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“The Gilded Crow” by Ummester

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022 Featured Image for the "Gilded Crow" by Ummester

Eurobricks member Ummester has brought us this lovely MOC, the “Gilded Crow“! This lovely lady comes complete with all the fixings, including custom rigging and sails, a fully-armed gun deck, and a clever use of Chima parts for the figurehead. Well done, Ummester!

Looking down at the stern and sails

Looking down upon those beautifully crafted sails – some work has gone into making those!

Stern of the "Gilded Crow"

It’s got quite a hefty stern jam-packed with extra details

Ummester writes:

Ahoy! She is finally complete and here are a whole bunch of photos. She appears in most photos as I have her on display – turning to port under full sail, flying her red flag of attack, with guns ready for a full broadside.

Figurehead of the Gilded Crow

The figurehead – where the Gilded Crow gets her name

The Gilded Crow's Sail Insignia

A magnificent sail design

Sunlit sails of the Gilded Crow

Sun shining through the sails

Starboard side of the Stern

Imagine watching that stern as it sailed past

Navigator and Helmsman of the Gilded Crow

The navigator advises the helmsman – the Gilded Crow is on course! HURRAH!

Looking down to the deck from the Crowsnest

It’s a long way down! Imagine climbing up there in a squall.

Quarter Deck of the Gilded Crow

Looking down on the Quarter Deck

Mid Deck of the Gilded Crow

The deck is loaded with features… and cannons

Cook in the galley

Meanwhile in the galley fish and Vienna stew is being prepared

Sleeping quarters of the Gilded Crow

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

The organ on board the Gilded Crow

In the tradition of Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series

Cannons on board the Gilded Crow

She’s well armed! Both the Imperial Guards and the Imperial Armada need to take caution

Inside the Captain's Cabin

Just the usual skullduggery taking place inside the Captain’s Cabin

LEGO Ideas Description

Specifications diagram of the Gilded Crow

An even larger ship than the 10210 Imperial Flagship released in 2009

The Gilded Crow is a 22 gun galleon, based on historical ship design, though ultimately of my own invention. She is true 1:40 (or approximate minifg) scale, giving her real life dimensions of:

Length – 128 ft
Beam – 55 ft
Height from waterline – 115 ft

Other than the sails and rigging, the model is entirely LEGO and comprises of some 4500 bricks and 14 mini figures. The inspiration for the build came from a desire to have a LEGO galleon that looked as good on display as a model galleon, whilst rivalling the largest official sets in size and piece count.

The display base is comprised of a further 1000 parts, which are mostly tiles, small clear plates and studs for the water effects. Without the water effects, the display base is less than 150 parts.

Though designed as a collector’s model, the Crow is also a ‘playable’ build and features 22 shooting guns! She also has a modular design that allows separation of the decks and access to the minifig play areas.

The Captain’s cabin has an organ, treasure chest and bed.

The dining cabin has table and chairs.

The crew quarters has crew bunks.

The main gun deck has space for 14 wheeled cannons.

The galley has a fireplace, bench, utensils and foodstuffs.

And the brig has a rat!

There is also a large amidships (with cannons and an opening below decks hatch), as well as a removable quarter deck for access to the cannons underneath.

I hope you enjoy the photos of this build and would like an official LEGO set of an accurate galleon model, so that the Crow may have fair winds and following seas in the ocean of LEGO ideas.

Crew of the Guilded Crow

Here be the crew of the Gilded Crow

The submission expired with a measly 728 supporters but you can still view the Gilded Crow on LEGO Ideas if you’re interested to see the comments and updates.

About the Builder…

Ummester (Shane Robinson) shared a couple of ship MOCs in the LEGO Pirates Forum between 2014 and 2017. Beyond that we cannot tell you what happened to him, although, he does own a Flickr account which hasn’t been updated since that period.

He also has a LEGO Ideas Profile (obviously) which includes a couple of non-pirate submissions, but if you like Classic Space or Mechs, they’re worth a look.

Once you’ve done that, sail by the Pirate MOC Subfourm and lament with the Classic Pirates about how the magnificent Gilded Crow failed to garner less one thousand supporters.

Gilded Crow sailing over a calm blue sea

Set sail to further adventures!

Video Review – 6251 by Romance14

Friday, August 15th, 2014 Featured Image for Video Review – 6251 by Romance14

Eurobricks member Romance14 has shot a brief but very entertaining and surprisingly innovative review of this classic set from 1989. There’s some really nice stop-motion animation and a few fun shots of the set in action. Well worth a look!

Watch the video and leave a comment in the forum!

Maiden Voyage by Sebeus I

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 Featured Image for Maiden Voyage by Sebeus I

Sebeus, Classic-Pirates’ resident shipbuilder extraordinaire, has posted this very funny and not at all wildly anachronistic comic in honour of his latest MOC. Guest-starring some of CP’s best and brightest, this comic features everything from life jackets to pizza to arguments about people not looking like their sig figs… Oh, and there’s something about a ship in there as well.

Read the entire story and leave a comment in the forum!

“Imperial Fort” by Disco86

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 Photo of "Imperial Fort by" Disco86 - Main

Photo of "Imperial Fort" by Disco86

Disco86 has built this sterling diorama of a blue coat soldier fort, with its own ship to boot! Inspired by such sets as 6276 Eldorado Fortress and 6280 Armada Flagship, this build features some neat interior scenes, some creative use of masonry bricks, and even a seagull or two!

Share your thoughts on Imperial Fort in the LEGO Pirates forum!

Photo of "Imperial Fort" by Disco86

Disco86 Writes:

This model was built for the Store Showcase in Wiesbaden (Germany). I decided to build a new theme, and because I always favor to build themes from my childhood I think it was time for some Pirates. But I am also a castle builder and I found these blue-jacket soldiers in the stores figure box, so I wanted to build anything that was like the old Imperial Soldiers sets. I got my inspiration from the sets “Eldorado Fortress” (6276) and the “Armada Flagship” (6280).

Building time: 70 hours

Bricks: 24.000

Photo of "Imperial Fort" by Disco86

About the Builder…

Disco86 (aka Paul Trach) is one of those builders whose talent is not restricted to any one particular genre. While he has a fondness for Space and Castle (with detours through and Middle Earth), he can easily turn his hand towards other themes and execute equally impressive builds. It’s well worth your time browsing through his Flickr Stream so prepared to be amazed by more of his skilled creations.

Photo of "Imperial Fort" by Disco86

Photo of "Imperial Fort" by Disco86

Photo of "Imperial Fort" by Disco86

Photo of "Imperial Fort" by Disco86

Photo of "Imperial Fort" by Disco86

Troglodyte by Dunkleosteus

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 Featured Image for Troglodyte by Dunkleosteus

Out of the inky black night sails the terrifying, primal Troglodyte, the latest creation from Eurobricks member Dunkleosteus.  Built entirely in LDD, the Troglodyte comes complete with three masts, 14 guns, and two massive, LotR-inspired tusks on the prow! Keel-hauling just got a lot scarier!

See lots more pics and comment on Troglodyte in the forums.

REVIEW: 6285 Black Sea’s Barracuda by pcvando

Sunday, February 16th, 2014
Discuss Black Seas Barracuda in the forum!

An oldie but a goodie.

Eurobricks member pcvando reviews the classic 6285 Black Seas Barracuda, arguably THE must-have set for any Classic Pirates fan! How does a vintage set like this hold up against modern LEGO standards? Read on to find out!

See more pics and discuss 6285 Black Seas Barracuda in the forum.

Small Green Flying Dutchman by Captain Braunsfeld

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
Check out the Small Green Flying Dutchman in the forum!

Exactly what it sounds like.

Eurobricks member Captain Braunsfeld has created this small sloop, very aptly named the Small Green Flying Dutchman. This little darling comes complete with brick-built sails and guns, not to mention her own backstory and a colourful cast of characters to sail her!

See more pics and comment on Small Green Flying Dutchman in the forum!

Bluecoats ship L’Hermes by mrsniady1

Saturday, February 1st, 2014
Check out L'Hermes in the forum!

The good ship L’Hermes

Inspired by Sebeus I’s Zephyr, Eurobricks member mrsniady1 has devised this sleek and elegant brig, l”Hermes. Of note are the lovely golden figurehead and the innovative winch design for the lifeboat.

See more pics and comment on L’Hermes in the forum.

Rock Island Fortress by Yawgmoth

Friday, January 3rd, 2014
Check out Rock Island Fortress in the forum!

Rock Island Fortress

Eurobricks member Yawgmoth has created this lovely island hideaway for his merry band of pirates. Inspired by the classic 6273 Rock Island Refuge, this throwback to the glory days of Pirates boasts several detachable sections and a very lovely shipwreck built in to the piece. Not bad for a shipbuilder!

See more pics and comment on Rock Island Fortress in the forum!

Barquentine: The Christine by Sebeus I

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014
Discuss Barquentine: The Christine in the forum!

Love that custom rigging!

Classic-Pirates’ resident shipbuilder Sebeus I is back on fine form with this lovely update of his schooner bark, the Christine. Of particular note are the functional capstan and custom rigging. May the wind forever be at your back, Sebeus, and may your hull never be breached!

Pop by the forum to see more pics and comment on Barquentine: The Christine!

MOMOD Queen Anne Revisited by Captain Braunsfeld

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013
Discuss Queen Anne Revisited in the forum!

Queen Anne’s Revenge 2.0

Just in time for Christmas, Eurobricks member Captain Braunsfeld has given us the gift of Pirates. He’s modified the QAR to make her look more realistic, and quite frankly more aesthetically appealing!

Check out more pics and discuss MOMOD Queen Anne Revisited in the forum!

REVIEW: 1747 Pirates Treasure Surprise by Lord Of Pies

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013
Discuss Pirates Treasure Surprise in the forum.

1747 – Pirates Treasure Surprise

Our own Lord Of Pies is back on the reviewing circuit after a long absence. For his comeback appearance, he has graciously filled a gap in the Eurobricks review index with this look at set 1747 Pirates Treasure Surprise. But is it worth your hard-earned loot? Read on to find out!

Read the review of 1747 Pirates Treasure Surprise in the forum.

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