Ketch North Carolina by Corioso

LEGO Pirate Ketch North Carolina MOC Corioso

This ketch is 'da bomb'!

A ketch is a two masted vessel with a large mizzen mast that is set forward of the rudder post.  Ketch style ships served as the design bed for bombardment or simply “bomb” vessels that had large forward mounted mortars used to shell enemy coastlines.  Eurobrick’s member Corioso breaks from the typical frigate or ship of the line design to show us his bomb ketch.  In addition to the diversity this ketch provides, Corioso’s ship also has a great shape, tiled decks, and a pleasing color scheme.  Be sure to check out all the photos to “ketch” a shot of the mortar mounted on the front of the ship!

Run for cover and discuss Ketch North Carolina in the forum.

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