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Pirate Submissions in BrickLink Designer Program Series 5

The LEGO Pirate submissions submitted to BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 are ready for your review and Crowd Support.

Yperio Bricks has once again rounded up the pirate-themed submissions for our convenience.

Vote for as many designs as you please until 15 June, 2024 at noon Pacific time. Vote tallies are top secret.

Now, let’s get to it!

Series 5 Pirate-Themed Submissions

Here be the latest offerings…

“The Thieves of Tortuga” by Krackenator

Parts: 3,998| Stickers: 2 | Minifigures: 8

One of the safest places for pirates to hide from the Imperial soldiers, it has become a chaotic town where anything goes. Tortuga is full or stolen cargo and hidden details everywhere you look.

"The Thieves of Tortuga" by Krackenator

Pirate party island here we come!

Krackenator writes:

There are 6 different buildings to hide out in and store your loot!

  • The Tortuga Tavern (blue far left) is the best place to go for a drink or meal.
  • Missy’s House (Middle left orange building) has been home to Missy all her life. She remembers the days before pirates took over the town. You can typically find her yelling at the pirates out of her window.
  • The Main Gate (Tan building with town) is where you must pass through to access the rest of the town. It also acts as a watch tower for suspicious ships trying to enter the harbor.
  • The Loot House (Orange and white) is where all the treasure that is stolen gets store and guarded over.
  • Captain’s Residence (Green building  right side) is where Captain Ogel likes to review his charts and rest.
  • The Marooned Marina (Far right dark tan building) is the best place in the Caribbean to pickup some fresh fish or fishing supplies.

“Privateer Frigate Fortuna” by BrickPerfection

Parts: 4,000 | Stickers: 18 | Minifigures: 12

Meet Fortuna, a fast frigate designed as a Privateer – a government-commissioned vessel tasked with hunting pirate ships or, deceptively, becoming one.

"Privateer Frigate Fortuna" by BrickPerfection

An exciting new concept – a multi-faction ship

BrickPerfection writes:

 This set introduces the unpredictable Privateers to the LEGO Pirates theme, capable of aligning with any faction or pursuing their own adventures. Fortuna carries flags of all major factions: the Imperial Soldiers, Imperial Guards, Armada, and historical pirate flags (two of each). It includes 12 Minifigures, a striking figurehead, and a small cat to protect supplies from rats.

“Coconut Cape” by BallisticBricks

Parts: 2,667 | Minifigures: 8

Land Ho! With its strong walls and strategic defenses, Coconut Cape serves as a guardian of the ocean, deterring pirates and ensuring the safety of the surrounding trade routes. It stands as a beacon for ships and a refuge for the weary.

"Coconut Cape" by BallisticBricks

Ripe coconuts are not included


Some key Features:- Dock, where ships can safely anchor and unload their cargo.
– Well-stocked armory, filled with weapons and equipment.
– Walls with strategic turrets and cannons.
– Prison cell to lock away mischievous pirates.
– Commodore’s residence where plans for the fort’s defense can be strategized

“The Pirate Life” by chharitos

Parts: 2,732 | Stickers: 18 | Minifigures: 8

Pirate life is exciting. Full of action and lots of rum. Today was a good day. The Imperial Armada’s supply was ambushed. Booty, gold, food, drink just arrived. Everyone knows their positions. The pirate crew with a bottle in hand distributes the supplies, the captain in his room never gets complacent, and the crab cell awaits the new captives.

"The Pirats Life" by chharitos

The cell has crabs!

chharitos writes:

The construction consists of the east and west side. On the eastern side we will find the black bastion, the battlement with the cannon and the old wooden bridge that connects this side with the main building. Under the bridge we will find a natural harbor that serves to receive the catch or supplies. Walking through the marina to the western part we will find the wooden pier, the prisoners’ cell and a new warship.

“Anchor Cove Imperials Shipyard” by DelusionB

Parts: 3,070 | Stickers: 8 | Minifigures: 8

In the bustlingport of Port Royal, the crown jewel of the Imperial Navy, lies thenewly constructed Imperial Shipyard—a place where dreams ofconquering the high seas are built plank by plank. The shipyard, anarchitectural marvel, is bustling with activity as green-coated soldiers and craftsmen work tirelessly under the watchful eye of Governor Chris.

"Anchor Cove Imperials Shipyard" by DelusionB

Anyone want some green coats?


The set is anarchitectural corner-type shipyard for the green imperial soldiers!It features a large harbor platform with a moving crane, which iscrucial for transporting heavy timbers and supplies essential forconstructing the fleet’s newest flagship. The carpenter’s table is laden with tools and freshly cut planks, ready to be assembled intothe ship’s sturdy hull.

“The Pirate Life” by chharitos

Parts: 2,201 | Stickers: 18 | Minifigures: 3

From the deep ocean rises a giant, fearsome creature. Mighty tentacles emerge from the water, curls around the ship, and snaps it in half! In the foaming water, a monstrous, hungry maw awaits! It is the legendary kraken, and the sailors must give it their all to survive.

"Kraken Attack" by TrumanBrick

More killer calamari than a good pirate can handle

chharitos writes:

One of the major challenges of designing this set is angling the ship model. The two halves are angled towards the middle, for the sinking and “snap” effect. For Bricklink Designer Program, the model must be robust and easy to build. Here, both halves of the ship model have a technic brick as base frame, with pin holes connected to axle elements and angled connectors pointing down. These are connected to round bricks and technic bricks (with axle holes), and secured to the base plate. Each half of the ship is supported by six of these axle pillars to hold the angle and weight securely.

“The Old Skull” by BrickyBricks82

Parts: 2,757 | Stickers: 2 | Minifigures: 7

Surely you have ever gone to a themed restaurant and enjoyed the atmosphere and the food, The Old Skull is my proposal for your LEGO city.

"The Old Skull" by BrickyBricks82

400 years later this is what José’s Tavern became…

BrickyBricks82 writes:

The model is a corner-shaped building, it has three floors, an accessible roof terrace and is compatible with LEGO modular buildings. The design is made up of two visible parts: The restaurant and the apartment block practically absorbed by the space occupied by the details and setting of the restaurant.

All floors can be deployed respecting the official concept. A model that includes 7 minifigures, a monkey (props), a shark (props) and a seagull.

“Trading Ship” by FNeuwald

Parts: 2,084 | Minifigures: 5

Right now, it’s sailing on the high seas to deliver treasures from the “New World” to the old harbor. The sailor on the lookout searches for the coast while the old salt is fishing for the ship’s cook still needs one fish for preparing dinner in the galley. And the captain will steer the ship safely home.

"Trading Ship" by FNeuwald

Another merchant ship – look out Steve!

FNeuwald writes:

LEGO offered some pirate ships in the last decades, but the last civilian trading ship was included in LEGO’s Imperial Trading Post from 1992 and it was so small! But how should the pirates survive when they don’t have any ship they can plunder?

“The Pirate’s Dream” by Goannas89

Parts: 987 | Minifigures: 1

In the cabin of his pirate ship, the Captain Red is sleeping peacefully…
He is dreaming: at the sunset of a glorious day, his ship is emerging victorious from the latest battle with the infamous Bricktish Imperial ship which now is sinking…finally!

"The Pirate's Dream" by Goannas89

Wonder if EvanCelt inspired this creation

Goannas89 writes:

My creation is a tribute to the world of pirates that wants to highlight a hidden side of the daily life of the captain of a pirate ship.

“Old Pirate Haven” by Elevendragons

Parts: 3,998 | Stickers: 10 | Minifigures: 12

You will find here a small town with a marina that has been taken over by pirates who are hunting merchant ships in the nearby waters.
There is a tavern in the town where local people used to invite their guests.

"Pirate Haven" by Elevendragons

A port with a fort and a pub for Jack Sassy

Elevendragons writes:

Now, pirates planning here their next expeditions.  The tavern has its own basement where the owner keeps his supplies.

Apparently, from this basement, you can get to the other end of the city through a secret door.

“Somewhere Island” by jAn_eVa

Parts: 2,328| Minifigures: 8

The Governor of Somewhere Island has been captured by the cruel One-legged Seadog, and now he must rely on a rescue mission to win his freedom back.

"Somewhere Island" by jAn_eVa

This island is Somewhere – old George will tell yer where

jAn_eVa writes:

The uniqueness of this building lies within its playability. The lower part rises above sea level with a rocky land, cave, dock, and a hidden corridor, all at once. It has the function to split open to view and amaze its interior. Inside the cave many treasures to be found, some of which are more unique than the other. Sadly, the treasure chest has been locked and the only key to open is lost with its keeper, however, his skeleton is still hidden amongst these walls. Opposite the treasure, you can find Governor George in his cell accompanied by his little friends – a spider and a rat – not to feel lonely of course. Over the years, pirates have come and gone, but the legendary `White Feathered` captain`s statue still has its respect on the island; therefore the One-legged Seadog feels honored to terrify the island with his presence.

“Caribbean Port” by Castellofelice

Parts: 2,392 | Minifigures: 5

The main idea was to develop a Pirate Caribbean-style cargo port. Although various pirate-themed sets have been released in the past, including many ships, what is missing is a set with a port where these ships can stop to refuel or unload/load their goods.

"Caribbean Port" by Castellofelice

Another one of them Imperial Trading Posts

Castellofelice writes:

The main part of the project consists of a group of buildings, ideal for displaying and moving the set. It offers the possibility of being opened with a hinge system to allow access and playability inside. In the open configuration, the set shows the port quay at the front where various commercial activities take place, and the buildings overlook the quay. At the back, it is possible to observe the interior of the buildings, all furnished in style.

“Caribbean Port” by Montymatte

Parts: 873 | Minifigures: 2

Smoldering Bay Fishing invites you to enjoy the best fish in the seven seas.

The special feature: Caught by an old pirate (possibly even a captain), the fish is steamed over the crater of a small volcanic island. Be quick, because the dealer has also heard about the delicacies.

"Smoldering Bay Fishing"0 by Montymatte

Get your freshly smoked fish here – also offering charcoal grill when volcano erupts

Montymatte writes:

This time a set with a pirate theme – another favorite of mine. In addition to a lively design, I also wanted to submit a slightly smaller project to the competition. So we end up with less than 900 parts, which is quite satisfactory for the size of the result. Nevertheless, I couldn’t completely do without details 😉

“Deep Sea Discovery” by Rich_Herbert

Parts: 2,585| Minifigures: 3

The year is 1504 and the ill-fated and very unfortunately named ship, The Impending Peril, travels at night during a deadly storm with a skeleton crew. According to legend, a rabid whale suddenly attacks the hull, fracturing it. This, just moments after the ship is struck by lightning and catches fire. Sheesh! The doomed ship breaks into pieces and sinks instantly. There are no survivors.

"Deep Sea Discovery" by Rich_Herbert

Based on a true story

Rich_Herbert writes:

Deep Sea Discovery includes a fully detailed shipwreck, seafloor, divers, a rock formation, loads of sea life, and a small submersible built across three sections. Each portion of the ship is connected at a unique angle and includes complex building techniques, varied sub-models and engaging storytelling.

The model leverages glow-in-the-dark parts in key areas to further give the impression of a deep dark environment and the sections can be separated to move the model easily.

“Trading Post” by KingCreations

Parts: 1,523 | Minifigures: 5

Welcome to the Trading Post, the perfect spot for seafaring minifigures to replenish their stock of supplies!

BrickLink Designer-Program Series 4 Submission: "The Hug Island" by Trading Post by KingCreations

So how much The Cutter went to Eldorado Fortress and not here?

KingCreations writes:

The model was designed to provide unique detail from every angle and is built in two halves for easier transportation and interior access.

  • The front of the model includes a dock for visitors to use, some fishing equipment, and the entrance to a guard post.-Climb up the stairs to reach the trading area
  • Examine the cannon at the rear which protects from unwanted visitors and search through the vendor’s stock of food and equipment.
  • In the rear, the merchant’s boat can drop off supplies for the post and the crane can move and lift supplies around the post!
  • The main tower includes a desk, map, and candle, as well as a ladder to the upper bell tower where a bird is resting.
  • Enter the cave where some precious treasure is being stored, but watch out for the creatures and stalactites! It looks like somebody already got stuck there…

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