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LEGO Space Pirates Contest
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Space Pirates Contest 2024

Our maties over in the LEGO Space Forum be holding a space-pirate themed contest between  26 January and 10 March, 2024 in which you can WIN LEGO prizes!

This is not a Classic Pirates building contest as yer will be melding space and pirate themes to create magnificence beyond the stars.

Eurobricks LEGO Space Pirates Contest Announcement Banner

Official title image

The official announcement states:

Space pirates is about treasures, avoiding the Imperials and drinking in taverns… but in space! It’s a fun theme that brings fun one-eyed-captains, grim soldiers and angry tiki warriors straight through the centuries to live more exciting adventures with robot parrots and laser saber (

The Caribbean galaxy is a nice place to live. Each planetary system is protected by battalions of the imperial armada under the command of the Governor. Well it would be a nice place to live, if it wasn’t for the space pirates!

These lawless souls only hunger for riches, treasures and rum! The Governor do what he can to protect the civilians of the countless cities like Spaceport Royal to be ransacked by the pirates, while still looking for planets to conquer and the rumored treasures of the galaxy.

Once again, be a part of the never-ending battle between the Empire and the pirates in the Space Pirates Contest!

So if yer keen for a crossover, enter these coordinates into yer navigational computer for all the entry details.

LEGO Space skeleton pirates

The cosmic light shows us for what we really are!


There be three categories in which yer can enter…  each with prizes yer can win…

A: Pirate Crew

Design and build a group of six (6) space pirate themed minifigs. Animals and imperial troops are welcome.

First prize: 90€ to spend at the online LEGO store*

B: Sailing the river of time

Rebuild an official LEGO pirate set in the Space Pirate theme.

C: Rum for everybody!

Open to any space pirate entries that don’t fit in the other two categories.

* official affiliate links

Space Pirates?

If it isn’t obvious by the name, that’s LEGO Pirates combined with LEGO Space in a battle beyond the stars!

Here be an entry from the previous Space Pirates contest held during 2015.

"The Last Outpost" by Darkblane

An Imperial fort… floating in space!

"The Last Outpost" by Darkblane

Where we’re going we don’t need row boats

This entry be “The Last Outpost” by Darkblane who describes it as:

Welcome to the last outpost, where one Imperial soldier and his cyber parrot maintain watch over the uncharted regions of space, ready to send a signal or activate the turret at the first sign of space pirates.

Darkblane also created a Classic Pirates version:

"The Last Outpost" by Darkblane (Classic Pirates version)

Now yer can compare the difference

Rowboat - "The Last Outpost" by Darkblane (Classic Pirates version)

In this version the soldier has much strong arms

With a slightly modified description:

Welcome to the last outpost, where one Imperial soldier and his faithful parrot maintain watch over the uncharted seas, ready to light the beacon or man the cannon at the first sign of pirates.

There be more photos in the Flickr album but by now yer should know the difference between Classic Pirates and Space Pirates.

What Do Yer Think?

Will you boldly go where no LEGO Pirate has gone before and enter this contest?  Or are yer holding out for the next Classic Pirates contest?

LEGO Pirates in LEGO Space

Enter the realm of Rum Rogers

This time yer need to plot a course to the LEGO Space Forum to engage in all the fun and excitement!


In Forum
40566 Ray the Castaway LEGO set

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