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“Foreign Legion Outpost” by Ayrlego

Wednesday, July 6th, 2022 Featured Image for "Foreign Legion Outpost" by Ayrlego

We all know where to find good Pirate themed MOC’s  – in LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks! However, the Brethren of the Brick Seas forum is an overlooked source if your not an active player in the community building game that is open to all who wish to join.

Ayrlego continues to be a favorite for this blogger ever since the first post I blogged of his. He has always done a fantastic job of capturing textures in his builds.  Although we normally see Him build with Redcoats, he chooses to build with bluecoats in this one which was quite refreshing.  In his recent post he captions his creation:

Ayrlego writes:

Deep in the deserts of New Oleon, a detachment of the Oleonese Légion Etrangère can be found manning a small outpost in a village. The detachment keeps an eye on the important trading route running through the village and the presence of these tough soldiers discourages bandits from making trouble.

The in-game purpose of the building once “licensed” will bring Oleon (one of four factions) monthly income in the form Db’s the games currency.  It also helps to advance the story they are creating of exploring new lands to claim in the name of their faction.

Oleon uses the Blue Imperial Soldiers mini figs as their player uniform so its always nice to see other twists or variants on the basic uniform such as the use of the revolutionary Soldiers as seen here, Governor Broadside would be proud!

It is always a pleasure to see the weathering he introduces into his buildings.  His choices in subtle changes in color or by simply mixing and matching different textures of parts to create a truly organic feeling to his builds.

The Backstory

Ayrlego states that this actually sat on his desk for a while as it began as a test build for another build, a Mexican themed western build he was working on at the time.  I admire his dedication to the process by building two versions to compare as he was debating whether it should be in white or tan.

The white won out and became the Mexican themed build, However the tan was spared the parts bins and became the outpost.

Alt outpost build

About the Builder…

Ayrlego has been a pillar of the Eurobricks community for as long as I’ve been a member there and has always continued to impress and inspire others.

Want to see more of Ayrlego’s creations be sure to check out his Flickr or his Instagram accounts!

“The Treasure is at the Bottom” by Pantelis

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 Photo of "The Treasure is at the Bottom" by Pantelis

With the release of the new Barracuda Bay we have seen a lot of takes on customizing the ship. Pantelis took another approach to customizing this nice set by building it a beautiful display base!

But wait there’s more! No only is this base beautiful it’s functional as it’s built on the IKEA boxes.  Be sure to check this one out out today!

Pantelis writes:

Hi to all pirate mates..this days I buy the 3 new LEGO – Ikea boxes.. I think this boxes are very intresting and gives to me a lot of inspiration for build.

I look the big box and then i see my barracuda bay ship..and i say ok now i will make a base – display for this and put it to my desk..So this is the result I hope all mates enjoy and take some ideas with the use of LEGO – Ikea boxes!!!






Royal Artillery Depot, Port Raleigh

Friday, September 25th, 2020 Featured Image for Royal Artillery Depot, Port Raleigh

While away at sea Ayrlego had some time to build digitally.  Just like his brick builds this digital is also a sight to see!

Make port today and restock your Artillery!

“HMS Birch” by Rock Raider

Thursday, August 13th, 2020 Photo of "HMS Birch" by Rock Raider

Rock Raider shared their Quarantine Project of the frigate HMS Birch.  It’s a striking WIP thread with tons of pictures! So go check it out already!

Rock Raider writes:

This has been my Quarantine project for the past few months and, now that I’m going back to work full time, I probably won’t have much time to finish it soon. It’s getting close though so I thought I’d post it. Without further ado, my first frigate.


EDIT: 1st Update






All of the deck can be removed to see the gun deck




And the helm works! I’m pretty proud of the rope system that I was able to implement that works just like the real steering systems of the time.


Clicking on the above picture will take you to the video of it working on my Flickr



UPDATE: The sails are on!





It also appears that the BIRCH has been captured by the British.





Thanks for viewing. There are more shots on my Flickr.

As always, constructive feedback is appreciated.

“A Skirmish at North Bridge” by A_Goodman

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 Photo of "A Skirmish at North Bridge by" A_Goodman

Photo of "A Skirmish at North Bridge by" A_Goodman

On April 18th, 1775 the British Redcoats attempted to cross North Bridge on the outskirts of Concord.  Using nothing but LEGO, the highly skilled A_Goodman has recreated the battle which marked the first day of the American Revolution.

Alert the minutemen and check this one out in the LEGO Piraes Forum!

Photo of "A Skirmish at North Bridge by" A_Goodman

A Goodman writes:

I figured as the Revolutionary War took place during the Age of Sail this was a good forum for this build.Based on the painting the build was inspired by I like to think that the early Spring trees experienced an extra rough New England Winter that year.

Photo of "A Skirmish at North Bridge by" A_Goodman

About the Builder…

Nicholas Goodman is another talented MOCer who focuses on military themed creations, both recent and historic. You can admire his work ranging from the Roman Empire to the Gulf War on Flickr.

Photo of "A Skirmish at North Bridge by" A_Goodman

What type of ship is the Black Seas Barracuda?

Sunday, July 26th, 2020 Featured Image for What type of ship is the Black Seas Barracuda?

Recently  the question was ask what type of ship the Black Seas Barracuda is?  Got an opinion … Join the conversation

“Intriguing Visitors” by Ayrlego

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 Featured Image for “Intriguing Visitors” by Ayrlego

As part of the recent challenge in BoBS, Ayrlego has posted a brilliant Caribbean feeling street scene.  The colors and figures are excellent as usual with his builds!

Come visit this street scene today!

Sterling Blackwood lent forward on the balcony overlooking the crowded docks and concentrated on an exchange going on below. Two somewhat shady figures were busy demonstrating the functions of what appeared to be a second-rate Eslandolan trade musket to a group of potential buyers. It was the buyers that aroused the interest of Blackwood. Alerted by a friend; Blackwood was investigating the three strange looking traders who were absorbed in the salesmen’s pitch. It was reported that they had appeared in the settlement a couple of days before. Seemingly flush with silver and speaking broken Corrish, the two men and one women wore a strange assortment of clothing which seemed to be of mixed Halosian and native origin. Although clearly not natives of Avestia, no one could seem to say where exactly they originated from. When pressed they became somewhat evasive and refereed to themselves as ‘the Tyree’De’ and describe their origin as being ‘to the south’. They appear to very interested; not in the trade trinkets that have seemed to fascinate the native peoples of the New World up to this point, but rather in Halosian manufactured goods and tools such as the musket on display.

This was not the first report Blackwood had heard of such encounters. Indeed it seemed that these people were turning up in Halosian settlements across the New Haven Seas. It was; however, the first time he had managed to witness them first hand. An idea was starting to form in his head… perhaps to the south of the immense island of Oleonda lay a civilisation somewhat more technologically advanced than those encountered so far. If this was the case, then surely the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery and indeed the Crown of Corrington itself would be interested. Blackwood moved towards the streets. It was time to meet these ‘Tyree’De’ firsthand…


“It’s time for Battle” by Pantelis

Monday, June 29th, 2020 Photo of "Its time for Battle" by Pantelis

There has been a flood of Barracuda Bay MODs lately, however this one really caught my eye.  Pantelis included just enough details to keep the original origins even though this is pushing the limits of being a MOC.  The icing on the cake is the way it’s paired with some other brilliant builds to create some great scenes!

Don’t delay click here today!











“Blue Coats LcA” by Blackfalcon81 

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 Photo of "Blue Coats LcA" by Blackfalcon81 01

Photo of "Blue Coats LcA" by Blackfalcon81

Blackfalcon81 recently shared his first MOC.  This fortification he as alot of great technique’s – see if you can spot them all!

“Late Renaissance Carrack” by SteamSewnEmpire

Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 Photo of "Late Renaissance Carrack” by SteamSewnEmpire

As I was scrolling through the pirate forum I came across a very rarely done ship style and it immediately caught my eye!

SteamSewnEmpire shared a wonderfully designed Carrack.  Even though the ship is only in LDD the render shows some great hull shaping and real promise.

But don’t  my just take my word for it, check it yourself!

SteamSewnEmpire writes:

I was bored.







Not 100% satisfied with the stern. A lot of carracks appeared to utilize a transom stern, but I’m not sure it conveys all that well in lego. I might fiddle with doing a rounded stern instead, which would likely be easier, even if it would push the era back a ways:


“Caribbean Post Office” by Ciamosław Ciamek (@Piglet)

Sunday, May 10th, 2020 Photo of "Caribbean Post Office" by Piglet

Recently we shared 𝗖𝗶𝗮𝗺𝗼𝘀ł𝗮𝘄 𝗖𝗶𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗸/@Piglet’s creation, a wonderful Caribbean outpost.  Not only does this warf have some excellent technique’s used, but there’s a ton of action packed into the MOC as well.

Come check it out!

The backstory…

Port Brickale wharf with a post office. This is where all correspondence from the area is collected and later sent by ship to destination ports. But sometimes you need to send to London some more significant pirates to have a trial there. One such shipment is Captain Roger, who is waiting for his journey in jail.

But maybe he will not have to leave the Caribbean, because a pirate raid is currently ongoing under the leadership of his friend – Calico Jack, assisted by Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Not everyone has noticed the attack yet and for now, everyday life goes on unchanged – porters deliver mail sacks, customers are bringing their letters, traffic flows.





“The Philosophers Stone” by Merc

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020 Photo by "The Philosophers Stone" by Merc

As part of the latest challenge in the Brethren of the Brick Seas RPG Merc shared a excellent story of Sgt Enzo Beaumont

Come check it out!

The Story



After joining our small crew in Fort Altrees, I ventured to make contact with the Carnite forces. Upon meeting our Carnite contact on El Oleonda, he reported that some individuals were after the fabled Philosopher’s Stone. We met up with Lady Frieda. A fearsome lady and one whose family has financed a significant portion of the expedition. Her second in command, Captain Stefan, was leading a group of soldiers to look for this fabled Philosopher’s Stone in order to turn the tide of the war with the Lotus.


The legend is that there was a powerful ancient culture that once dominated the lands. And when a demon came he offered them the instructions on how to make it. In exchange, they needed to offer sacrifices to him every time they made the stone. When Zeus and Hades found out they were both furious. For one fortnight, the skies raged with thunder, lightning and winds. The ground is said to have opened up and swallowed entire cities. When all was said and done they had destroyed not only the entire capital but the entire culture, every city, person, every island. Nothing was left standing, however legend has it that one stone managed to remain hidden.


I do not know if they will find anything but I will continue to observe and report any findings.

Sgt Enzo Beaumont

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