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Captain’s Cabin Contest!


Yargg, there be loot up for grabs here!

Yargg, there be loot up for grabs here!

Between plundering and pillaging, pirates have to lay their lice-infested heads somewhere! From the lowliest rat-infested bilges that serve as crew’s quarters to the luxury of the captain’s cabin, there’s building scope a-plenty!

Your task is to show this – what goes on there, what it’s like – the works!

It doesn’t have to be for the captain – crew’s quarters, the ship’s kitchen, the brig e.t.c. are very welcome.
It can be from any seafaring faction, be they Pirates (Caribbean, Mediterranean, Chinese e.t.c.), Imperials, Merchants, Islanders, even! Fish-pirates, skeleton-pirates, troll-pirates and the like are all acceptable. Borderline steampunk is also allowed, but try to maintain the seafaring aspect.
It doesn’t have to be based on a ship. It could be on a wrecked ship, something similar to the Captain’s Quarters in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney, or something from your imagination! Please avoid building it as part of a full ship, as this will exceed the permitted dimensions and may skew votes away from the subject matter.

So quickly, come on over to the Pirate forum to ask some
questions and check out the prizes

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