Lagoon Lock-Up Review by Boomchil


Lagoon Lock-Up Review by Boomchil

LEGO Pirate Lagoon Lock-Up Review Boomchil

A classic never dies, unlike the Bluecoats, who will die in horrible, unthinkable, tragic, and hilarious ways in the TOR III

Do you ever get a sense of nostalgia?  Do you ever wish LEGO would go back to yesteryear?’s own Boomchil had that same feeling when he picked up a pile of classic sets to review!  This review is for the classic 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up, a set featuring the periwinkle pansies Bluecoat soldiers from 1991.  The set cost Boomchil a staggering $80.00 USD to pick it up on Bricklink, so don’t let his investment go to waste, and check out the excellent review today.

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