3840 Pirate Code: Now available

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3840 Pirate Code: Now available

3840 Pirate Code Box

As part of their new LEGO Games line-up, we pirates get our own! It is also available from LEGO Shop in the UK for £16.65, although not so for the rest of the world, at present. A few copies have shown up on Bricklink in the past few days.

Who can be the most cunning pirate of them all? Guess the other players’ secret codes before they discover yours and become the pirate captain. A game of logic and luck, secrets and treasures for 2 to 4 players. Game play approximately 15-25 minutes.

The single minifig and lack of new parts (unlike in the other LEGO Games sets) is somewhat disappointing, but the parts-to-price ratio and abundance of jewels make up for this. Worth noting are the old-style skeleton arms on the pirate, something not seen since the Aqua-Raiders line in 2007.

Read more about 3840 Pirate Code and the other new LEGO Games in the Eurobricks forums

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