Classic Pirates Job Board

The Classic Pirates Job Board

The Classic Pirates be fortunate to have such wonderful contributors managing the LEGO Pirate Forum, blog and various social media profiles… but we’re always open to expanding our crew.

For the larger our crew be, the more waters we can conquer accomplish… and there is so much more we’d like to offer LEGO Pirate fans!

So to increase awareness of the skills we require most we’ve built a Job Board feature that describes what we’re looking for and provides a convenient form to submit expressions of interest.

The Job Board Looks Broken!

If you’ve visited recently yer web browser may not have downloaded the latest update yet.

LEGO Pirate 404 website error

Oh no! The Interwebs is broken again!

Not to worry!  You can hurry it along by performing a Hard Refresh to force it to download the files.

Performing a Hard Refresh differs depending upon the web browser and operating system you’re using, but it’s relatively simple. This guide provides further instructions.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who’d like to contribute who has the time and relevant skills… and possessing a deep passion for LEGO Pirates immensely helps!

LEGO Spanish governor writing

In his younger days, Governor Brickzarro completed dozens of
job applications before he got his job as governor

So if you’d like to help our LEGO Pirate fan community grow even bigger and better, drop us a line.

What’s the Minimum Commitment?

That’s best determined by YOU! How much are you able to contribute?

LEGO Pirate standing next to giant clock

How much time can you spare?

5 minutes per day?  5 hours per week?  We can certainly find an arrangement to suit your schedule and abilities.

Can I Contribute a Skill if the Job Isn’t Listed?

Most probably… YES!

Dutch Merchant holding hammer at docks

Your skills can help make LEGO Pirate dreams come true!

The Classic Pirates Job Board lists the skills we require the most, but we prefer to keep the possibilities open, so if you’d like to contribute in other ways, please let us know.

Offer More to LEGO Pirate Fans?

Aye!  For many a year has existed as a mere blog; yet, from the outset, we’ve aspired to create a more comprehensive archival resource of LEGO Pirate knowledge and media.

Offering all manner of features and content from… a set and minifigure database… to a catalogue and poster archive… to a magazines and tie-in media archive… to a building and customizing center, to a marketplace… and anything else you cant think of relating to LEGO Pirates.

But alas, we haven’t got there due to insufficient personnel.  So ye auld Job Board is one more tool in our arsenal to attract the necessary contributors to make our goal a reality.

Why Is There Blinkin’ AI Pirates?

Well, the Job Board would just be boring text without them – people would be so bored they’d fall asleep!

Female LEGO Pirate writing on parchment

Before blogs yer had to write in logs

Unfortunately we lack the time to manage a fan community, develop innovative new features like this… and then build vignettes and custom minifgs… photograph them… and edit them into backgrounds for every single post and webpage…

But this just so happens to be one of the skills we require most – so don’t be shy if you have a talent for minifigure photography and photo editing!

In the meantime there’s a switch that allows you to hide the AI pirates in an instant.

What Do Yer Think?

Does this Job Board feature have merit?  Or is it a complete waste of time?

Is it working properly or have ye encountered annoying bugs?  Do yer have any suggestions for improving it?

Classic Pirates "WE WANT YOU" Poster

Or maybe yer crazy enough to join the crew!

Let us know yer thoughts in the LEGO Pirates Forum and help expand the Classic Pirates empire crew!


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