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eBay finds October 3 2010: Pirate parts & lots

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Often the best purchases we do, consist of lots of different bricks and parts. These can be quite cheap if you look at what you get!

For example this first lot, which includes a lot of sails and hull pieces!

Go buy these lot with Pirate parts and soldiers on eBay!

19,49 USD - lots of sails included!

We also found a LEGO 6274 Eldorado fort with a large quantity of additional bricks.

Go buy this 6274 Eldorado fort with lots of different LEGO parts on eBay now!

50 USD - An Eldorado with loads of parts!

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Custom minifig: Napoleon Bonaparte (1796 – Italian Campaign) by Michaelozzie

Monday, September 13th, 2010

One of the best custom minifigures I recently encountered is this one from Michaelozzie: Napoleon Bonaparte, with his 1796 Brigadier-General costume, used into the 1796-1797 Italian Campaign which made his name and set him right upon the path towards glory!

Michaelozzie's LEGO torso decal for Napoleon Bonaparte during his Italian Campaing!

"Napoleon Bonaparte - The little general"

Michaelozzie makes more high-quality decals for the Napoleonic Era, admire them over here!

Go discuss Michaelozzie’s “Napoleon” decal  into the Pirate MOC forum!

Tutorial: custom Accordeon/Concertina, by Brig. Brick

Friday, September 10th, 2010

One of our more devoted members, Brig. Brick, brings us a very easy tutorial on how to make an accordeon/concertina in only a few minutes time.

All you need are two flat tiles and some deskapparel like paper, scissors and glue!

Click here to discuss the tutorial about how to make a LEGO accordeon or concertina!

Ready in 10 minutes or less!

Wikipedia: A concertina is a free-reed musical instrument, like the variousaccordions and the harmonica. It has a bellows and buttons typically on both ends of it. When pressed, the buttons travel in the same direction as the bellows, unlike accordion buttons which travel perpendicularly to it. Also, each button produces one note, while accordions typically can produce chords with a single button.

The concertina was developed in England and Germany, most likely independently. The English version was invented in 1829 by Sir Charles Wheatstone and a patent for an improved version was filed by him in 1844. The German version was announced in 1834 by Carl Friedrich Uhlig.

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eBay finds September 7 2010: 2009 sets getting rarer!

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Still want a LEGO Pirates 6299 advent calendar at a reasonable price?

Click here to buy a MISB 6299 LEGO Pirate Advent Calendar on eBay!

Buy it now: 25,71 USD (multiples available)

Very RARE! A MISB Lego Pirates 6280 Armada Flagship!

Purchase a NIB / MISB 6280 Armada Flagship on eBay.


Expand your army the fast way! Buy your LEGO Imperial Guards with 50 at a time!

Click here to buy 50 new Lego Imperial Soldiers!

Make an offer or Buy it now: 175 USD (multiples available)

Go to the Pirates forum eBay sales thread for more finds!

Woody64’s latest custom items

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Because we like to support our members who are running  projects for the community, I decided to write an item about Woody64’s latest custom items.

These are the items from his 20th mold, together with some already existing ones:

Woody64's custom items, suitable for LEGO Pirates.Click here to discuss Woody's custom items in the Pirates forum!Woody64's custom items

A Spontoon, a Pistol model 1806, a Baker Cavalry Rifle, the Hussar Hat…Woody makes it all! 

If you want to see more of Woody’s items, here is a link to his shop.

Discuss Woody64’s latest items in the Pirate MOC forum!

eBay special: MISB sets August 28 2010

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

A Lego 6263 Imperial Outpost in MISB condition:

Click to buy a 6263 Lego Pirates Imperial outpost with soldiers and imperial guards!

11,50 USD and only one day left!

Or what about these cheaper 10210 Imperial Flagships, just because there boxes are a bit dented?

Click here to buy a cheap Lego Imperial Flagship 10210 from the Pirates theme!

Buy it now: 190 USD (multiples available!)

Want more? Go to the eBay thread in the Pirates forum!

Poll: Which LEGO Sharks would you like to see in future Pirate Sets?

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Mister Phes wants to know!

For the 2009 Pirate Theme the LEGO Group used the newer, larger sharks which first appeared in the Agent sets.

  • Would you prefer to see a return to classic sharks if future LEGO Pirate sets are released?
  • Or maybe it should be the newer shark all the way.
  • Or perhaps it could be a mixture of both, depending on the set
  • Or maybe the LEGO Group should

But how do Pirate LEGO fans feel about this change?

Cast your vote in the Pirate forum and tell us what you think!!!

Summer Deals on eBay! August 17 2010

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
Now what real LEGO Pirates collector/fan doesn’t want one of these babies?
Go buy this lego Black Sea's Barracuda Pirate ship!

!MISB! Buy it now: 549,99 USD !MISB!

Some nice items on eBay just get lost because they do not use the correct keywords or miss some common pieces, like this 6286 Skulls Eye Schooner:

Go bid on this LEGO 6286 pirate ship called skulls eye schooner

14,26 USD CHEAP! (no sails though)

Or do you just need/want more crew for your ships? Build your army? Take a look at this CHEAP mixed blue- and redcoat soldier collection!

Go buy this mixed bluecoat and redcoat imperial soldiers and guards collection from LEGO pirates!

28,21 USD (can be combined with many other LEGO Pirate sets up for sale)

Want more? Look at our eBay finds thread in the Pirate forum!

The Battle of Willow’s Creek and Le Coup d’Etat du 18 Brumaire by ImperialScouts

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Armybuilder and MOC expert ImperialScouts had a stand at Brickworld 2010 and brought two MOCs with him. Due to the fact I was quite impressed by them, I could not resist making a small overview of them.

First we have one of  his masterpieces called The Battle of Willow’s Creek:

Click to read more about Imperialscouts Battle of Willow's Creek

Click the read more about this battleground MOC!

And the second one is called  Le Coup d’État du 18 Brumaire.

Click to read more about ImperialScouts MOC called Le Coup d'Etat du 18 Brumaire!

Click to find out more about this painting -based MOC by ImperialScouts!

Visit the Classic-Pirates MOC forum to find more beautifull creations from our dearest members!

Latest eBay sales – August 2nd 2010

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

First of all let’s take a look at this wonderfull 6277 LEGO Imperial Trading Post of the guards!

Click to buy this wonderfull 6277 LEGO Imperial Guard trading post on ebay!

Barely 22,85 USD atm!

Or what about this MISB 6296 Shipwreck Island? Very rare and wanted!

Click here to buy this 6296 Lego shipwreck Island on eBay!

24,95 USD MISB!

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HOT eBay finds June 9 2010

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
The Tournament of Retribution II has begun and you still don’t own enough men and material to participate? Take a look at these cheap finds, starting with this nice 6265 Sabre Island.
Go buy this 6265 Sabre Island of LEGO Pirates and Imperials on eBay!

14,99 USD

The very same seller also offers this 1492 Battle Cove and 6245 Harbor Sentry for a currently low price!

Go buy these 1492 Battle Cove and 6245 Harbour Sentry guard from LEGO pirates on eBay!

6,99 USD

And we finish with a blast! A vintage 6276 LEGO Eldorado Fortress, clearly overlooked!

Be the first to bid on this 6276 LEGO Eldorado Fortress from the Imperial soldiers guards!

7,90 USD at the moment! Be quick!

Want more? Go read the recent eBay finds thread in the Pirate forum!

Bayonets at Dawn Contest: voting has begun!

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Classic-Pirates.com’s very first real LEGO Armybuilding contest has come to an end. The quality of the entries submitted even surprised us, and now the time has come to select a winner plus a runner-up!

Cast your vote for your favourite contest entry now in the Pirate MOC forum!

Cast your vote now!

Now go vote for your favourite entries in the Pirate MOC forum!

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