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“Dimension Portal Lighthouse” by Delusion Brick

Thursday, October 28th, 2021 Featured Image for "Dimension Portal Lighthouse" by Delusion Brick

Delusion Brick is one those 10K Club Members who submitted a Pirate themed MOC (Seagull Bay Lighthouse Imperial Fortress to be precise) to LEGO Ideas, have it reach 10,000 supporters… and then be mercilessly flunked during the review process (infuriating many LEGO Pirate AFOLs no less!)

But this was not the first piratical creation he put forth, back in 2017 he unleashed “Dimension Portal Lighthouse“. In the tradition of Horror of Fang Rock, this build depicts a spooky monolith rising above the sea with ethereal green lights penetrating its misty shroud.

Clocking in at a measly 228 supporters, this submission barely got off the start line, but it sure does make a fitting MOC to share for Halloween.

Top of the lighthouse

Starting at the top

Middle of the lighthouse

Moving down to the middle…

Dock at the base of the lighthouse

And at the base of the lighthouse is this creepy lighthouse keeper

Delusion Brick writes:

The story talks about a Lighthouse that is not like the rest! It stands like an illuminated ‘door’ for different worlds calling out on the bold that will find him and allow them to take them on a journey in magic worlds.

With its guard holding all the keys for any destination… if you ever get lost, he is the one to find you and bring you back!

Isometric view of the lighthouse

A lovely aerial view of the lighthouse

The Dimension Portal Lighthouse

Make a good set, wouldn’t it? Well too bad! It’s not happening!

LEGO Ideas

Unfortunately the Dimension Portal Lighthouse did not transcend to the next dimension on LEGO Ideas, after 425 days it only accumulated a paltry 228 supporters. If only the Classic Pirates weren’t in hibernation back in 2017.

LEGO Ideas Statisics for the Lighthouse

This is what happens when you don’t give your support!

About the Builder…

Delusion Brick is a highly talented digital designer who regularly updates his Instagram and Flickr with new builds. He’s a two-time LEGO Ideas 10K Club Member so visit his LEGO Ideas profile to support his submissions – the Indigo Islander themed The Secret Island of Time could really use your help right now – make King Kahuka proud!

And now it is time to discuss the lighthouse with the Classic Pirates in the LEGO Pirate Forum.


“Pirate River Quest” Attraction Opening at LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Monday, October 25th, 2021 Featured Image for "Pirates River Request"

Pirates have long been an attraction at the various LEGOLANDs around the world, and LEGOLAND Florida Resort is no exception! while celebrating their 10th birthday, an exciting new attraction was announced!

Opening in 2022, “Pirate River Quest” takes visitors on a thrilling adventure boat ride with a crew of LEGO Pirates who are eager reclaim their treasure, stolen by a horde of obnoxious monkeys.

Promotional Ad

LEGOLand Florida Resort writes:

Set sail with a rowdy crew of LEGO® pirates on Captain’s orders to explore the murky waters and retrieve the lost treasure, stolen by a troop of mischievous monkeys. Journey through the uncharted waters of the legendary Cypress Gardens and discover the secrets protecting its canals, as this all-new story unfolds brick by brick into a family-friendly treasure hunt.  Adventure awaits you at LEGOLAND® on the Pirate River Quest, coming in 2022.

Titles from the advertisement

Have you ever wondered? Did you even know there was a treasure of Pirate River?

Transcript of all titles in video:

Have you ever wondered about the treasure of Pirate River?

Well it’s real Just as real as its treacherous surroundings!

And they’re not alone.

Who will be the one to find the lost treasure?

Or will it remain hidden forever?

Treacherous surroundings? Is this ride going to be safe for kiddies? Well, if they don’t go on the ride, they’ll never find the lost treasure, will they? And technically something is not “lost” when it’s stolen… but let’s and leave the nitpicking to the monkeys when they get hungry.

Official Announcement

LEGOLAND Florida General Manager Rex Jackson announced on 16 October 2021, the new Pirate River Quest attraction will open in 2022.

The touring vehicle will be a LEGO shaped boat, because obviously boats are the LEGO Pirates primary mode of transportation. The attraction also pays homage to the park’s history, as the location for the adventure is called Cypress Gardens, the name of the park which was open from 1936 to 2009, before being seized and terraformed into LEGOLAND Florida.

Announcement video courtesy of MouseSteps / JWL Media.

Captain Redbeard looking into a telescope

Oh look! The treasure is over there!

Tattooga minifigure on beach

Tattooga does not look pleased… and that’s before he’s looked in the treasure chest

LEGO treasure chest filled with bananas

For when he does… he discovers the ingredients for a banana split!

LEGO monkeys in a tree with jewels

Those mischievous monkeys have made off with the treasure and are having a good old laugh!

Robin Loot minifigure holding a LEGO cutlass

Robin Loot is ready for action!

LEGO Kraken attacks a pirate ship

A Kraken attackin’ – Hey! Who’s that new wench?

Main Title for "Pirate River Quest" attraction

Get excited – you’ll be allowed on board next year

Pirate Island Hotel

LEGOLAND Florida Resort already has LEGO Pirates firmly embedded into it’s daily operations, so the River Quest is a welcome extension. If you were planning a visit, you could perhaps consider staying at the Pirate Island Hotel. In a future Blog Post we may dive deeper into what this hotel has to offer, but for now, here are a couple of promotional photos to pique your interest.

Promo of Pirate Island Hotel

Ye auld inn for LEGO Pirates – a place to spend the night without interruptions from Soldiers and Imperial Guards

A room at the Pirate Island Hotel

What an AWESOME room for a 5 year old LEGO Pirate fan!

If you’re interested in Pirates River Quest or the Pirate Island Hotel, check out the official Family Vacation Packages on the LEGOLAND Florida website.

To get discounted tickets visit aResTravel tickets, which is apparently an authorized travel partner of LEGOLAND Florida. But as the Classic Pirates have no affiliation with these merchants, conduct your own due diligence before parting with yer gold.

Ready for the River Quest?

Are you excited to take part in the quest? Have you previously been to LEGOLAND Florida or stayed in the Pirate Island Hotel? Did you spot anything interesting in the promotional video like the new wench minfigure?

Come and discuss Pirates River Quest in the LEGO Pirates Forum!

“How to Be a Pirate” LEGO Little Golden Book

Monday, October 11th, 2021 Featured Image for "How to be Pirate" Golden Book

Two new LEGO books have been announced as part of the Little Golden Books range, and the one we care about is titled: “How to Be a Pirate“.

The Classic Pirates already know how be pirates but for you clueless landlubbers, this book could provide useful advice for mastering the high seas. Or more likely it will be aimed towards children with IQs slightly higher than your average pirate.

Along with the other Golden Book, “How To Be A Knight“, it will be unleashed upon the world 5 July, 2022, according to the Amazon and Penguin Random House websites.

Official Synopsis

A brand-new LEGO® Little Golden Book about using courage and creativity to be a pirate!

Cecilia’s dream of becoming a pirate and sailing the seas comes true when she joins her grandfather’s pirate crew! See what happens in this sweet and silly storybook that’s part of a new line of LEGO® Little Golden Books. The combination of two classics–LEGO Minifigures and Little Golden Books–makes this the perfect book for kids ages 4 and up or collectors of all ages!

Little Golden Books enjoy nearly 100% consumer recognition. They feature beloved classics, hot licenses, and new original stories . . . the classics of tomorrow.

LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick and Knob configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO Group. ©2022 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved.

LEGO Golden Book "How to Be a Pirate"

A training manual for aspiring young pirates

Cecilia’s dream of becoming a pirate and sailing the seas comes true when she joins her grandfather’s pirate crew!

Well now, who might her grandfather be? Have the authors honoured the continuity of past LEGO Pirates literature? Or have they forged their own canon?

Perhaps her grandfather is Roger Redbeard, or maybe it’s Brickbeard… or maybe it’s BOTH! After all, back in 1964 Paul McCartney said everyone is entitled to two grandfathers.
(The correct answer is Metalbeard)

See what happens in this sweet and silly storybook that’s part of a new line of LEGO® Little Golden Books.

Sweet and silly? Silly yes, but “Sweet” is not a word used in conjunction with pirates. So what does that mean? She breaks into a sugarcane plantation and steals all the sugar?

The combination of two classics–LEGO Minifigures and Little Golden Books–makes this the perfect book for kids ages 4 and up or collectors of all ages!

Good thing they added “collectors of all ages” so childless AFOLs don’t feel like losers for buying a booked aimed at 4 year olds.  Oh wait… it does say “and up” with no upper limit specified.

Little Golden Books enjoy nearly 100% consumer recognition.

Nearly 100% consumer recognition? So like 99.99999%? How did they arrive at this figure anyway?

They feature beloved classics, hot licenses, and new original stories . . . the classics of tomorrow.

“Hot licenses”, ay? That almost sounds scandalous!

Pre Orders

Sweet Jezuz! Where might I get me a copy of this stunning work of literature?” you’re no doubt asking.

Well, here is a list of online retailers that will gladly take your gold:


Barnes and Noble


Books A Million



Google Play




RHC Books



What are Little Golden Books?

If you’re in that 0.000001% who doesn’t recognise Little Golden Books, first be aware they’re not actually made from gold. So using them as payment for grog over the bar probably won’t work. But definitely try it and let the Classic Pirates know how successful you were.

More Pirate Themed Golden books

Pirate themed Golden Books have been done before

Penguin Random House who sell mountains of books, have this small biography on their website:

In 1942, the launch of Little Golden Books revolutionized children’s book publishing by making high-quality picture books available at affordable prices. More than 60 years later, many of the original Golden Book titles are still wildly popular, with The Poky Little Puppy topping the list of ten bestselling children’s books of all time. Golden Books’ backlist is teeming with classics such as Dorothy Kunhardt’s Pat the Bunny, and features the stories and artwork of children’s book legends Mary Blair, Margaret Wise Brown, Richard Scarry, Eloise Wilkins, Garth Williams, and many more. Today, the Golden Books imprint includes an array of storybooks, novelty books, and coloring and activity books featuring all of the most popular licenses, including Disney, Nickelodeon, Barbie, Thomas & Friends, The Cat in the Hat, Sesame Street, Marvel Super Heroes, and DC Super Friends. Golden Books continues to reissue the best of its backlist in a variety of formats, including ebooks and apps, as well as bringing out brand-new books in these evolving new formats.

In short, it says Little Golden Books started out writing children stories based on original characters… but sold out to licensing in the early 21st century.

So who wrote this book, anyway?

Online retailers list “Golden Books” as the author. Now this is probably a brand name rather than the pseudonym of the author, indicating when someone lends their talents to this brand, they become part of the collective. Their identity is irrelevant! So if the story is really good, well too bad! No recognition for the author! But on the flip side, if the story sucks barnacles, the author can save face and say “Hey, that wasn’t written by me, it was those stupid Golden Books who wrote that“.

UPDATE 22/10/2021

New information has become available! Accordingly to Google Books, the book was written by Nicole Johnson and illustrated by Josh Lewis. The ISBN is 0593481089 (eBook) and 9780593481080 (hard cover). It will contain 24 pages and retail for $5.99. Oh, and the recommended reading age is 2-5 years, so the reading difficulty should be suitable for most pirates. Well, at least 67% of pirates.

Haven’t we Seen this Madness before?

Aye, that we have. This is not the first hardcover tie-in. When the LEGO Pirates theme was initially released in 1989, the LEGO Group commissioned Ladybird Books to produce four stories to flesh out the universe.  The books incorporated set and minifigures names found in the UK catalogues and promotional media, but they also mentioned names like “Captain Foul” and the “Ironram” which didn’t have counterparts in the product line.

The Ironram and Captain Foul's Ship

The inner back cover of each Ladybird book.

Captain Foul from the Ladybird Books

Captain Foul as he appeared in the second Ladybird book “Captain Roger’s Birthday”

Were these unproduced concepts in intended for release? Or merely the contribution of the writers? We may never know, but a minifig influenced by Captain Foul’s mustache found it’s way into Minifigures Series 8 released back in 2012. Perhaps a bit of stretch, but maybe these books have a small influence over what came later.

The cover the upcoming Golden Book features a design very similar to the Pirate Girl released in Minifigures Series 20, sans the plume, and the direction of her strap has been reversed.

Covers of the LEGO Pirates Ladybird Books

This is the covers of the four books

In a future Blog Post we may explore these books further, but for now here are the titles if you’d like to do your own digging:

  1. Will and the Gold Chase
  2. Captain Roger’s Birthday
  3. Adventure on Shark Island
  4. The Royal Visit

Also, there were two activity books and purportedly three unreleased Ladybird Books, but we’ll save those for another time.

But you can dive into the Ladybird Books topic in the LEGO Pirates Forum right now for further discussion.

Didn’t we See this Madness again?

Nay, not quite. In 2011 a book title “Brickbeard’s Treasure” by Hannah Dolan was released by DK Publishing. Rather than being fully hand illustrated, it utilised photography from the 2009-2010 wave of Pirate sets in, conjunction with artwork found on set boxes and promotional media. In fact, it appears only the story is original, with all visual sbeing repurposed to fit the story’s narrative.

LEGO Pirates "Brickbeard's Treasure" Cover

Here be the front cover

The Amazon.com synopsis states:

Join the adventure in LEGO® Pirates: Brickbeard’s Treasure. Follow Captain Brickbeard and his pirate crew as they hunt for treasure on the high seas in this Level 1 reader from DK!

And there was also the NinjagoPirates vs Ninja”  book published by Schoolastic in 2013, but since that was released as promotional material for the Ninjago theme, we shall speak no more of it.


As the protagonist appears to be female, may this story be an inspiration to little girls all over the world, helping them to develop a love for LEGO Pirates, so one day, they feel inspired to appear as a pirate wench on the homepage of Classic-Pirates.com, sending love and kisses to everyone.

But seriously, new LEGO Pirates media targeted towards children helps stimulate awareness and generates interest for the Pirate theme. Golden Books have been highly recognisable brand for decades, so what better vessel to deliver the Pirate theme to young children in the absence of LEGO Pirate sets on toy store shelves.

BrickLink Designer Program Fails LEGO Pirates Fans

Monday, July 12th, 2021 Featured Image for "Brick Link Designer Program Fails LEGO Pirates Fans" Blog Post

Pirate themed designs have NOT been made available for crowdfunding via the BrickLink Designer Program.

Are LEGO Pirate fans gonna take this sitting in deckchairs, sipping on Mojitos?

NO! We’re going to stand up and fire the cannons because BrickLink would love YOUR feedback on this matter.

They are requesting feedback for the Designer Program in their forum so you can inform them of the tremendous mistake they’re making… and the untold riches they’re depriving themselves of!

So crew, you know what to do!

Fire away at that forum!

But do so in a respectful and constructive manner.

Photo of BrickLink Designer Program Finalists - The Classic Themes

Classic Themed Designs made available for the 2021 crowdfunding.
In order from Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
“Castle in the Forest”, “Space Troopers”, “1950’s Dinner” and “Brickwest Studios”

YARR… but What be this?

Official Promotional Tile for the BrickLink Designer Program 20201 Invitational

Earlier this year the BrickLink Designer Program extended an invitation to crowdfund designs created by LEGO Ideas 10K Club members that were previously rejected for production. In each of the three rounds of crowdfunding, the first five projects that reach the minimum threshold of 3000 pre-orders will be realized as official LEGO sets.

Of the 31 designs selected, designs from classic themes including Castle, Town, Space and even Western (to an extent) were made available, yet Pirate designs were completely absent! Aye, completely snubbed!

The official information states:

Why are some of the unrealized LEGO Ideas projects not invited?

Considering the maximum number of sets we can produce, only 32 31 projects were selected among all the unrealized LEGO Ideas projects. No IP-based models are invited to the program as they cannot be produced through this program.

Who will be invited?
Select designers whose project(s) acquired 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas, but were not approved for production, will be invited to participate in this Designer  Program. Unfortunately, IP-based designs will not be eligible for the Designer  Program, in addition to a few other projects that we know we unfortunately can’t  realize. The LEGO Ideas team will first contact the designers from January, and  then the BrickLink team will proceed with the onboarding process for participating designers.”

Beyond that, no specific explanation has been provided as to why our dear Pirates have not appeared!

This led some to speculate the production of 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay and 31109 Creator Pirate Ship was the cause of the omission, particularly because the LEGO Ideas terms (during early 2020) stated new submissions based on the pirate ship concept would not be accepted. Dubious, considering pirate-themed submissions not based upon ships were also waived for consideration.

Image of LEGO Castle Sets Released during 2021

Apparently these have no affect on the BrickLink Designer Program…

Furthermore, in the time since, LEGO Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith and Creator 31120 Creator 3-in-1 Medieval Castle were released, yet at least three Castle designs made the crowdfunding cut, perhaps squashing that theory like an obnoxious bug under a hammer…  unless… there is a double standard for LEGO Castle.

Others speculated more optimistically, choosing to believe the absence was attributed to a wave of new LEGO Pirate sets sailing over the horizon in the near future.  Certainly wishful thinking, but if the business strategy determined during the early 2010’s is still in place (I.e. a new wave of Pirate sets released every 5-7 years), we are indeed due for a fresh wave within the next 18 months.

Or perhaps it’s because pirates won the poll for the 90th anniversary LEGO set and crowdfunding pirate designs would undermine future plans.  However, the result of that poll is being kept under tight wraps so we won’t know the outcome until 2022.

Image of LEGO Ideas Content Winner "Ray the Castaway"

Possibly the next pirate-themed LEGO set… or maybe just a regular LEGO set.

Muddying the waters further, “Ray the Castaway” by DadiTwins recently won (June 2021) the LEGO Ideas “Do You Want To Go to the Seaside?” contest perhaps dispelling the polling ponderance. Although, it could be argued that, Ray isn’t strictly pirate themed and could be foolishly marketed as a general set. Let’s also consider Ray will be a “Gift With Purchase”, so he won’t be available to the causal buyer, unless he appears on the secondary market via platforms like eBay or BrickLink. This will likely limit his availability limited and render him expensive to those daring to acquire him outside of LEGO.com.

Photos of LEGO Ideas 10K Club Pirate Themed Design Submissions

These are the 10K designs you’ve been deprived of!

Why is this such a big deal?

There were four Pirate themed LEGO Ideas submissions which reached 10K supporters during the cycle in which the designs were selected for the program:

“The Fortress – Imperial Army” by Piraten

“Caribbean Clipper” by Babyteeth

“Seagull Bay Lighthouse Imperial Fortress” by Delusion Brick

“Imperial Island Fort” by BrickHammer

You’ll observe they all fly the blue coat Soldier’s flag so this may indicate a reasonable demand for this sub-theme among AFOLs.

Danish designer, Piraten (Brian Steffensen Vestergaard) was interviewed by the LEGO Ideas Team after “The Fortress” reached 10K in support… but apparently this level of acknowledgement still isn’t sufficient to warrant an invite to the BrickLink Designer Program. Further adding to the concern, Piraten reported in April 2020, various Imperial themed LEGO Ideas submissions were being rejected without a clear explanation.

Photo of rejected LEGO Ideas Submission "Caswell Point" by Piraten

Apparently Caswell Point overlaps with Pirates of Barracuda Bay too much!
(Aye, but only after 5 glasses of rum)

The explanation Email he received doesn’t make the cut, given he submitted an Imperial themed design:

Dear Piraten,

We are sorry to inform you that your LEGO Ideas project has been removed by our moderation team.

Unfortunately, your submission requests the release of a model or concept that overlaps with a concept or licensed property (IP) on which a LEGO Ideas set (Pirates of Barracuda Bay) has already been produced.

Since LEGO Ideas has already produced a set on this concept or property, we have decided not to approve this similar submission as a LEGO Ideas Product Idea. Our Project Guidelines and House Rules state that once we release a licensed product or concept through LEGO Ideas, we won’t accept any more submissions based on that license/concept.

We’re sorry to be the bearers of this disappointing news.

Kind regards,
LEGO® Ideas

But what is the real reason? Could the LEGO Group have something against producing Soldier/Imperial sets which wasn’t previously an issue? Or do they secretly have future plans and wish to avoid conflicts of interest?

Share your opinion (or reconnaissance) in the LEGO Pirates Forum and let’s get to the bottom of this!

What can I do to help?

BrickLink is asking for feedback on the Designer Program so give it to them!

Go to the Bricklink forum and/or the BrickLink Designer Program Round 1 announcement. Mention you notice LEGO Pirates are missing and tell them you want this rectified in the future…

But respect the forum rules or else!

Or, if you’d prefer to discuss with the Classic Pirates in the LEGO Pirates Forum, hit the red button below:

Get excited for the Pirate LEGO VIP Value Add-On pack!

Thursday, July 8th, 2021 Featured Image for Get excited for the Pirate LEGO VIP Value Add-On pack!

The LEGO Group is putting “Pirate” in the “P” of VIP with a new value pack titled “40515 Pirates and Treasure”, along with three other value packs; “40512 Fun and Funky”, “40514 Winter Wonderland”, and “40513 Spooky”.

Few details have been released beyond the names and set numbers, therefore, availability or VIP point requirement remains unknown, so bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates.

The Value Pack is basically an assortment of useful Pirate themed elements which include staples like; a map, Jolly Roger flag, parrots, shark, palm leave, skeleton, cannon, treasure chest… and a chicken… yes, a golden cock to be precise!

These parts could be extremely valuable to aspiring LEGO Pirate MOC builders, or used in conjunction with future set releases, like “Sailing Ship Adventure” (or whatever the final name is ends up being).

Promotion image of LEGO IDEAS Contest Winner "Sailing Ship Adventure" by Yc_Solo

Imagine this as a LEGO Pirate set… or maybe even Admiral Woodhouse’s sloop…

For those who are unaware, “Sailing Ship Adventure” by Yc_Solo (rumoured to be released under the name of LEGO 40487 Dream Holiday  officially released as 40487 Sailboat Adventure) is a modern recreational sailing vessel submitted to the “Build that holiday into THAT holiday!” Contest hosted by the LEGO Group during 2020. As the winning entry, it will become a LEGO Gift with Purchase set, so don’t except to encounter it on store shelves. But if you happen to acquire another 21322 LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay, a smaller pirate ship certainly won’t go astray… so the magic of these add-ons could easily transform a yacht into a fully-fledged pirate ship. Or if you have the parts, maybe this vessel has potential as a smaller ship for your Soldiers or Imperial Guards.

40487 Sailboat Adventure - Box - Back

Now officially known as “40487 Sailboat Adventure”


LEGO Service Packs - Pirates

Crude scans of the old Pirate Service Packs

Older AFOLs may also recall the LEGO Group released “Service Packs” throughout the 90s which were similar to these Add-On Packs, albeit not quite so generous with the part count. BrickLink and Pick A Brick may have rendered part assortment packs somewhat redundant, but the prospect of being able to acquire a bundle of piratey goodness is still pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Alright me hearties, clock up of those Very Important Pirate points and then you’ll be able to kit out your regular, boring-old LEGO sets in true pirate fashion!

So while you wait for Ray the Castaway to become available, ask any questions or share yer findings in the LEGO Pirates Forum

“Royal Marines Broadside Bay” by The Brick Stop

Friday, May 14th, 2021 Featured Image for "Royal Marines Broadside Bay" by The Brick Stop

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the LEGO Group had continued the Pirate theme beyond 1997? What direction would the sets have taken? Would new factions or sub themes have been introduced?

Jason B of The Brick Stop offers speculative answers to these questions by exploring new possibilities through his digital design skills. He’s produced a couple of Imperial Armada set concepts, Armada Cove and Prison Island, a pirate cove named Wreckers Bay (to show everyone how 6281 Pirates Perilous Pitfall should have been done), and The Queens Guard, a MOC based on his first original sub theme of the same name.

He has now expanded his repertoire with “Royal Marines Broadside Bay”, a fort manned by a new faction which repurposes classic LEGO Town firefighter torsos as military uniforms.

Jason writes:

Welcome to the Royal Marines Broadside Bay!
I’ve given my black uniform soldiers a home!
Recently I’ve been taking old town firefighter torsos and converting them to imperial guards from the pirate theme!
I thought it would be fun to see what a set would look like if they had gotten one! 😄
Here is what I came up with.

"Broadside Bay" from the back

The rear review – watch out for the alligator!

The Backstory

It was named “Broadside Bay” after Captain Redbeard unloaded a full broadside on an imperial port town located in said bay.  After that, the Royal Marines constructed this fortification to protect the bay. But the name stuck for good. Needless to say, Governor Broadside thinks the bay was named after him.  Just wait until he finds out the truth!

About the Builder…

Jason Brown is a masterful digital builder who creates LEGO designs in the style of the official sets released during the mid 90s. He often (but not always) limits himself to using the pieces which were available at the time for that added level of authenticity. You can acquire building instructions for some of his masterpieces from his Gumroad store or peruse his Instagram profile to enjoy the full gamut of his work.

“Waiting for the Fireworks” by Marco Zanconi (APhOL)

Friday, February 12th, 2021 "Waiting for the Fireworks" by Marco Zanconi

VOTE PIRATES for the 90th Anniversary Set – ROUND #2

Saturday, February 6th, 2021 90th Anniversary Set Vote - Round 2

Fan Vote – The Final Vote: Help Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The LEGO Group

In Round 1 the top three voted themes were:

  • Bionicle
  • Classic Space
  • Pirates

Full details available on the official LEGO blog.

Now we must vote for the winner!

VOTE then post here and tell us WHY you voted for LEGO Pirates…


Vote for the LEGO 90th Anniversary set

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 Vote for the LEGO 90th Anniversary set

Official LEGO Group Survey

Fan Vote: Help Celebrate the 90th Anniversary…

Help us choose a classic theme to be reimagined as a single new product for the 2022 LEGO Adult Portfolio, to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The LEGO Group! We have created a list of our 30 favorite classic LEGO themes for you to choose from.

Splitting this fan vote into two parts, you will have three votes in the first vote. You can vote a maximum of once for a theme in the first vote. This vote will be 100% transparent!

The second vote will be the top three themes from the first vote. One of the three themes will be the theme the 90th Anniversary Set will be based on. This vote will not be transparent, so it’s still a little bit of a secret.

This is the First Vote of the two.

[Not sure what an Activity/Fan Vote is? Then check out this blog post]


This Fan Vote will be active until January 25th, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. CEST (4 a.m. EST). 

Acceptable Entry Content

  • Select 1, 2 or 3 different themes you wish to vote for.
  • Please in the box where you have the option to tell us specific sub themes, any and all votes with text in that violates our community guidelines will be invalid.


(Click “View Entries” and login to your LEGO.com account to see voting options)

You will need a LEGO.com account to vote.
Official LEGO blog post  |  Vote Here

21322 The Pirates of Barracuda Bay

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 1322 The Pirates of Barracuda Bay - Set Thumbnail

It’s official, LEGO Ideas submission “The Pirates Bay” now known as 21322 The Pirates of Barracuda Bay has an official release date of 1 April 2020.

So sails over to the LEGO Pirates Forum for more photos and details…

The PIRATE BAY to become an official LEGO set

Friday, September 27th, 2019 The Pirate Bay by Bricky Brick

After reaching the perquisite 10,000 votes and undergoing four months of review, it has been announced LEGO Ideas project “The Pirate Bay” by Bricky_Brick will go into production as an official LEGO set!

Bricky_Brick is also known as Paokus in the LEGO Pirates forum or Pablo Jiménez in the real world.

LEGO Ideas Design Manager, Samuel Johnson said during the announcement:

It’s been super exciting for us to see a real LEGO classic on the LEGO Ideas website and we know that there’s this huge demand for such products, and you know, classic LEGO you can never go wrong with such a thing.

Click here to set sail for the LEGO Pirates Forum for more information and to discuss the first ever LEGO Pirates submission to go into production.

“The LEGO Castle of Captain Sabertooth” by DK_Titan

Monday, June 17th, 2019 MOC: The LEGO Castle of Captain Sabertooth

DK_Titan brings us The Castle of Captain Sabertooth, a layout built by Scandinavian AFOLs as their contribution to a larger display at LEGO World Copenhagen, Denmark, which will take place during 2020.

The MOC is illuminated using the Brickstuff lighting system which can be observed in the accompanying YouTube video in the LEGO Pirates Forum.

To see Sabertooth’s castle in all it’s illuminated glory, visit the LEGO Castle of Captain Sabertooth topic in the LEGO Pirates Forum.

DK_Titan writes:

The Castle of Captain Sabertooth is our contribution to a larger Captain Sabertooth (Kaptein Sabeltann) layout built by Scandinavian AFOLs.

The whole layout will be on display at LEGO World Copenhagen, Denmark next year.

Illuminated using the Brickstuff lighting system, which can be seen in the YouTube video below.

The Castle of Captain Sabertooth

LEGO Company Ltd

Classic-Pirates.com is an unofficial Pirate LEGO® fan website which is not endorsed by the LEGO® Group. Please visit www.LEGO.com