Bricklink Designer Program

BrickLink Designer Program Series 4 Finalists
Bricklink Designer Program

BrickLink Designer Program Series 4 Finalists

The votes have been counted and the BrickLink Designer Team have spent many sleepless nights deliberating upon which submissions are worthy for selection as Series 4 finalists.

Finally their torment has seen its end and they’ve revealed the 5 submissions which will proceed to the Crowdfunding phase during February 2025.

Brace yerself for these designs may not be what you expect…

Series 4 Finalists

And without further ado, here be the submissions that will eventually be available for Crowdfunding

BrickLink Designer-Program Series 4 "Wild West Train" by llucky

Wild West Train” by llucky

"Siege Encampment" by SleeplessNight

Siege Encampment” by SleeplessNight

BrickLink Designer Program Series 4 "Medieval Seaside Market" by Bricks_fan_uy

Medieval Seaside Market” by Bricks_fan_uy

BrickLink Designer Program Series 4 "The Riverside Scholars" by Hanwas

The Riverside Scholars” by Hanwas

"Merchant Boat" by Nicolas Carlier

Merchant Boat” by Nicolas Carlier

By-crikey-jizzits!  THREE Castle themed finalists!!!

It’s nice there be an old-fangled steam train for the Western theme aficionados, but THREE Castle finalists in a single series?  Is favouritism at play here? Or be this part of an overarching production strategy which may benefit Pirates at some point in the future?

At Least there is a Ship

And then we have the Merchant Boat… but where does it fit in the grander scheme of things?  It’s somewhat of a fusion between a steamboat and a street from one of those LEGO City sets.  Far too modern to dock inconspicuously among yer LEGO Pirate ships. Or is it?

Model of Cargo Fluyt - Michael Czytko

Model of a Dutch cargo fluyt Zeehaen (1639) © Michael Czytko

For many a year LEGO Pirate fans have desired a set based upon a non-pirate, non-imperial ship… something more civilian… something for pirates to plunder… something for the Imperial Guards to protect!  Thematically, Dutch Merchants inspired by the West India Trading Company have long been the choice as commanders of such a vessel.

Their cargo fluyts were renown for shipping goods around the globe… and no doubt made desirable plunder when pirate be looking for a snack.

Now What Happens?

Series 4 is not over yet!

BrickLink Designer Program Series 4 Timeline as of March 2024

Here be the official timeline

Refining Finalist Designs

Between 1 April, 2024 and 1 January, 2025

Submission designers work with the Model Governor… ahem!  Model Governance and Building Instructions Teams to fine tune their designs before they’re locked down for pre-production.


February 2025

This is when you get to buy one!  BrickLink members will have the opportunity to pre-order their favorite sets, with a limit of 2 of each set per household (so now is the time to buy more houses). All sets that receive more than 3,000 pre-orders will be produced, with a maximum of 30,000 of each set, manufactured during a limited, once in a life time production run. So don’t miss out!

Production and Shipping

July 2025 on onward

The lights at the LEGO factory blink on and it begins churning out Series 4 finalist sets. Orders will be ready to ship approximately 6 months after pre-ordering, but the BrickLink Designer Team haven’t committed to solid dates and shipping times may vary, due to piracy on the high seas.

Ominous Isle

Get ready for Ominous Isle! This Series 2 finalist was voted by fans during June 2023, and on 23 August, 2023 and has been officially announced for the BrickLink Designer Program’s crowdfunding phase during June 2024.

"Ominous Isle" from BrickLink Designer Program Series 2

Ominous Isle” from Series 2 be the only pirate-themed submission to pass review in this program

Also, let’s give an honorable mention to the submissions that were available in the BrickLink MOC Popup Store between 6 September to 15 November, 2023; “The Crimson Outpost” by Brick Jester, “Black Fortune” by BrickMOCBay and “Imperial Brig” by Arselus.

So at the very least, LEGO Pirate fans can be assured that their beloved Pirate theme is no longer completely neglected.

What Do Yer Think?

Are yer pleased with the BrickLink Designer Team’s selection? Or be there a pirate-themed submission from Series 4 which should have progressed to the Crowdfunding phase?

BrickLink Designer Program Series 4 "Merchant Boat" by Nicolas Carlier

This is the closest we’ve come to a wooden ship in the BrickLink Designer Program

Does the Merchant’s Boat have any potential for LEGO Pirate fans? Or be it too far removed from the LEGO Pirates theme, even with modification to be more consistent with yer fleet?

Tell us what year think of the Series 4 finalists in the LEGO Pirates Forum!


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