6249 Pirates Ambush & other set reviews at Adequate.com

December 14, 2011 posted by Dreamweb
The review of 6249 Pirates Ambush and other Pirate sets at Adequate.com

Just an example - there are other reviews too!

A long time ago lots of interesting reviews of old LEGO Pirate sets were published on a website known as Adequate.com. Those were very imaginative, with a special made-up backstory for each set. That site has not been updated for years, but the old reviews are still there, and they're really worth taking a look at!

As a taste of what you can find there, we've posted their review of 6249 Pirates Ambush at Classic-Pirates.com forum. It was written by Joseph Gonzales back in 1997! We chose this set as it has not yet been reviewed on our website. Feel free to read it, and if you like it, proceed to other reviews at Adequate.com, and discuss them in our forum!

Read 6249 Pirates Ambush & other set reviews and discuss them in the forum!

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