A look at 1992 – 1995 Pirate sets – by SirSven7

A comprehensive review of 1992-1993 Pirate LEGO sets done by SirSven7

Read about sets released in 1992-1993...

A comprehensive review of 1994-1995 Pirate LEGO sets done by SirSven7

...as well as those released in 1994-1995!

Not so long ago, Classic-Pirates.com member SirSven7 has prepared a comprehensive review of all Pirate sets released between 1989 and 1991. Now two more parts of his review are ready – the second part takes a look at 1992-1993 sets (enter Redcoats), and the third part is all about 1994-1995 sets (enter Islanders). This is indeed a valuable history lesson as far as LEGO Pirates is concerned, so don’t hesitate to take a good look at those reviews!

Read and discuss in the forum – a look at 1992-1993 sets
and a look at 1994-1995 sets!