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Pirates vs. Islanders by SlyOwl

Need inspiration for TOR III round 1?

Perhaps you’ve heard of a builder named SlyOwl, if not, you REALLY need to hit the web more.  SlyOwl is one of the most prolific builders ever and here we take a look at an older MOC showing islanders facing off with piratey foes!  There are some great details like the bloody sand, the beach that slopes upwards, the pirate being charred black by the angry islander priest and the wizard hat used as water poured from a barrel!  As it so happens, this MOC also contains the subject matter of the first round of the Tournament of Retribution III, islanders!  Do not forget to sign up for TORIII while you take a gander at SlyOwl’s work.

Dust off your old MOCs, sign up for TORIII and discuss Pirates vs. Islanders in the forum.

21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay LEGO set

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