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“6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned” by Robinson

Saturday, October 11th, 2014 Photo of "6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned" by Robinson

This MOC dates back to 2015 around the time the LEGO Group was releasing a new wave of Pirate sets so the following description is now out of date. So don’t get too excited by the first sentence, because at the time of updating this blog post, no official return of LEGO Pirates has been announced.

With the eminent return of LEGO Pirates, we’re starting to see more and more classic pirate sets redesigned, and they’re truly works of art! This one, done by Robinson is particularly amazing because it’s instantly recognizable as set #6263, however it exhibits advanced build techniques, as well as more realistic colors.

Ah yes, “more realistic colors” because an artificial tan colour must be more true to the colour of real world forts than the traditional white of the classic Soldier and Imperial Guard sets. Surely? Well NAY! It depends upon the materials used to construct the fort.  A common practice within the colonies of the British Empire was to construct buildings using red bricks and cover them in a coat of clay which may or may not be painted.   So the exterior of these buildings could vary depending upon the colour the dried clay when dried, or colour of the paint, hence why in the original sets, we see printed wall pieces in white and yellow with patches of red bricks.

Head over to the forum to view more of 6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned!

Photo #04 of "6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned" by Robinson

Photo #03 of "6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned" by Robinson

Photo #04 of "6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned" by Robinson

Battle in Buccaneer Bay by Mark of Falworth

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 Photo of "Battle in Buccaneer Bay" by Mark of Falworth

Mark of Falworth has shared another one of his great creations! This time in the form of a diorama, Battle in Buccaneer Bay depicts an intense battle for the ship. There is some great effects such as cannon fire and varying colors of the beaches water.

There’s too much detail to see in one picture, so go check it out in the forum or his flickr album!

The Falls of Skara Kikos by Takkata

Thursday, July 17th, 2014 Featured Image for The Falls of Skara Kikos by Takkata

First time poster Takkata  has shared this massive creation The Falls of Skara Kikos. It depicts some stunning rock creations and great use of color to add realism. The bridges are a nice touch as are all the creatures scattered throughout the scene. The hut in the center utilizes some creative build techniques and almost resembles something from the Ewok Village. His flickr page even has a time lapse video of this build.

Head on over to the forum to comment.

The Courtroom from the 18th Century by Dzoni90

Thursday, June 26th, 2014 Featured Image for The Courtroom from the 18th Century by Dzoni90

Floating around the forum lately has been this beautiful scene, The Courtroom from the 18th Century. It was created by user Dzoni90 and his brother. The statues in this scene are very fun, as is the second level with all the onlookers. It’s a perfect use of the Collectible Minifigure Series 9 Judge, but there’s also some other great uses of minifigures from the past.

Head on over to the forum to discuss and view more pics of The Courtroom from the 18th Century 

First MOC: Halia by LtFalcon

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 Featured Image for First MOC: Halia by LtFalcon

Eurobrick member LtFlacon has completed his first MOC and has uploaded some images for us to take a gander at. While the name of the ship is still a work in progress, he’s tentatively named it Halia. Some good effort went into making this ship, as it has all the necessities of a ship on par with something TLG would release themselves. The crew is also very diverse as it sports a great collection of new parts and some from different pirate eras, they all work together very well.

Head on over to the forum to view more pictures of LtFalcon’s First MOC: Halia


Thursday, May 15th, 2014 Photo of "The HMS Lily" by HELLOEARTHLING

HELLOEARTHLING has shared his MOC of the Armada Flagship, outfitted to sleep a crew of double the original! It’s a tight squeeze inside for the 6 crewmen, but it holds a very diverse and interesting group of seamen. There is some clever decoration inside the ship, and a truly unique figurehead, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen one like it before!


Overview of the hold, with the cooking equipment, table, and the laboratory at the end.


A strange bird head in a jar, and a taxidermied dog of some variety.


The stern cabin, where the captain and wife sleep.



Left to right: Captain, his wife, zoologist, biologist, and two sailors. In the real HMS Challenger, there were over 200 crew and three scientists. (!)


More detail pics are available on Flickr. Also a bit more history on the HMS Challenger, which I think was super cool.

I should make a proper warship next!

VOC Frigate “De Ruyter” by Swan Dutchman

Monday, May 5th, 2014
VOC Frigate "De Ruyter"

VOC Frigate “De Ruyter”

Eurobricks user Swan Dutchman has uploaded his 1.5 year completed project, “De Ruyter.” He has based the color scheme off the USS Constitution and it sports a fully decorated cabin and deck. It’s obvious a lot of work went into creating this masterful ship, even the sails were hand sewn! To complete his project Swan Dutchman has edited some marvelous photos, giving the ship a stunning background.

I implore you to view more of “De Ruyter” in the forum!

Star Wars Pirate Figbarf by Adam Dodge

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014
Star Wars Figbar

Star Wars Figbarf

Flickr user Adam Dodge has posted this creative picture of pirate figures meant to represent characters from the Star Wars universe. It’s a great idea and well executed, as any Star Wars fan should be able to identify who the figures represent. He has incorporated pieces from classic pirates all the way to pieces from Pirates of the Caribbean and even other themes. If you check out his photostream he also has some other great creations.

Check out the forum to comment on Star Wars Figbarf!

Small Soldiers’ Outpost by Mestari

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014
Small Soldiers' Outpost

Small Soldiers’ Outpost

Eurobricks member Mestari has shared with us his first pirate MOC! He has built a small outpost for a couple soldiers and it looks like something straight from the 1990’s pirate theme! Even with its classic feel, there are some modern updates, such as a custom Governor’s daughter.  She’s probably the one who planted all the flowers. Mestari was even nice enough to upload instructions for this set if you wish to build it yourself.

Hit up the forum to view more pictures or get the instructions for Small Soldiers’ Outpost!

14 Gun Brig: Pinnacle by Mr. Townsend

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014
14 Gun Brig: Pinnacle

14 Gun Brig: Pinnacle

Mr. Townsend has shared his ship building expertise again with us, this time in the form of a 14 gun brig called the Pinnacle. He has displayed some amazing custom sails that look very authentic, and even used 5 different kinds of string to simulate the rigging. The blue flag is a great touch as well. Bow to stern this sailing ship is a masterpiece.

To view more pictures of the 14 Gun Brig: Pinnacle check out the forum.

“Gilded Crow” by Ummester

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 Render of "Gilded Crow" by Ummester

Ummester has shared his LDD galleon build and what a beauty she is! With a traditional brown overall look, this ship looks very realistic. To add some flare the ship has been lined with dark blue, gold, and red colors, resembling an Aussie football team (1o points for naming which team…) and ultimately leading to this 22 gun galleon being called Gilded Crow. Currently in the brick ordering stage, lets hope Ummester can recreate this master piece in the flesh!

To get an look inside Gilded Crow – 22 Gun Galleon head over to the LEGO Pirates Forum!

Ummester writes:

Hi AFOLs (and LEGO Galleon lovers),

I’ve been working on this build in LDD for the last month or so – as I did I lurked these forums and drew inspiration from many of the fine galleon MOCs here. I’m currently in the part ordering phase – have around 1200 out of 4500 pieces and thought I’d post it to see what the ship builders here think.

It’s named the Gilded Crow because the colors match that of an Ozzie football team, in case anyone was wondering. I didn’t plan it that way, just thought the dark blue, gold and bright red worked well together – the wife saw it and recognized her teams colors straight away 🙂

I’m not sure how long it will take me to collect all the parts and build the Crow, though I know it will require custom sails and rigging. Once complete I will post some photos of the actual build.

I have designed it to be modular, drawing inspiration from the Imperial Flagship and other sources. I was considering the purchase of that set but, at the price it is now, I thought I could purchase 3 X as many bricks, for a larger model of my own design.

In this final render, you can see the detail in the Captain’s quarters and just make out the large dining table and chairs in the deck below.

I plan to create better water on the base plates, with tiles and studs. Eventually, I also want to crew this vessel. I would prefer not to use the yellow skinned minifigs – if anyone has suggestions on suitable minifig crew parts which work with flesh colored heads and hands, it would be appreciated.

Hope you like the design!

Render of "Gilded Crow" by Ummester

Render of "Gilded Crow" by Ummester

Render of "Gilded Crow" by Ummester

Render of "Gilded Crow" by Ummester

Render of "Gilded Crow" by Ummester

Render of "Gilded Crow" by Ummester

Render of "Gilded Crow" by Ummester

Render of "Gilded Crow" by Ummester

PTC The Miss Elizabeth and Cliffs of Bricksburg by Frank Brick Wright and Mr. Townsend

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
The Miss Elizabeth and the Cliffs of Bricksburg

The Miss Elizabeth and the Cliffs of Bricksburg

Another splendid contest entry! This time it’s contestants Frank Brick Wright and Mr. Townsend have shared with us The Miss Elizabeth and Cliffs of Bricksburg. The ship utilizes some great custom sails, and although small, it’s still a stunning display piece. The second half of the build has a great cliff side, and a well designed tower. There’s some extra detail thrown in there too, even some custom torso decals!

Head on over to the forum to see more pictures of The Miss Elizabeth and Cliffs of Bricksburg

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