Featured Image for RUMOUR: 6276 Eldorado Fortress Remake to be Released July 2023

RUMOUR: 6276 Eldorado Fortress Remake to be Released July 2023

It seems like just last week the Classic Pirates were lamenting how the LEGO Group has been continually releasing pirate-themed novelty sets. Meanwhile, an entire fan base of LEGO Pirate enthusiasts await opportunities to open their treasure chests to new classic-style LEGO Pirate sets.

Well, today is a new day, and if true, this information could change everything…  Unless you’ve been marooned like Marin, you may have spied a social media post or two regarding an upcoming LEGO set based on the classic LEGO Pirate theme.

So here’s a round up of all the vital information we’ve intercepted, so far…

The Rumour: LEGO 10320 Pirates Vault

A D2C (Direct to Consumer) set aimed at the 18+ market, containing 2,509 pieces and based on the LEGO Pirates theme will be released in July 2023 and retail for around US$215 as part of the LEGO Icons series.* The set number is claimed to be 10320 with a tentative name of “Pirates Vault”.

Instagram Post by lego_express_news regarding the Eldorado-Fortress Remake

An Instagram post by lego_express_news regarding the Eldorado Fortress Remake

Sources claim the set will be a modern remake of classic set 6276 Eldorado Fortress which is “fairly faithful recreation of the original”  and includes Pirate and blue coat Soldier minifigures in the same quantity as the original set.

Classic Space Man directly interviewed one of the sources, u/FluffySky6 via Reddit:

Q: “What colours were in the EF remake, and roughly how many (and what kind of) Minifigs were there?”

Minifigs in El Dorado were nearly identical to the original, in count / number of pirates vs imperials
And seemed to be a fairly faithful recreation of the original

Q: “Also, did either set have a sticker sheet?”

Both sets could’ve had sticker sheets but I didn’t go out of my way looking for them like I did the SWs sheets”

Q: “Did you see any large printed flag pieces in the EF?”

“I don’t recall honestly”

Q: “Do you remember the Eldorado Fortress colours at all? I am curious as to whether it will still be yellow or a more realistic tan.”

“I want to say it was fairly faithful, i remember there definitely being some amount of tan that seemed to be used for the beach part of the little island”

Q: “Also, just to confirm – Bluecoats, right?”


How FluffySky6 was able to make these observations has not been revealed…

Via the Classic Pirates Facebook Group

Pura Vida Bricks claims an official announcement will be made:

Sometime in June I think, the official release will be July 4th for VIPs

July 4th?  Like in that documentary movie about aliens who invade earth?  Wonder if the blue coats have any significance to certain historical events concerning July 4 or is it purely coincidental?

Announcement Speculation

Perhaps some promotional material will emerge before July…

Those following the promotion for 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle during 2022 may have caught a few teases before an official announcement was made on 19 June, 2022 – also, that date may offer a clue for the June 2023 Eldorado Fortress announcement.

A glimpse of the Lion Knights’ Castle can be seen in the video announcement for 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine (aka the Delorean), which was shared via the official LEGO YouTube channel on 17 March, 2022.

Sketch of 10305 Lion Knight's Castle knew what to draw a month prior to Lion Knights’ Castle’s official announcement

A couple of months later, 20 May, 2022 to be precise, German LEGO blog published some sketches of the castle’s alleged appearance.  These sketches turned out to be rather accurate, but how the blogging team were able to compose such a sketch has been left to mystery…

Perhaps that strategy was reserved for exclusively for Lion Knights’ Castle and the LEGO Group is conjuring up something entirely new to tantilise fans. So keep yer eyes to the sea and yer ears to the wind!

Thank ye to Khargeust for bringing the above observations to our attention!

The Original 6276 Eldorado Fortress

Stalwarts of the LEGO Pirates theme be well aware that Eldorado Fortress was the first large Imperial Soldier set, released during the initial wave of Pirate Sets when the LEGO Pirates theme set sail during 1989.

But if you’ve been pressed-ganged into this fandom during recent times, let’s bring yer up to speed…

Box Art of 6276 Eldorado Fortress

Who has the original Eldorado Fortress?  MISB condition anyone?

The original set contains 496 pieces and 8 minifigs; 4 blue coat soldiers (all with the same appearance),  a rare Governor Broadside minifig and the blue coat commander minifigure, known as Lieutenant de Martinet in the Golden Medallion comic and Ladybird Book series. No large classic Pirates set would be complete without a Captain Redbeard minifigure, who in this set, was accompanied by the original Starboard minifig.

The set was notable for being the first to utilse a raised base plate to bolster its foundations and afford limited piece count a more imposing structure.

Where Can I Buy an Eldorado Fortress?

Ahhhh… the age old question.  Where can classic LEGO sets be acquired?

6276 Eldorado Fortress auctions on eBay

Look at those Eldorado Fortress auctions on eBay – can you grab a bargain?

Bricklink is a popular choice for many, while eBay is another common market place. But can you seek out a favourable deal? Like any classic set, the price for an Eldorado Fortress may vary considerably depending upon the condition of the set, how many parts are missing, whether it includes the box, instructions, etc.

So to quote Pixel Dan, “Happy hunting my friends!”

Is that the Rumoured Set in the Featured Image?

Eagle-eyed observers may have spied the Eldorado Fortress used in the Featured Image is not the official 6276 Eldorado Fortress set released in 1989.

"Eldorado Fortress" by ArmorBricks

One of many fan interpretations of Eldorado Fortress

It’s actually MOC built by an AFOL who goes by the name of ArmoredBrick. The MOC was originally submitted as an entry in the LEGO Group’s 90th Anniversary Pirate Theme Celebration contest during 2022.

The Classic Pirates figured using a MOC rather than the official set would make more effective click bait. It was selected specifically because of AmoredBrick’s efforts in recreating the base plate as a brick-built structure, boulders and all.

How sneaky! And thank you for joining us!

YouTuber Commentary

These kind YouTubers shared their videos in the Classic Pirates Facebook Group so we’ll give them a mention.

Mikey J Productions


If you share your video in our Facebook Group or LEGO Pirates Forum we may add it to this blog post!

How Do I Stay Updated?

If you’d like to join the Classic Pirates on this voyage of discovery, here be various means of communication so you don’t miss any vital updates:

Do all… or do none… the choice is YOURS!

What Do Yer Think?

Be this rumour a load of barnacle baloney?  Or should we heed its word?  Are you eager to see an updated version of Eldorado Fortress?  Or do you think a different classic set should be revitalised instead?  Or should the LEGO Group create an entirely new classic-style LEGO Pirates set, the likes of which has never been seen?

Be sure to keep up with the discussion in the LEGO Pirates Forum or Facebook Group in case someone posts more information…


Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is purely speculative as it has been provided to us by unofficial sources without verification.  The LEGO Group has not officially announced or confirmed an Eldorado Fortress Remake nor any upcoming classic-style LEGO Pirates set releases.  Therefore, Classic Pirates does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the information provided within.

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