The Infamous Steve

First to 25 Challenges Progress Report: June 30
The Infamous Steve

Newcomer Horation takes lead but will he a WIN 35€ LEGO set?

Within 36 hours of the First to 25 Challenges June 29 Report, Horation literally appeared out of nowhere and quickly worked his way to the top of the leaderboard!

Moving ahead of Math Wizard into the Number 1 Position of the Critic Challenge, Horation is just posts away from winning the 35€ LEGO set Prize.

First to 25 Challenges - Creative Critic Progress Report: June 30

Horation moves into the lead in less than a day!

This demonstrates how easy these First to 25 Challenges are.  Really, it only requires 25 sentences to WIN a Prize!

But will you let Horation claim the Prize? Or will you claim it for yourself?

You better act fast!

Building Challenges

At the time of writing none of the Building Entrants have stepped up to make a concerted effort to win the prizes.

Nonetheless, most Entry Topics have received new Replies so here be updated tallies.

First to 25 Challenges - Small Building Entries Progress Report: June 30

Thanks to Horation’s efforts, the Reply Count of the Entry Topics have increased

First to 25 Challenges - Large Building Entries Progress Report: June 30

However, a diligent Building Entrant could easily claim a Prize with a little more engagement

Some of the Building Entrants are edging closer to a Prize, but they better HURRY UP!

This round of Challenges ends on July 6 regardless of whether the Prizes have been claimed.

Certainly Building Entrants may remain complacent and might will win a Prize by default, by after the counter reaches 00:00:00 that’s it! First to 25 Challenges over!

Are you happy to miss an easy WIN?

25 Replies? That’s Too HARD!!!

Replies a sentence long is all you need, and 5 Replies per day for 5 Days isn’t that demanding… given how much time people waste gossiping about nothing on messenger apps!

Advice for Creative Critics to win the First to 25 Challenge

The first image in a visual overview of advice was posted via the Classic Pirates Instagram

Nonetheless, this is a new initiative so we’ve put together some advice for both Creative Critics and Building Entrants to help you reach your goal as quickly as possible.

Creative Critics even receive a visual presentation on Instagram and the Classic Pirates Facebook Group.

So absorb those tips and then…

What Do Yer Think?

Horation has demonstrated a determined newcomer can easily take the lead!

DON’T DELAY!  The First to 25 Challenges close July 6 and then the Prizes will no longer be on offer!

First to 25 Challenges Progress Report: June 30

Will you be the next newcomer to take the lead?

The clock is counting down and these THREE Prizes are will be unavailable if you don’t ACT NOW!


All THREE Prizes have been claimed!

Keep your eye on the sea because more challenges may be announced in the future.

For more information be sure to read the Building Categories Overview and the Creative Critic Overview.

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