HOT eBay finds June 9 2010

eBay Auctions

HOT eBay finds June 9 2010

The Tournament of Retribution II has begun and you still don’t own enough men and material to participate? Take a look at these cheap finds, starting with this nice 6265 Sabre Island.
Go buy this 6265 Sabre Island of LEGO Pirates and Imperials on eBay!

14,99 USD

The very same seller also offers this 1492 Battle Cove and 6245 Harbor Sentry for a currently low price!

Go buy these 1492 Battle Cove and 6245 Harbour Sentry guard from LEGO pirates on eBay!

6,99 USD

And we finish with a blast! A vintage 6276 LEGO Eldorado Fortress, clearly overlooked!

Be the first to bid on this 6276 LEGO Eldorado Fortress from the Imperial soldiers guards!

7,90 USD at the moment! Be quick!

Want more? Go read the recent eBay finds thread in the Pirate forum!

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