LEGO Pirates celebration 15,000 members

Classic Pirates Facebook Group passes 15,000 Members

We’ve passed 15,000 members so the Classic Pirates would like to extend a humongous thank ye to all the LEGO Pirate fans who have engaged and/or contributed content to our Facebook Group.

You’ve shared magnificent MOCs… fantastic photos and imaginative ideas!  So keep them coming!

But there is more work to be done…

LEGO Pirates celebrating under fireworks

HURRAH! The gunpowder magazine has ignited!

Just think of how many AFOLs went into their Dark Age and have never awakened…  We must rescue them from their slumber!

We also must pass the love of LEGO Pirates to our children… grandchildren… nieces… nephews…  that annoying kid next door whose always losing their ball in your yard….

Whenever possible, share posts from the Facebook Group and blog to those who may be interested.  Tag them in posts and comments.

So let’s ensure the love for LEGO Pirates remains stronger than ever and plot a course to 20,000 members!

What Do Yer Think?

Are you a member of Classic Pirates Facebook Group?  Or are ye an old school sailor who prefers the LEGO Pirate Forum?  Or is there another form communication yer prefer?

LEGO Pirates jumping for joy

Of course the Classic Pirates won’t be satisfied until there is 150,000 members

Get onboard with the Classic Pirates and plot a course to both Facebook and Forum, today!  Oh, did we mention we have Instagram too?

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