Minifigure 3D Model Designer

Minifigure 3D Model Designer

The Classic Pirates badly need a 3D modeller to design LEGO Pirate minifigures in a variety of interesting poses so we can avoid resorting to AI to generate them!

Refer to the Governor Broadside example below or in the header of our Mailing List Subscribe Form.

Example of 3D rendered Governor Broadside

We require similar renders for other LEGO Pirate minifigures in different poses and situations which will be used to liven up the Classic Pirates websites and associated online media.

Help save the world against these artificially generated LEGO Pirate monstrosities!

If designing 3D minfigs is your foray, hit the Apply Now button to submit your expression of interest.

40566 Ray the Castaway LEGO set

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