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Ominous Isle Price has been Announced

During August 2023, the Classic Pirates broke word that BrickLink Designer Program: Series 2 submission, Ominous Isle had passed review and would be available for Crowdfunding during June 2024.

Well, June 2024 is almost here and the official details have been announced by BrickLink on 1 May, 2024

Ominous Isle from the side

Welcome to your latest LEGO Pirates cove

The set will be able for pre-order on 6th June at 8am PT and cost US $239.99 /AU $339.99.

Crowdfunding will end 30th June with production commencing in November 2024. Sets will be shipped approximately six months after pre-ordering.

Remember, for the set to make it to production, BrickLink requires at least 3,000 pre-orders, and there is a maximum of 30,000 units.


From the official Ominous Isle BrickLink webpage.

Minifigures: 5 | Parts: 2,809

Model Dimensions:

Length: 39.3 cm / 15.5 in
Width: 60.6 cm / 23.9 in
Height: 30.6 cm / 12.0 in

Ominous Isle close up of front

Bit of a tight squeeze there

Ominous Isle from the other side

The modular design allows for a multitude of layouts and display options

Ominous Isle from the back side

Despite its frighten facade, Ominous Isle is quite comfortable on the inside

What’s Next?

From the official Ominous Isle BrickLink webpage.


BrickLink members may pre-order their favorite sets, with a limit of 2 of each set per household. All sets that receive over 3,000 pre-orders will be produced. Up to 30,000 of each set will be manufactured during a limited, one-time production run.

LEGO® Building Instructions

BDP Designer Program sets will feature digital building instructions and printable PDFs.

Jazlecraz writes:

My name is Jared Le Cras, a.k.a. ‘jazlecraz’ for anything LEGO related, and I have been a huge LEGO pirates fan for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was captivated by the sprawling pirate layouts seen in my LEGO product catalogues from the early 90s. Amazingly, these catalogues survived my lengthy ‘dark ages’ period and were a key inspiration in the creation of Ominous Isle.

Learn more about Jazlecraz on the Ominous Isle BrickLink webpage.

Can’t see the embedded video above?  Watch it on YouTube.

What Do Yer Think?

Is Ominous Isle all that you hoped for? Or would you prefer a completely different pirate-themed submission?

Will you be pre-ordering one in June?  What about pre-ordering two of them?

Ominous Isle from the BrickLink Designer Program

Spot the differences between this and the version that was submitted…

It be time to convene in the LEGO Pirates Forum and the Classic Pirates Facebook Group to share our thoughts on the upcoming Crowdfunding phase for Ominous Isle.


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