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RUMOUR: Upcoming Official LEGO Pirate Release (2023)

The Classic Pirates have been keeping their ears to the wind, and by that we mean we’ve been spending too much on social media

We’ve intercepted a rumour about a new LEGO Pirates set. But we stress (with the pressure of a thousand kraken tentacles) that (currently) no official announcement or images watermarked “confidential” have surfaced to confirm the validity of this hearsay.

The validity has been confirmed.


February 27

Hearsay no more! There has been an official set announcement and you can find all the details here.

February 25

An official announcement for the upcoming set is imminent – divert your attention towards the official details we’ve captured.

Rather, the Classic Pirates know a lad who knows another lad… Well, specifically our Facebook Group Captain, PX Chris shared an Instagram story based on a post by @exabrickslegogo_ who claims:

New Rumour:
Lego will give Buildable LEGO Classic Captain Pirate exclusive for lego House in the same style as the Harry Potter buildable characters, a brickbuilt treasure map is also included plus a stand for the character.

Well blow me down! Not exactly What tickles the fancy of most LEGO Pirate fans – their heartstrings commonly be strung towards a large Imperial Fortress to compliment Pirates of Barracuda Bay. And this news blows hot on the heels of the recent announcement which reveals the fate of 10K LEGO Ideas submission, Armada Port, which just emerged from review by the LEGO Ideas Team.

Screenshot of LEGO House Classic Pirate Captain Instagram Story

That minifig is a recent version of Redbeard, not the set in question!

Furthermore, given the set is a LEGO House release, it will be exclusive to LEGOLAND. So, anyone wishing to obtain this bundle of joy will need to undertake the pilgrimage to Denmark, or battle the scoundrelous prices of the aftermarket.

Nonetheless, it will be a mandatory acquisition for any devoted pirate collection completest.

LEGO House? What’s that?

No, The LEGO Group has not released a theme based on the curmudgeonly television doctor, House M.D. (Or have they?)

LEGO House is a gigantic (12,000-square metre building to be precise) loaded with 25 million LEGO bricks, located in Billund, Denmark, near LEGOLAND and The LEGO Group headquarters. Affectionately titled the Home of the Brick” attributed to it’s location in Billund from which LEGO originates.

LEGO House at Billund Denmark

How would you like to live here?

During their visit, budding LEGO fanatics can enjoy an array of activities, which include; physically or digitally building MOCs, programming cyborgs and animating computer generated models. The centre offers four experience zones, two exhibitions and the LEGO Museum, which provides a comprehensive trip down memory lane for everything associated with the LEGO brand’s history.

LEGO House is renown throughout the lands as an innovative marvel, deliberately designed to resemble Jenga a stack of gigantic overlapping LEGO bricks. Aye, that’s not an accident!

The LEGO House website describes it as:

The ultimate LEGO® experience

Book your LEGO® House experience and get access to 25 million LEGO bricks, endless play possibilities and the world’s largest LEGO models! Children under 3 years get free admission.

And for those who’d love to absorb every morsel of detail, the LEGO House YouTube Channel provides a 48 minute documentary which throws gratuitous details of how this monstrosity came to be.

What’s Harry Potter Got to Do with This?

The LEGO Group previously released a set named “76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger” in the building style which will be shared with the rumoured upcoming pirate set.

Product image: 76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Grangergranger

So these are maxi-mifigures?

So this style is essentially giant minifigures measuring 26cm/10in tall and 17.5cm/6.5in wide.

Yer Got Any Photos of the Actual Set?

There are indeed images floating around social media like obtuse flotsam, whether they be official or fabricated, the Classic Pirates dare not say.  We shall let you decide.

But since yer been a good reader, here they are:

LEGO House Classic Pirate Captain Exclusive

Behold! It’s the 1989 version of Captain Roger Redbread and he’s all grown up!

Magazine cover with LEGO House 40504 Classic Pirate Captain-Exclusive

Ahoy! Is that a set number we spy beneath the LEGO logo?

It’s definitely a case of “Honey, I Blew Up the kid”. Place this Redbeard next your regular minifigs and he’ll tower above them like a piratical kaiju! We definitely may need a giant Governor Broadside or Admiral Woodhouse accompanied by some giant Imperial Guards to ensure the situation remains under control!

What Do Yer Think?

Did a bored fan concoct these images for their own self amusement?  Or are these authentic images of a future LEGO set release? And if genuine, what are your thoughts on the set? Will ye attempt to source one?  Or will ye let it pass like two ships in the night?

Head to the LEGO Pirates Forum and share yer thoughts with the Classic Pirates right now!

Also, for more great Classic Pirate content, be sure to follow PX Chris on Instagram – he has a wealth of great LEGO Pirate content. Also, let’s extend our thanks to exabrickslegogo_ for unleashing this rumour upon the world.


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