eBay finds October 3 2010: Pirate parts & lots

eBay Auctions

eBay finds October 3 2010: Pirate parts & lots

Often the best purchases we do, consist of lots of different bricks and parts. These can be quite cheap if you look at what you get!

For example this first lot, which includes a lot of sails and hull pieces!

Go buy these lot with Pirate parts and soldiers on eBay!

19,49 USD - lots of sails included!

We also found a LEGO 6274 Eldorado fort with a large quantity of additional bricks.

Go buy this 6274 Eldorado fort with lots of different LEGO parts on eBay now!

50 USD - An Eldorado with loads of parts!

Want more? Take a look at our eBay finds thread in the Pirates forum!

40566 Ray the Castaway LEGO set

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