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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

LEGO Shop at Home graphic is offering FREE shipping with purchases over £25.00. So if you're in the UK and yet to acquire an 10210 Imperial Flagship (or like to acquire more) here's a perfect opportunity to take advantage of this offer.


This offer expires on the 31st August 2010!

Visit today!

Tournament of Retribution – First round voting!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Tournament of Retirbution II

Voting for the first round of the Second Annual Redcoats vs. Bluecoats Tournament of Retribution is now open. The top 5 vote getters from each side (Redcoat and Bluecoat) will advance to the final "Prize" round of the Tournament.

Cast your vote in the LEGO Pirates Forum

Tournament of Retribution II

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Tournament of Retribution teaser

The Second Annual
Redcoats vs. Bluecoats Tournament of Retribution!

General purpose: The primary purpose of the Tournament is to have FUN at the expense of the opposing side (Redcoats vs. Bluecoats).
The Tournament objective: Create a comic of up to 10 panels depicting the funniest, most brutal, outlandish stories of your side causing the most humiliating, physical, and/or emotional harm to the other side (as represented by their sides minifigures Red vs. Blue).

First read the tournament rules,  next sign up to participate and then check out the AWESOME Prizes!

IMPORTANT Tournament Threads

The Rules
Official Sign Ups
Avatar Authorization
Fantastic Prizes

Where to discuss Custom Pirate LEGO Mini-Figures?

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Click here to vote for where you would prefer to discuss Custom Pirate LEGO Mini-Figures?

Where would you prefer to discuss Custom Pirate LEGO Mini-Figures?

Currently the Custom Pirate LEGO Mini-Figures are discussed in the Minifig Customisation Workshop which is outside of the LEGO Pirates Forum.

While this forum is a great asset to Eurobricks, the Crew is pondering whether the Pirate MOC Forum would a better place to discuss Custom Pirate Mini-figures.

So we’re curious to know where you would prefer.

Please visit the LEGO Pirates Forum and vote in the poll.

The more information you provide us, the better we can tailor to your needs.

We’ve passed 12,000 unique visitors for June!

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Congratulations laddies and lassies! The website, NOT including the LEGO Pirates Forum hosted by Eurobricks, received over 12,000 unique visitors for June alone! And for the first half of 2009, it received over a total of 70,000 unique visitors, check out the statistics below:


Averaging over 11,000 unique visitors per month!

As you can see things are going very well here at! With our dedicated team creating wonderful content and the prospect of more future Pirate LEGO sets, we'll continue delivering piratey goodness to the world!

Discuss this achievement in the LEGO Pirates Forum and mingle with hundreds of other Pirate LEGO enthusiasts!

Wouwie Promoted and NEW Positions!

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Shipyard Ranking System - Promotion & Recruiting

We're pleased to announce Wouwie has been promoted to Editor so hurry over
to the Pirate forum to congratulate for his achievement!

We're also opening up two new positions:

  1. A Junior Assistant to maintain our Social Networking Outposts such as our soon to be launched YouTube Channel and Facebook page, as well as, doing some light secretarial work.  This position could one day lead to Publication Relations Officier for a candidate with the right aptitude.
  2. A Video Editor with reasonable video editing skills to produce regular videos for the YouTube Channel.

If you think you'd be well suited to one of these positions then sail over to the Pirate LEGO Forum to apply.

The NEW Shipyard Ranking System

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Shipyard Ranking System Announcement

For many months now a team of dedicated volunteers have been working within The Shipyard to produce the content which appears daily on the frontpage of

"The Shipyard?" you ask?  The Shipyard is a hidden VIP sub-forum within the LEGO Pirates Forum where volunteers work on special projects.

We want to begin rewarding our volunteers for their contributions so we're implementing a ranking system which enables them to receive promotions for the quality and quantity of their contributions.   Each rank has it's own tag and special priveleges which increase with each rank. There will also be contests exclusive to The Shipyard so only those who are part of the Ranking System will be able to participate.

Get yourself to the LEGO Pirates Forum to learn more
about the NEW Shipyard Ranking System!

MISB Pirate LEGO Ships

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Got some cash you want to spend in the new year? Well how about buying a Mint In Sealed Box Pirate LEGO Ship!

MISB 6290 Red Beard Runner

Click to view the 6290 Red Beard Runner auction on eBay

Click to view the 6290 Red Beard Runner auction on eBay

Ending on eBay in the very near future is this MISB 6290 Red Beard Runner, perhaps a little pricey for some but if it doesn't sell maybe the seller will lower the price next time round.

Or perhaps you'd like an absolute bargain!

MISB 6285 Black Seas Barracuda

Click to view the MISB Barracuda on eBay

Click to view the MISB Barracuda on eBay

What an awesome deal!  An original 6285 Black Seas Barracuda around $100 at the time of writing - yes that's right, only bid to around $100!  This set can sell for over $500 in the hands of a competent auctioneer so don't miss out on this potential bargain.

MISB 10040 Black Seas Barracuda

Click to view the MISB 10040 Black Seas Barracuda on eBay

Click to view the MISB 10040 Black Seas Barracuda on eBay

And here we have a Legend re-release of the Black Seas Barracuda for just under $500 - definitely not as friendly to your finances as the previous auction but it is a realistic price to pay.

Happy bidding and may you be successful in procuring a new ship to build or preserve in MISB condition!

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