in the forum.

Sound of War by Diidy

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

LEGO Pirate Sound of War MOC Diidy

Ready... Aim... FIRE!!!

It's all about the details.  Eurobricks member Diidy brings a nice little vignette that has such great, natural details you might not even notice them all.  Don't miss the dark tan "ruts" behind the cannon, the tires used for the cannon barrel,  the bird hiding in the bushes and the great greenery.  If only we knew were that cannon ball landed...

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Kraken Attack by Ecclesiastes

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

LEGO Pirate Kraken Attack MOC Ecclesiastes

"It's a mythological creature, I can calls it what I wants!"

How many Krakens can this site possibly post?  We will never reach our limit if they look as good as this Kraken made by Eurobricks member Ecclesiastes.  Ecclesiastes' Kraken decides it has had enough ship demolition for the day and decides to take the fight to the soldiers' home.  The obvious highlight here is the Kraken made mostly out of castle helmets, but don't overlook the cannon made from the helmets either!

Kraken proof your ships, then discuss Kraken Attack by Ecclesiastes in the forum.

The Sea has Spoken by gearcs

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

LEGO Pirate Sea has Spoken MOC gearcs

Favorite feature of this MOC? Bet you can't name just one!

MOC legend and Flickr member gearcs ventures into the world of pirates with this creation of a small ship sailing through a debris field.  Though small, this MOC is packed with details and everyone of them is brick built.  Check out the brick built hull, brick built anchor, brick built cannons, brick built sails, brick built turtle, brick built ship's wheel... Oh, and the ship is cool too.

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Ketch North Carolina by Corioso

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

LEGO Pirate Ketch North Carolina MOC Corioso

This ketch is 'da bomb'!

A ketch is a two masted vessel with a large mizzen mast that is set forward of the rudder post.  Ketch style ships served as the design bed for bombardment or simply "bomb" vessels that had large forward mounted mortars used to shell enemy coastlines.  Eurobrick's member Corioso breaks from the typical frigate or ship of the line design to show us his bomb ketch.  In addition to the diversity this ketch provides, Corioso's ship also has a great shape, tiled decks, and a pleasing color scheme.  Be sure to check out all the photos to "ketch" a shot of the mortar mounted on the front of the ship!

Run for cover and discuss Ketch North Carolina in the forum.

Fort Outworks by Skipper

Thursday, December 29th, 2011
LEGO Pirate Fort Outworks by Skipper

Skipper did the homework, read the tutorial and you will know this is a hornwork

Eurobrick's member Skipper follows up on Horry's excellent Fortifications of the Sailing Age tutorial with a lesson on the outworks of a fortress.  Skipper explains that outworks are defenses constructed beyond the main fort to protect the fort from enemy field batteries, increase general firepower, fortify a weak area, or simply extend control of the area.  Skipper did an excellent job of including links to real world examples of the outworks covered in the tutorial even though his LEGO representations of each are spot on.  Use this tutorial in conjunction with Horry's to build the most epic fortress ever seen on Classic-Pirates!

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