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Photo of "6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned" by Robinson
Imperial Guards (Red Coats)FortsSet Remake

“6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned” by Robinson

This MOC dates back to 2015 around the time the LEGO Group was releasing a new wave of Pirate sets so the following description is now out of date. So don’t get too excited by the first sentence, because at the time of updating this blog post, no official return of LEGO Pirates has been announced.

With the eminent return of LEGO Pirates, we’re starting to see more and more classic pirate sets redesigned, and they’re truly works of art! This one, done by Robinson is particularly amazing because it’s instantly recognizable as set #6263, however it exhibits advanced build techniques, as well as more realistic colors.

Ah yes, “more realistic colors” because an artificial tan colour must be more true to the colour of real world forts than the traditional white of the classic Soldier and Imperial Guard sets. Surely? Well NAY! It depends upon the materials used to construct the fort.  A common practice within the colonies of the British Empire was to construct buildings using red bricks and cover them in a coat of clay which may or may not be painted.   So the exterior of these buildings could vary depending upon the colour the dried clay when dried, or colour of the paint, hence why in the original sets, we see printed wall pieces in white and yellow with patches of red bricks.

Head over to the forum to view more of 6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned!

Photo #04 of "6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned" by Robinson

Photo #03 of "6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned" by Robinson

Photo #04 of "6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned" by Robinson

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