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New Pirate Forum Skin by Mister Phes

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
Screen shot of the new LEGO Pirates Forum Skin

Screen shot of the new LEGO Pirates Forum Skin

Governor Mister Phes has just launched the new skin for the Pirate forum!  A major overhaul, the new skin has incorporated the latest technology.  The banner changes every few hours, according to the time of day.  It has a social media widget built in, and direct links to Classic-Pirates.com on different social media profiles.  Also, extra piratey details incorporated throughout the layout.

Stop by the forum and check out The New Pirate Forum Skin!

Classic-Pirates.com new volunteers!

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Classic-Pirates.com new volunteers

Walt and darkdragon

After long deliberaton and drinking many a bottle of rum, the Classic-Pirates.com crew has chosen reinforcements. We are very glad to present you our newest crewmembers: Walt and darkdragon! They will put their writing and computer skills into practice by blogging all the great stuff that our forums may offer. We would like to thank everyone for their submissions.

Time to congratulate these scoundrels in the forum!

Our Tribute to Zorro

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Click here to go to the thread for posting your entry.Since our beloved Admiral Zorro (Dieter de Vos) passed away last month, we, the staff and volunteers of Classic-Pirates, would like to honor him with an invitation to all members to create a MOC honoring Zorro. Nice MOC's will get enough attention and will probably be frontpaged. Zorro rose money for famous contests like Pillage the Village and the Tournament of Retribution II and made some great reviews. His presence will be greatly missed throughout the forums. Please honor him by posting a memorial MOC.

Use this thread for posting your MOC...

...and leave a few words for our Admiral in this one if you haven't done it yet.

New promotions!

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Captain Blackmoor and Big Cam with their new ranks

Captain Blackmoor and Big Cam have been promoted! Captain Blackmoor is the new Pirate Regulator, one of the highest "pirate ranks". Big Cam is the new Shipyard Master in Blackmoor's place. Shipyard Master is the highest rank of the Shipyardigans. So be nice to these guys as they are the managers now, and the administers of the rum!

Be sure to congratulate CB and BC in the LEGO Pirates forum!

Captain Zuloo is taking a break for his duties on Classic-Pirates.com

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Our Shipyard Master Captain Zuloo is taking a break from his duties on Classic-Pirates.com due to time constraints. He will still be around on the forums and continue his successful interview series. In the name of Classic-Pirates.com I thank him for his appreciated contributions.

Announcement! Classic-Pirates.com has an open position!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Due to the continuous expansion of Classic-Pirates.com, we are looking for a fresh, devoted blogger.
Please be certain that you want this before responding since it takes a lot of time and effort from us to train a new blogger.

Requirements will be:

  • One must be able to understand and write decent English (very important!)
  • Minimum age of 16
  • You are not required to download any software or posses any special hardware. The Visual WordPress editor looks a lot like a basic Word system.
  • Writing a minimum average of 3 blogarticles every two weeks (takes about an hour)

You will:

  • Receive credits as author of your articles on an ever expanding website with over 15.000 unique monthly visitors (Get known into the LEGO world!)
  • Your (display?)name will appear on the Crew Page (including description provided by yourself)
  • Get access to a hidden forum called the Shipyard
  • Have multiple promotion abilities
  • Aquire a special Classic-Pirates honorary tag
  • If wanted or needed, you also receive a  Classic-Pirates e-mail adress

Report yourself here if you are interested into taking up this new position!

Scheduled Maintainance

Saturday, October 17th, 2009


Classic-Pirates.com is currently undergoing some scheduled maintainance. During this time, some features of the site may be unavailable for use, however Pirates forum operations will proceed as usual.

We thank you for your cooperation in the matter, and we will endeavour to have the site returning to normal as soon as possible.


Captain Zuloo

“Last words, either way”

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

General Armendariz, the brickflick genius pressed into the Classic-Pirates.com crew, has treated us with another oscar-winning motion picture: Shipyard Shenanigans, Episode One: "Last words, either way." It tells the humorous story of a man's last words as his ship crumbles into the sea - but I won't spoil the surprise; be sure to grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and switch on the show!

You may notice many familiar faces starring in the flick, Captain Zuloo, Mister Phes, and Captain Blackmoor among them. Some viewers may wonder, "What is this Shipyard Shenanigans?" Well, we have the same question for you! Sail by the Classic-Pirates.com forum and tell Armendariz your thoughts and opinions.

Happy Birthday Bonaparte!

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Happy Birthday Bonaparte on Classic-Pirates.com
Our LEGO® Ambassador Bonaparte is celebrating his 33rd birthday today! All the best mate, may you recieve lots of LEGO goodies and a happy day with your friends and family.

Come and wish Bonaparte a happy birthday in the forum!

Welcome burf2000 to the Crew

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Welcome burf2000 to the Crew on Classic-Pirates.com

Eurobricks member burf2000 known to the LEGO® community as the guy who has a LEGO girlfriend (well, almost) has kindly donated his time and web development knowledge to Classic-Pirates.com so we have another writer for the frontpage. So welcome to the crew matey, get back to work!

LEGO Company Ltd

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