eBay sales – January 11 2010! Including a 6253 Pirates Hideout.

January 11, 2010 posted by Zorro

Take a look at these two classic sets: a 6265 Sabre Island to begin with!

Go to eBay to buy this 6265 Sabre Island!

11,50 USD at the moment

And a  popular 6267 Lagoon Lock-up:

Buy this LEGO 6267 Lagoon Lock-up pirates set on eBay now!

9,99 USD at the moment

Or what about this new set, the Limited Editon 6253 Pirates Hideout!

Buy this 6253 LEGO pirates limited editon Pirate Hideout set on eBay!

40 USD at the moment, FREE shipping in the US!


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