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“The Philosophers Stone” by Merc

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020 Photo by "The Philosophers Stone" by Merc

As part of the latest challenge in the Brethren of the Brick Seas RPG Merc shared a excellent story of Sgt Enzo Beaumont

Come check it out!

The Story



After joining our small crew in Fort Altrees, I ventured to make contact with the Carnite forces. Upon meeting our Carnite contact on El Oleonda, he reported that some individuals were after the fabled Philosopher’s Stone. We met up with Lady Frieda. A fearsome lady and one whose family has financed a significant portion of the expedition. Her second in command, Captain Stefan, was leading a group of soldiers to look for this fabled Philosopher’s Stone in order to turn the tide of the war with the Lotus.


The legend is that there was a powerful ancient culture that once dominated the lands. And when a demon came he offered them the instructions on how to make it. In exchange, they needed to offer sacrifices to him every time they made the stone. When Zeus and Hades found out they were both furious. For one fortnight, the skies raged with thunder, lightning and winds. The ground is said to have opened up and swallowed entire cities. When all was said and done they had destroyed not only the entire capital but the entire culture, every city, person, every island. Nothing was left standing, however legend has it that one stone managed to remain hidden.


I do not know if they will find anything but I will continue to observe and report any findings.

Sgt Enzo Beaumont

Captain Sabertooth’s Cabin

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

It’s not too often we get a fully detailed Captains cabin, however LegoFjotten recently shared vinette of a scene from the animated movie “Captain Sabertooth and the magical diamond”.  So be sure to go check it out!

“La Comete Sails again!” by Sebeus I

Sunday, April 5th, 2020 Photo of "La Comete Sails again!" by Sebeus I

Many of you may know this ship as it had traveled to many shows with it’s original creator Legostone since it’s first appearances in 2018.  Back in September of 2019 Legostone had posted that the rigging was in poor shape and that the ship had suffered some structural fatigue due to many miles logged in the back of a car.  He had asked for advice on what to do with the ship.

It had seemed that the ships fate was her service had come to an end and she would be dismantled.  However a new option arose!  Another Pilar of the ship building community, Sebeus I talked Legostone into selling him the ship and he took on the daunting restorations.  By the end of March of 2020 she made her reappearance.  However she now sails under the black with some great renovations.  This LINK will take you to the updated pictures, scroll to the top to see the original photos.

Sebeus I writes:

As it happens, another option unfolded itself back in November 2019.

I purchased the Comete from Legostone in order to save it from certain destruction.

As I was restoring it to its glorious state I couldn’t help making some minor modifications.

But I’ll get to that later, let’s show her off first.


I felt tempted to do some changes on the sail plan. But as these are the original sails from Captain Greenhair‘s Build a Frigate Tutorial, I just couldn’t do it, they have kind of a historical value, you know. (Knowing him he’d probably say; “to hell with that, loose the sails and make better ones!”.



Ah, and there we have my first adaptation revealing itself. It’s more of an add-on really. I thought there was room for that little bit more decorations on the stern and I also felt I needed to add something to distinguish this ship from its previous state.


Note the addition of the pearl gold leaves to fill the rather large dark blue face. The skull ornament with crossed blades identifies this ship as a pirate vessel. The white stands out from the rest of the color scheme. Even I am not sure if it is really fitting. But it will do for now.



Aside from the pirate crest I also added a scruffy-looking pirate crew of course.


I changed most details on deck as I wasn’t too fond of the tan. I replaced them with reddish brown alternatives.


I can imagine Legostone wouldn’t have done this as he would have refused any reddish brown on board.


I replaced the capstan by a better looking but less functional one (it can’t hold the bars).


And you may notice I also moved the helm forwards.


Which was needed to fit the small compartiment under the little roof.


And that’s about it, my other changes are hardly worth mentioning.

I’ve been thinking about renaming the ship as well, after considering HMS Corona for a few seconds I decided to leave it at La Comete II.

“Heading Upriver” by A_Goodman

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

I have a soft spot for history in Lego form so this one really caught my eye!  This is part one of a series according to creator A_Goodman.


So be sure to come check this out!


Pirates in LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed – New Mobile Game

Saturday, February 29th, 2020

An all new LEGO mobile game is now available and they don’t appear to be neglecting the LEGO Pirates…


Immerse yourself in a vibrant LEGO® universe full of action, battles, sets and heroes! Your favourite minifigures and sets are busting out of the box in the most vibrant turn-based RPG ever assembled.

Battle your way to the top of the leaderboard with teams of iconic heroes from the LEGO themes you love, and prepare for action-packed RPG campaigns that will take you all the way from the high seas to space.

Check it out and let us know what you think here!

“Pirate Headquarter” by Pantelis

Thursday, February 27th, 2020 Photo of "Pirate Headquarter" by Pantelis

Pantelis is at it again this time with a towering pirate look out for our viewing pleasure! Come check it out!


Hi to all pirate more pirate Moc from me after some months and i want to share my pirate headquarter.

I hope to enjoy it , like i did when i was made it. Every feedback is welcome for me!!







“USS Constitution” by Jim Beute

Monday, February 10th, 2020 Photo of "USS Constitution" by Jim Beute

This massive ship is modeled after USS Constitution by Jim Beute.  While many have chosen this ship few build it to this size! Now I have only seen pictures of this creation but I can not deny how impressive this one is.  Be sure to check it out!






For more great photos be sure to check out Jim Beute’s on Flickr.

“Sjælland a Topsail Schooner” by Wellesley

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 Photo of "Sjælland a Topsail Schooner "by Wellesley

Wellesley shared his recent ship Sjælland.  The rigging is all hand strung with 78 wheel hubs being used as deadeyes and pulley’s.

So hoist up the Sjælland Sails, see how the main sail sets, but no need to call for the captain just click here!

Wellesley writes:

This MOC was inspired by @Mr. Townsend‘s Miss Elizabeth and @Bregir‘s use of 4185. Also of course the USS Hannah, on which the Miss Elizabeth is based.

A new ship was launched at the Farrensman shipyards. This time an order from the WTC. The Topsail Schooner Sjælland is a fast, light armed merchant vessel. Her rig doesn’t require a big crew and her four carronades as well as her four swivel guns are enough to defend against little ambushes and make her one of the more independent merchant vessels.


Nathaniel Stienhouwer’s first signed position as a steersman.

Her recommended stats:

R M G C $ H
4  6  1  2  4 1

78 of those little brown wheels are in this MOC. I’m happy with the result, only the sheets for the foresails bother me a bit. I might think of another solution but for now I want to give her some rest.


















“Up in Arms” by Ayrlego

Saturday, January 25th, 2020 Photo of "Up in Arms" by Ayrlego

Ayrlego recently posted his armory on the settlement of Spudkirk in the Brethren of the Brick Seas RPG game

Don’t get all up in Arms before checking out this post!


During the recent raid on Spudkirk by the Lotii, the warehouse where all the settlements small arms were stored was burnt to the ground. This prompted authorities to decentralise the logistics system in Spudkirk and disperse supplies around many smaller locations. One of these locations is located on the wharves down in the sheltered cove that makes the main anchorage.

Here a Royal Navy Petty Officer watches over a group of sailors unloading gunpowder kegs from a visiting warship. Meanwhile an Army officer discusses the raid with his Navy counterpart.


The officers move inside, where a Highland Grenadier displays the armouries supply of muskets – enough for an entire half-company and complete with powder and shot. The garrison will not be taken by surprise again!


I started this one before Christmas and it’s taken me a while to find the motivation to finish it. I’m not entirely happy with the result but it is time to clear it away and start something new! I wanted to try the bley/dark bley plates under the trans light blue tiles for water. I think it came out ok. Will be licensed in Spudkirk and is also a GoC build for Task 11 – Strategic Outposts.

A WIP shot:


Captain Dead Leg

Friday, January 10th, 2020

Beware ye land lubbers! Captain Dead Leg as been sighted of the leward bow!  Ready the cannons and be prepared to be boarded!

Lego David shared his menacing pirate captain in the pirate forumGo comment is ye ain’t Yella that is!

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