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Rumoured upcoming 2023 LEGO® Pirate Set About to get Official Announcement

T’was just the other day when the Classic Pirates intercepted a rumour of a new LEGO Pirates set sighted upon 2023‘s horizon.  For them who’s still lost at sea; a “buildable LEGO Classic Pirate Captain” will be released as an exclusive set for LEGO House in the near future.

The official announcement confirms everything.

February 27 UPDATE!!!

There has been an official set announcement and you can find all the details here.

Or you can read on to see the photos and videos not included in the new blog post.

Now, thanks to the diligence of our LEGO Pirates Historian, TalconCard, we’ve been pointed in the direction of some official details and a March 1 reveal date with a cost of 599 DKK (approximately 85 USD).

Special events: New LEGO® House exclusive product

On 1 March, LEGO® House will launch this year’s exclusive collector’s set. Every year, a new LEGO House Exclusive set is launched, celebrating the most iconic moments in the LEGO Group’s history – all linking into footprints around LEGO House. This year, we invite LEGO fans of all ages to attend the launch of the exclusive product, in LEGO House and on social media.

After hour event around the newest LEGO House exclusive product
1 March at 4:15pm CET at LEGO House
Join us for something completely unique when we present this year’s exclusive LEGO House set ‘live’ at LEGO House at a fan event. Meet the designers behind this year’s set: Stuart Harris and Markus Rollbühler and hear all about the many ideas for this year’s LEGO House exclusive. In addition, you can also hear the historical perspectives about this year’s product from two LEGO employees who have been particularly involved.

If you can’t make it to the event, which will most likely be the majority of LEGO Pirate fans, there shall be a live box reveal on Instagram:

New box revealed – live on SoMe

2 March at 3.00pm CET live at Instagram
If you can’t make it to LEGO House, but still want to be one of the first to experience this year’s LEGO House Exclusive, this is then your chance! Meet Stuart Harris and Markus Rollbühler, who designed this year’s exclusive set and hear all the funny details around developing the product and the thoughts behind in a Instagram Live session. Prepare your questions already now – it’s gonna be fun!

What the Blazes!  This mentions nothing about Pirates!

Blast, yer right! No mention of the Classic Pirate Captain anywhere in the information on the official LEGO House website.

Well, what do you expect from a rumour?

WAIT!  Have you checked the LEGO House Instagram lately?

What be going on here?

“Where is it” indeed?

Now, why has LEGO House posted a pirate video on their official Instagram account?

Could this be a fleeting tease of an upcoming pirate release? Or is a bum steer to throw us off course?  And then they announce a Castle or Space set instead? Yer know, like they did during the 90th Anniversary set releases.  Even though fans were officially polled to determine which theme they’d like to return for the anniversary and Pirates had the third most votes… until The LEGO Group realised their Castle sub-theme blunder and rejigged the poll options privately.

Screenshots from Pirate Video on LEGO House Instagram

Here are some screenshots highlights from the Instagram video

What does it all mean? Will we ever see the Imperial Guards again?

So it’s Just Going to be that Overgrown Minifigure?

Do yer think our fortunes be smiling and The LEGO Group will boldly announce the release of a large ship of fortress set?

If so, yer more naive optimistic than the Classic Pirates!

LEGO House Classic Pirate Captain Exclusive

This is the rumoured “40504 Classic Pirate Captain” LEGO House exclusive set

Instructions cover with LEGO House 40504 Classic Pirate Captain-Exclusive

Are we looking at the cover of the instruction manual?

Some may adore placing this upscaled Captain Redbeard upon their stained mahogany mantelpiece, right next to their over-wound cuckoo clock.

While other LEGO Pirates fans may reel in disappointment, longing for a set which hails its architectural inspiration from classic source material. Yer know, like a ship or fortress.

What Do Yer Think?

Will the upcoming announcement for LEGO House exclusive be the Classic Pirate Captain set? Or shall we be disappointed surprised by something else entirely?

And if it should be the captain, will you attempt to procure one?  Or will you sail on by as though he’s not even there?

Share your thoughts with the Classic Pirates in the LEGO Pirates Forum or on the Facebook Post so we can either celebrate or commiserate this release.



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