Summer Deals on eBay! August 17 2010

eBay Auctions

Summer Deals on eBay! August 17 2010

Now what real LEGO Pirates collector/fan doesn’t want one of these babies?
Go buy this lego Black Sea's Barracuda Pirate ship!

!MISB! Buy it now: 549,99 USD !MISB!

Some nice items on eBay just get lost because they do not use the correct keywords or miss some common pieces, like this 6286 Skulls Eye Schooner:

Go bid on this LEGO 6286 pirate ship called skulls eye schooner

14,26 USD CHEAP! (no sails though)

Or do you just need/want more crew for your ships? Build your army? Take a look at this CHEAP mixed blue- and redcoat soldier collection!

Go buy this mixed bluecoat and redcoat imperial soldiers and guards collection from LEGO pirates!

28,21 USD (can be combined with many other LEGO Pirate sets up for sale)

Want more? Look at our eBay finds thread in the Pirate forum!

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