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BrickLink Designer-Program Series LEGO Pirate Submissions
Bricklink Designer Program

Pirate Submissions in BrickLink Designer Program Series 4

The BrickLink Designer Program sails into 2024 with its fourth series prompting the Classic Pirates (special thanks to Yperio Bricks) to round up the pirate-themed submissions for yer voting convenience.

Thus far, Ominous Isle from the 2023’s Series 2 submissions be the only pirate-themed submission granted approval for Crowdfunding so we must double our efforts!

Let’s see what piratey goodness Series 4 offers us…

Crowd Support

The official BrickLink website states yer have until February 17 at noon sharp (Pacific time) to vote for the Series 4 pirate submissions and ignore the rest.

BrickLink Designer Program Series 4 Announcement

The deadline February 16 or 17 – depends on yer time zone

And in the announcement beneath it states February 16th – so get yer votes in early!

Feb 5th — Feb 16th, 2024

We invite all BrickLink members to vote for their favorite submissions. This crowd vote weighs in alongside the BDP’s internal selection criteria and influences the designs chosen for crowdfunding.

Your vote may influence the BrickLink Designer Team’s decision when they select the five designs during the Review phase shall that progress to the Crowdfunding phase during February 2025…  that magical phase when yer can place yer order!

BrickLink Designer Program Series 4 Timeline

The official timeline for BrickLink Designer Program Series 4

Now vote to yer heart’s content!  The LEGO Group and BrickLink Designer Team need to be constantly reminded that demand for LEGO Pirates is through the roof!

Series 4 Pirate-Themed Submissions

“Trading Post” by KingCreations

Parts: 1,523 | Minifigures: 5

Welcome to the Trading Post, the perfect spot for seafaring minifigures to replenish their stock of supplies!

BrickLink Designer-Program Series 4 Submission: "The Hug Island" by Trading Post by KingCreations

It’s about time the blue coat Soldiers had their own trading post

KingCreations writes:

The model was designed to provide unique detail from every angle and is built in two halves for easier transportation and interior access.

  • The front of the model includes a dock for visitors to use, some fishing equipment, and the entrance to a guard post.-Climb up the stairs to reach the trading area
  • Examine the cannon at the rear which protects from unwanted visitors and search through the vendor’s stock of food and equipment.
  • In the rear, the merchant’s boat can drop off supplies for the post and the crane can move and lift supplies around the post!
  • The main tower includes a desk, map, and candle, as well as a ladder to the upper bell tower where a bird is resting.
  • Enter the cave where some precious treasure is being stored, but watch out for the creatures and stalactites! It looks like somebody already got stuck there…

“Imperial Sloop ‘Neptune'” by Arcturus7

Parts: 1,187 | Minifigures: 4

This is the Imperial Sloop “Neptune,” manned by Captain Slate and his crew. They sail the seas with gold and other valuables in transport, apprehending pirates and other ne’er-do-wells they encounter. Here they are headed back to Eldorado with the notorious pirate Lady Cutlass in custody. Will she end up in a cell, or will she make a daring escape with the help of her sneaky monkey?

The full build is 1187 pieces with 4 minifigures, 1 monkey, 1 bird, and 2 nameplate stickers. When displayed on its stand, the build is 18.9” long by 13.8” high by 6.0” wide (cm: 48.1 L x 35.1 H x 15.2 W). The ship itself is 18.9” long by 12.6” high by 4.2” wide (cm: 48.1 L x 31.9 H x 10.6 W).

BrickLink Designer-Program Series 4 Submission: Imperial Sloop 'Neptune' by Arcturus7

Plot a course to 10320 Eldorado Fortress at once!

Arcturus7 writes:

This is a resubmission and refinement of my BDP Series 2 build of the same name. I’ve made many improvements and additions, and I hope you’ll agree the result is a worthy build with lots of fun play features that will also look great on display. Thanks in advance for your support!

“The Hug Island” by BrickyBricks82

Parts: 2,912 | Minifigures: 4

This island was discovered by Graybeard and his fierce crew and is currently his stronghold. The Island was named so because of the force with which its giant arms press down on ships and enclose the smallest ones.  After a hard fight with imperial galleons, Graybeard’s ship fell into enemy’s cannons and between planks and barrels, his scarce crew reached dry land.

Weight: 2.3kg | Width: 36.5cm | Length: 57.6cm | Height: 35cm

BrickLink Designer-Program Series 4 Submission: "The Hug Island" by BrickyBricks82

Well, it’s almost Valentines Day

BrickyBricks82 Writes:

The model is a pirate fortress carved into the rock. With multiple cannons, a small raised islet, traps, mechanisms and surprises for visitors. The main entrance to the fortress can be left free or equipped for defense including detachable double cannons that appear through the doors.

The island has a mechanism on its back that is activated by pushing a sliding base. This system activates a series of gears so that the doors open and close and the arms move.

“Fort Broadbrick” by Vanestream

Parts: 2,823 | Minifigures: 5

For years pirates have plundered the cargo of ships of all shapes and sizes, much to the dismay of Governor Shortfuse. Famous for his short temper, the Governor’s frequent outbursts of anger at these plunderings have become a health threat not only to himself, but also to those in his direct vicinity (don’t leave knives or loaded pistols lying about). But not anymore! The new Fort Broadbrick, a formidable fortress in a strategic location has worked wonders for the temper of Governor Shortfuse, ensuring that only the most daring of pirates have continued their piracy in the region. Yet there are whispers some pirates are secretly conspiring a coordinated attack…

BrickLink Designer-Program Series 4 Submission: "Fort Broadbrick" by Vanestream

I’m a little teapot short and stout…

Vanestream Writes:

Fort Broadbrick boasts 5 brick built cannons, a barracks, a prison and a large arsenal of weaponry, striking fear in the heart of many a pirate.

The model consists of 11 modules that can be arranged in various ways.

Each module is either 8×8 or 8×16 studs wide and long, allowing for maximum interchangeability and different play and display configurations.

Fort Broadbrick can either be arranged as a compact fort, closed on all sides, or open for play or as an impressive display piece on a shelf.For builders wishing to make the fort even larger, modules can easily be built more than once using parts from their private collection (not included in set).

Imperial Frigate Concordia by Perfectionist

3,989 parts | 13 Minifigures | 1 sticker | 0 sails

A 20-gun frigate assigned to hunting those pirates! Also carries a treasure chest, for those who dare… This is an extremely ambitious design with a smoothly curving hull built on a sturdy technic frame and a detailed, Minifigure-friendly, interior.

"Imperial Frigate Concordia" by Perfectionist

Imagine how dashing this ship would look with sails

Perfectionist writes:

In my opinion, wooden sailing ships are uniquely beautiful and I have built an entire fleet of sailing ships with Lego from 2009- 2013. Concordia is my best work so far and the culmination of many years of experience. Thanks to the BrickLink Designer Program, it could come to you!

“Pirate Fortress” by Fehrexplorer

Parts: 1,411 | Minifigures: 0

The roof of the whole building is removable. The on top of the tower is also removable. The fence around it shows just like in old times. Just like in real pirate times this fence was there for the defense in battles against the enemy!

BrickLink Designer-Program Series 4 Submission: "Pirate Fortress" by Fehrexplorer

A condominium for pirates


The idea for this design I had of Catan Explorers and pirates. The Pirate Hexes in that board game where my inspiration. This design is not that realistic that I wish it would be but at least it’s something. Im not really advanced in building and designing so I can’t tell about techniques I used. The thing is that I have to learn from others and there techniques.

“Imperial Outpost Island” by KingNono

Parts: 753 | Minifigures: 3 

You can remove the roof to look into the cabin and the prison.

BrickLink Designer-Program Series 4 Submission: "Imperial_Outpost Island" by KingNono

The lovechild of 6242 Soldiers Fort and 6267 Lagoon Lockup

KingNono Writes:

Welcome to my Imperial Outpost with a small island.

As a fan of the old Imperial and Pirate sets, I wanted to recreate a small scene to combine both themes. The pirate is about to blow up the mountain to expand the treasure he has already recovered. But the Imperials have already used the map to track him down and shortly before the explosion they catch him and are able to lock him up.

“Shipwreck Island” by Radiosilenced

Parts: 1,510 | Minifigures: 2

Welcome to shipwreck island, despite being centered in the Bermuda triangle – it’s a relatively safe island and one of three land masses on the inside of the triangle.

"Shipwreck Island" by Radiosilenced

Despite conveniences like umbrellas, a barbecue and a shipping container full of supplies, one of the castaways has perished

Radiosilenced writes:

This build really tested my skills, natural formations like trees and rocks are not my strong suite and neither are buildings, but I think this turned out really good for what it is. This build actually started out as a floating island but evolved into this over time and I’m honestly surprised I was able to keep this on one base plate too though i could have added like ship debris or something if I used multiple.

This is my first resubmitted build, unfortunately I didn’t have time to finalize a submission before this series started.

“Imperial Frigate Minerva” by BrickPerfection

Parts: 4,000 | Minifigures: 7 | Stickers: 3

Minerva is a fast frigate whose sole purpose is to keep the Oceans safe from those Pirates, and dare I may say a ship that has been sorely missing in the LEGO World. She comes with 12 Minifigures and one small cat to keep the food supplies safe from rats.

Length: 81cm / 31.9in | Width: 29cm / 11.5in | Height: 62cm / 24.4in

BrickLink Designer Program Series 4 Submission: Imperial Frigate Minerva

The BrickLink Studio software badly needs to introduce material sails

BrickPerfection writes:

Minerva is a highly efficient design, which is to say that it does a lot with its 4000s pieces. Although the design is ambitious, I have paid close attention to making it as buildable as possible. What I can definitely guarantee is that you’ll come across plenty of interesting techniques as well as those sweet moments where sections come together and fit just perfectly – just have a look at Minerva’s stern.

“Seagull Bay Lighthouse Imperial Fortress” by Delusion Brick

Parts: 3,594 | Minifigures: 7 | Stickers: 3

The set has: 2 pirates, a spy dealer and a captain captive. 4 soldiers, one officer, one Commander, Commander’s daughter and one trained soldier! And finally a sailor intended for work!

BrickLink Designer-Program Series 4 Submission: "Seagull Bay Lighthouse Imperial Fortress" by Delusion Brick

Ye auld faithful makes another return… keep voting!

Delusion Brick writes:

Greetings to all LEGO Pirate enthusiasts and beyond! I come bearing exciting news—I’ve crafted a brand-new fortress complete with a majestic lighthouse, tailored for our esteemed navy fleet, aptly named “Seagull Bay.”

This endeavor has long been a dream of mine, inspired by the iconic LEGO pirate series of 1989. My collection boasts pieces dating back to 1989, ’90, ’91, and onward, serving as a cherished vessel of nostalgia for the whimsical voyages of my youth. Consequently, I’ve embarked on a creative journey to pay homage to the beloved Imperial Soldier set.

In summary, “Seagull Bay” is a testament to my passion for LEGO and the imaginative adventures it has sparked throughout my life, paying homage to the timeless allure of the 1989 LEGO pirate series.

Special Thanks

Many thank ye’s our LEGO Pirates Forum Regulator, Yperio Bricks for fishing out all the pirate-themed submissions in Series 4!

BrickLink Designer Program? What is that?

The BDP is The LEGO Group’s Crowdfunding initiative for producing AFOL designs as official LEGO sets.

BricLlink Designer Program Series 4 Voting Closes February 16

The clock is ticking to pledge yer support by voting

How Does it Work?

  1. AFOLs build wonderful designs using BrickLink Studio in accordance with the as the Submission Guidelines.
  2. Then submit them the BrickLink Designer Program during the Open Submission phase.
  3. During the Crowd Support phase (the current phase) fans vote for the submissions they’d like to buy as future sets.
  4. After voting closes the BrickLink Designer Team conducts a Review phase and determines five submissions to enter production.
  5. Next there is a Refinement phase in which the AFOL designers works closely with the Model Governance and Building Instructions teams to make the necessary adjustments to their design for product.
  6. The Crowdunding phase gives you the opportunity pre-order the finalised design
  7. And finally, during the Production and Shipping phase, the designs are produced in The LEGO factory and the orders are fulfilled.

How Does this Differ from LEGO Ideas?

LEGO Ideas sets are produced for retail in stores throughout the world, whereas BDP sets are granted crowdfunding opportunities and only enter production if a minimum of 3,000 pre-orders are placed.  Furthermore, they have a limited production of 30,000 sets and you are only premited purchase two sets from each series.

What’s the Point of Voting?

While LEGO Pirates have a recent history of neglect, especially during the BrickLink Designer Program, they succeeded during Series 2 when “Ominous Isle” by Jazlecraz was selected for Crowdfunding during June 2024.  So be prepared for this upcoming set!

Ominous Isle from BrickLink Designer Program: Series 2

Remember this is NOT the final design – it’s undergoing model governance

Now, we have not been informed of the final design and perhaps Ominous Isle does not conform to everyone’s tastes.

But that’s not a reason to laze round on deck and let other pirate-themed submissions idly pass us by! We’ve got to keep demonstrating support for them and that means voting – even if the same submission has been be entered in 2 or 3 series, vote for it again anyway!

What Do Yer Think?

Do any of the Series 4 pirate-themed submissions stand out to you? Do yer think any are worthy of Crowd Funding?

Take action!

You have until 16 February, 2024 to vote and there be no limits to how many submissions you can vote for.

This is an official opportunity to be heard and inform The LEGO Group there is continuing demand for LEGO Pirate sets


And once yer done, report to the LEGO Pirates Forum to discuss which pirate submissions yer voted for… or the reasons for why yer didn’t.


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