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71037 LEGO Minifigure Series 24 - Rococo Artistocrat
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New LEGO Rocco Aristocrat Minifig 2023 (Series 24)

LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037) has been sighted on 2023’s horizon prompting the Classic Pirates to delve into the new assortment to determine which minifigs are suitable to join the LEGO Pirate ranks.

And this time we have the pleasure of introducing the Rocco Aristocrat, an exquisitely dressed, 18th century lady of French nobility – after all these decades, Lieutenant de Marinet might finally be able to get hitched!

So what relevance does this minifigure have LEGO Pirates?

Well, not a darn thing in terms of the pieces included with the minifig – unless you want a yapping pooch tearing up yer ship!  Or a periwig for a dandy fop of the same era… the head might also work for that purpose too.

Perhaps the aristocratic lady offers a much requested civilian presence to harbours and villages, or maybe a suitable wife for a high ranking officer in your Blue Coat Soldier army. A few years back, The LEGO Group confirmed on their website; the Soldiersare based upon the French navy and marines of the colonial era” so Lady Rococo slots in nicely.

Is this minifig relevant to your LEGO Pirates collection? Does she have a place in your MOCs? Or is she too far removed from LEGO Pirates? Tell us yer thoughts in the LEGO Pirates Forum

Official Statement

71037 LEGO Minifigure Series - 2023

And here is the complete line up of minifigures available in Series 24

The official LEGO Minifigure Series 24 webpage states:

Kids aged 5 and up will be thrilled to stage fun scenes with these LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037) blind bags. New for January 2023, these amazing characters are perfect for collecting, displaying and inspiring little builders to dream up their own fun-filled stories. A fantastic cast of LEGO minifigure characters Both kids and adult collectors will be excited to see this fantastic line-up of LEGO minifigure characters: T-Rex Costume Fan, Rococo Aristocrat, Robot Warrior, Potter, Newspaper Kid, Orc, Football Referee, Falconer, Conservationist, Carrot Mascot, Brown Astronaut and Spacebaby, and Rockin’ Horse Rider. The perfect treat for LEGO fans! All 12 LEGO minifigures are ready to dive into action-packed stories and each one comes in a sealed blind bag accompanied by at least one accessory and a collector’s information leaflet. A small and durable gift guaranteed to provide countless hours of fun for kids.

When Can I Buy It?

71037 LEGO Minifig Series 24 Packaging

Hey look! The packaging colour-coordinates nicely with her dress!

Minifigures Series 24 will be available on LEGO.com from January 1, 2023.

What be a Rococo Aristocrat?

Rococo or Late Baroque, is art, fashion and interior design style which emerged in Paris during the early 18th century but quickly spread throughout France and nearby countries. The style is characterised by exuberant ornamentation with intricate detailing. The word Rococo originates from the French word rocaille, a method of decoration employed since the Renaissance, often utilised to petty up fountains and grottoes with pebbles, seashells, and cement.

Hotel de Kassay Petit Salon

Here’s a Rococo style room
Imagine all the fun you’d have if you were the one responsible for the dusting and cleaning

Cosmetics were an integral part of Rococo France; during an informal ceremony known as the public toilette, aristocratic women would style their hair and decorate their faces in front of an audience. The makeup was made from highly toxic materials, and despite awareness of this fact, the cosmetics were so popular they were used regardless of the consequences.

Portrait of Marie Antoinette by Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun, 1778

Marie Antoinette, Rococo poster child – she had no problem sneaking guests into the ball

Like its architectural counterpart, Rococo fashion was the epitome frivolity and excess. Women often sported huge, poufy hairstyles, and enormous pannier skirts with an excess of decorative frills, feathers and bows.

"The Tête à Tête" by Hogarth

“The Tête à Tête” by William Hogarth, 1743, oil on canvas.
Somehow this painting manages to tie everything together!

After their marriage, Lady Rococo wipes her makeup off and de Martinet realises he’s been catfished! But he’s too indisposed to react, yet his new wife seems giddy with excess of energy to burn. Meanwhile, the dog locates a curious substance in de Martinet’s pocket. So now we must ponder; exactly what is that “white powder” they love smothering all over their faces?

What Do Yer Think?

Rococo Artistocrat from 71037 LEGO Minifigure Series 24

She needs to go to the bathroom to powder her nose entire face

Maybe yer pirates could kidnap her and hold her for ransom! How much would de Martinet pay to get her back? Or maybe she’s actually a pirate in disguise – who can really tell under all that makeup?

How would you incorporate the Rococo Aristocrat into your LEGO Pirate and Imperial Soldier MOCs? Or would you rather not?  Don’t hesitate to fire your ideas and opinions at us in LEGO Pirates Forum.


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